Saturday, September 4, 2010

My favorite part of my body....

Even though it is Saturday, I decided to finally post my "Thousand Word Thursday" response. I meant to do it a few days ago but kept forgetting so here it goes.


I would say my favorite part of my body would have to be (G-rated....right? haha) eyes.

Like the rest of yall said, it feels kind of weird to brag about your own body parts but hey, Ill go with it.

Let me start off by saying we all have plenty of imperfections but the trick is learning to embrace those imperfections. For instance, when I was younger I didn't like my nose at all. From the front there is nothing wrong with it. Seems and looks normal. But from the side, I have a huge hump in my nose. I would get so paranoid when people would take pictures of me from the side. But as I have gotten older I know where my "hump" came from. It came from my grandfather and it seems like I am the only grandchild that got that feature from him. Now that he has passed away, I have learned to embrace it. In a weird way it reminds me of him and for that I am thankful!

But as for my favorite was a tie between smile and eyes. Fortunately and thanks to good genes, I never had to wear braces. My dad has pretty perfect teeth as well and never had to have braces, so I guess I just got lucky.

But I feel most people comment on my eyes. The majority of my family have bright, beautiful blue eyes aka most of my cousins, my dad, my brother, etc. But a handful of us, like my cousin Lauren, my mom and I, got big green eyes. In my pictures, I feel like they stand out the most and I wouldn't trade them for anything else (as if I could trade them haha). So the eyes it is.


As for today, in about an hour, we are headed to Auburn for the first football game!!! Woohoo!! We are a big BIG football family and college football Saturday's in Auburn is all I have ever known. We have had Auburn football season tickets since before I was born and going to Auburn for game day is one of my all-time favorite traditions! Then I went to Auburn for 4 years and graduated from there in 2008 so needless to say, Auburn is one of my favorite places in the world. It's a little college town full of team spirit everywhere you go, the best restaurants and the cutest shops. I will bring plenty of pictures back for you guys so dont you worry about that :)

War Eagle and have a great Saturday!!


  1. Have fun at the game!!! Love the pics :)

  2. You do have beautiful eyes! Have fun at the game..I wish I was going to an SEC game! I love football too!!

  3. Just another thing I'm jealous of - LOL!

  4. I went to my first high school football game last night (my daughter's school) and it was so much fun. Wasn't really into football when I was a kid, but love it now. Your eyes are to die for. I got colored contacts to try to make my eyes green, but since my eyes are so dark, there wasn't much of a difference. I love green eyes - especially with dark hairs like yours.

  5. ohhhh, i can't wait to see your pics! i miss auburn soooo much (graduated '04).

    war eagle! i heard it was a nasty win, but a win is a win i guess!

  6. Love your eyes lady! And I'm thinking in Chicago, you need to give me a little makeup lesson. Just saying...