Wednesday, October 28, 2009

This full liquids diet is getting old!

It is always good to start out with some good news. So here is goes :) I am 5 days out from surgery and 13 pounds down as of this morning! I started out at 257 and this morning the scales read 244. I haven't weighed 244 since probably 2 years ago. I was stuck between 245 and 255 for a couple of years but that is changing fast! The gas pains are much much better! Like almost 100%. I still feel a little weak when I take deep breaths and it feels as if I have gas caught in my lungs and chest. I never experienced gas pains in my shoulders...mainly just in my stomach and chest. I go back to the doctor next Monday to get my staples out so I am excited about that!

Moving on. So today is day 6 (including surgery day) so I am currently in the "full liquids" portion of the diet. I am in this phase from day 4 until day 14. I am able to have things like cream soups, yogurt, all liquids, protein shakes...that is about it. No meat. No bread. No crackers. No cereal. No fruit. No veggies. I am getting so sick of soups that I feel as if I don't have an appetite for anything! Two nights ago I had broccoli and cheese soup. Last night I have creamy potato soup. Today for lunch I tried to heat up some leftover potato soup and I almost threw it up! The taste of soup is getting so old and repetitive...Im not sure what to do. Any suggestions? What new can I add into my diet that will still be acceptable? Anything? Any recipes you want to pass on? I will try anything!! I would love some recipes to try! My mom cooked the most delicious looking chicken casserole last night and my mouth was just salivating just looking at it! I didn't cheat and try was hard but I told myself NO!

This brings me to another question...does anyone have a healthy chicken salad recipe that you love?! I am a huge chicken salad person and I know making it with tons of mayo isn't healthy. I have heard greek yogurt or just plain low fat yogurt are good substitutes. I have looked up healthy recipes on google but I want to try recipes that you have actually tried and love!

Everyone have a wonderful Wednesday :)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Update and Pictures from Surgery Day :)

First of all...thank you ALL for your comments! Everyone has such great advice and suggestions...I just love it! So thank you :)

Today I am feeling much much better!! The gas pains have decreased drastically and the incisions pains are getting better every day! Gosh, you know what hurts though?! When someone makes you laugh really hard! Several times today I started laughing uncontrollably and the incisions were killing me! Haha got to love it. I told my pain medicine one this morning and didn't need it the rest of the day so maybe I will be done with that!

So on to food stuff! I must admit...I do not think I am getting in enough protein. Actually I know I am not getting enough protein! Before surgery I bought two HUGE jugs of protein mix...Cookies and Creams and Tropical Paradise (tastes like Pina Colada)...and both of them are pretty gross. I have tried the Cookies and Creams with water, with milk and in a blender with milk and all three combinations were disguisting! HA! I dont know what else to do. The Tropical Paradise was gross with water but didn't taste too bad with milk. Long story short, I didn't drink any of those today. Today I was able to add in cream soups (YAH! No more chicken broth) and yogurt!

So here is what I eat all day:
-yoplait light yogurt for breakfast
-one glass of raspberry ice crystal light (about 8 oz)
-a bowl of potato soup for lunch
-a large bottle of ice water (about 32 oz)
-another yoplait light yogurt for a snack
-about 2 cups of broccoli and cheese soup for dinner
-a glass of orange flavored water (12 oz)

The End. Ok so lets see...I had a lot of soup today and a little bit of protein but not enough :( Are these soups ok? I made sure I waited until today to have any type of cream-based soups so I thought these would be fine. Neither of them were too high in calories...about 200 calories per cup for each. So that is about 600 calories. Eh not too bad I guess.

Today was the first day I noticed being slightly hungry. Friday (the day of surgery) I wasnt hungry one bit! Saturday and Sunday I wasnt hungry either. After I got my liquids down I was fine. But today after my potato soup for lunch, I was pretty hungry until I had my other soup for dinner. I made sure I was staying hydrated but I stayed hungry. Guess I will learn to deal with that feeling :) Felt kinda good a weird way. You know your probably losing weight when your eating healthy and your stomach is growling at you! I also went shopping and got out of the house for the first time today since surgery! My mom, my boyfriend and I went to Target and I probably walked around the entire store 3 or 4 times! Then we went to Kirkland's Home and Pier I definitely got my walking in for the day! It felt good :)

So last but not are some pictures pre-surgery at the hospital and after surgery! Enjoy!

My boyfriend and I enjoying a movie the night before my surgery :) He made a special trip to be with me during my surgery!

Waiting at the hospital to be taken up to the holding area before surgery!!

Mom and Burch waiting with me!

My mom and dad were with me every step of the way!

My stomach Friday night...still with the bandages on

Saturday morning...still in the same clothes...after I took the bandages off :)

Day 3 after!! The flowers my sweet family sent me!

Taking pictures with our fall decor...still hurts a little bit to sit and stand back up but it was all for the sake of a cute picture :)

Burch...such a natural!

Day 3...feeling much better :)

Everyone have a happy Monday night!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Gas Pains are a KILLER!

So today is post-op day #2. My surgery was on Friday and I am still in my clear liquid diet stage but my next stage starts tomorrow. Friday and Saturday my incision pain was bothering me the most but this morning I woke up and my gas pains were almost unbearable. I still haven't felt the gas pains in my shoulders very much but the gas pains in my chest are terrible. When I take a deep breath I feel like I having a heart attack or something. It feels like very bad indigestion or heart burn. I have been taking my Gas-X strips and it helps for a short while but then the gas pains in my chest come back. Did any of you have these same pains? I can feel that gurgling feeling in my stomach but the gas pains are worse in my chest. Any suggestions? Advice? I also can't relieve myself of my gas pains when I go to the restroom so it is a little frustrating. That was a little TMI haha. Sorry :)

So on to some good news. The week before my surgery at my pre-op appointment I weighed in at 257. The day of surgery I was 255. I got on the scale this morning and I weigh 248 :) When you go from eating out two to three times a day to just drinking liquids, it makes sense that the weight is going to fall off right? I know the weight comes off faster in the first month but 7 pounds down in 2 days is pretty good for me :)

Does anyone have any good recipes for the mushie foods stage? I have been looking for some good protein drink recipes also. I tried my protein drink yesterday with water and it was absolutely disguisting. I am hoping it is better with skim milk! Anyways, yall have a good day! Im going to take my measurements later today and post them for everyone! Talk to you soon :)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

I am officially a bander :)

Hey everybody! I AM OFFICIALLY BANDED!! Just wanted to update yall on how my surgery went. I got to the hospital yesterday around 7 am and went back to the operating room around 10 am. The procedure only took about 45 minutes. I was in recovery for about an hour and a half and got back to my room around noon. In the holding room, before I went back to the operating room, they gave me my IV and the medicine to make you calm. After this I dont remember much. I remember getting really drowsy and then they wheeled me back to the operating room. There were lights and cords everywhere and I remember it being freezing. After this, I dont remember a thing! I was out cold and I woke up about 2 hours later in recovery. I was extremely nauseated and sore. The nurse gave me as much nausea medicine as was allowed so I had to tough it out for a little bit. I finally went back to my room around 12:30 to find all my family and my boyfriend waiting on me. I wasn't in the best shape. The doctor told my parents that surgery went fine...I didnt have a hernia or any other complications and that I should recover just fine. I was able to get down about 8 oz. of liquids. Then they made me get up and walk...I was half way down the hall and I felt this terrible nauseated feeling. I knew my liquids weren't going to stay down and yep, it happened! I threw up everywhere! Everything I had just drank came up all at once! But no surprise, after that I felt a little better! I would say my incisions pain...on a scale from 1-10...was about an 8. I know some people say the incision pain is nothing and then some people say the opposite. But for me, they were pretty bad. The doctor made 5 incisions and the port incision hurts the most.

Lets see...what else has been going on. When I got home yesterday at like 4 pm, I slept most of the night. I tried to watch The Biggest Loser from last week that was still on my tivo but I kept falling asleep. I was still extremely groggy from the medicines and I didnt feel like eating. I was able to get down 8 oz of water while still at the hospital (after my throwing up accident), then when I got home yesterday I had about 8 oz of flavored water and one piece of hard candy to give me some flavor in my mouth. By the way, does anyone know if I am allowed to have a piece of hard candy? Either a breath mint or a lemon drop or any hard candy like that from time to time? I wasn't sure but I figured it was only like 5 calories and if I chewed it up well it would be ok. I haven't been very groggy today...just still really sore were my incisions are. I have been feeling very bloated and gasey but everytime I try to go to the restroom, nothing happens. I have also been taking Gas-X strips but I can't tell a huge difference with those.

Anyways, I just wanted to update everyone! I didn't feel like moving from my bed yesterday so this is my first time to get on the computer. Just out of curiousity, how long will I have incision pain? Like 3 or so days or more like weeks? I think thats the only thing really bothering me right now. I have been having headaches but didn't know if that was because of the lack of caffeine or somehow related to surgery. Am I allowed to take headache medicine or not? I wasn't sure!

I will be done for now but thank you all so much for your prayers and support! It means the world to me and I can't believe I actually have the BAND!! I need to give her a name :) I will also post pictures and measurements later! Talk to you all soon!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

2 days!!!!

2 days until my surgery!! I actually having surgery in 2 days?! I remember talking to my parents about 6 months ago about wanting to have lapband surgery. They knew how much it meant to me and have been super supportive since day one. Then I told my boyfriend who stills insists that I don't need weight loss surgery but understands that I am doing it for myself and no one else. He respects my decision and is behind me 100%. I have to remember no matter how much weight I lose, he was with me before my transformation and loves me no matter what. Next, I told the rest of my family who have continually been loving and offered nothing but kind words and prayers my way. Lastly I told all my friends and co-workers. I have been so blessed by all the support and hugs and concern everyone has been showing towards me in these last few weeks and days before my surgery. It almost brings me to tears just realizing how much they all truly care and want me to succeed in this journey I am about to go through. Even since day one of deciding I want to have surgery, I have never felt alone in this experience. I am blessed beyond words and it is such a warm and comforting feeling. It makes my heart smile in a way I can't describe with words.

So tonight I went to Wal-Mart to get all the medicines and "food" aka liquids and other things I am going to need for the next week or so. I meant to only spend about $50 but ended up spending $130! Opps! Like I said, I love shopping in any size, shape or kind :) I stocked up on water, juice, vitamin water, yogurt, freeze pops, chicken broth, etc. I accidentally left the grocery list my doctor gave me at home so I had to remember what to buy by memory. I have also read on other people's blogs that Gas-X really helps after surgery. I didn't know if I should get the chewable kind or the I just got both! And as funny as it may sound, I invested in a new razor so that I can have a good, clean shave before I go lay on that operating table in just a piece of paper that barely covers me up! Is there anything else I am forgetting that I may need to get from the grocery store? Anything else you ate/drank in the days following surgery? I stocked up pretty well so I hope I have most of what I need :)

I also had my "last supper" tonight with my parents at my absolute favorite japanese restaurant! It was so delicious! I ate all the chicken and fried rice I wanted and now I am regretting it! I am so stuffed! BLAH! Starting is all liquids for me :) Let me know if there is anything else I should remember to do the day before surgery! I feel like there are some things I am forgetting but maybe it's just me being anxious and wanting to get this surgery on the road. Tomorrow I will be taking my "before" pictures, although I may not have the nerve to post them on my blog. I am also going to take all my body measurements as most of you have reminded me to do! Thank you all again so much for the kindness you have showed me! I truly appreciate all the advice and I take it to heart! Even though I have never met you all, I feel like we all know each other :)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


A little update--
8 days until my boyfriend comes into town!! 9 days until my surgery!! I can't believe it is getting so close :)

The other night we went out for my mom's 50th birthday! She looked so beautiful :) She is the best mother anyone could ask for and my biggest supporter in my weight loss journey! I love you, Mom!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

15 days!

My mom and I

My brother, Trey, and I

My dad and I

Taking a picture using my webcam!

Me with my little cousin, Dylan!

At the beach with my girlfriends :)

At the movies with my friend, Patrick!

Lauren and I headed to dinner :)

At one of the Anthropologie's in Dallas my boyfriend took me to visit!

My boyfriend and I during one of my Dallas trips :)


So I just thought I would post some pictures from the last few months!

And onto some good news...Yesterday I talked to the surgeon's office and set my surgery date for Friday, October 23rd!! I am super excited! Only 15 more days! Does anyone have any last minute advice for me? Things you wish you would have known before surgery? Things you wish you would have done before surgery? Any and all responses are welcome :) Yall have a great night!!

Monday, October 5, 2009


Hey everyone!! I have some big news!! Guess what?!?!?!?! Drumroll please!! I GOT APPROVED THIS MORNING FROM MY INSURANCE COMPANY FOR SURGERY!!! AHHHH! I still can't believe it! Here is the story...

My surgeon's office called me last week to let me know that they submitted all my paperwork to my insurance company last Monday, September 28th. My surgery scheduler who I had been communicating with, Angela, told me that it could take my insurance anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to let me know if I would be approved or denied. I hadn't heard from Angela as of this past Friday before I went into work at 2 that afternoon. Although when I got off work Friday night I had a missed called around 5 p.m. from the surgeon's office!! They left a voicemail! I dialed my voicemail and it was Angela. All the message said was "Hey Kristen! This is Angela. Call us back at the doctor's office if you get this within the next few minutes. If not, I will call you Monday morning." I obviously didn't get back to her in time but this morning she did in fact call me back like she said she would! I answered my cell phone and this is what she said "Kristen! It's Angela again from the surgeon's office. Good news! Your insurance company fully approved you for surgery! They think you are a wonderful candidate and now you are ready for your surgery!" I tried not to cry from excitement while I was on the phone with her but she could tell I was very eager and excited!

It hasn't sunk in yet but I AM APPROVED FOR LAPBAND SURGERY!! This is such an answer to prayer! It goes to show that being patient and thorough with all my appointments has paid off! There are so many people that go through terrible let-downs from their insurance company and I am just thankful I didn't have any of those troubles! Angela gave me several dates my surgeon has open for surgery :) It is starting to all come so fast and feel so real now that I am approved. I know I want the surgery sometime during the last two weeks of October!! Thank you all for your thoughts and encouragement and advice! I am so appreciative!

Hope everyone has a wonderful night :)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy Thursday :)

Hey everyone :) Hope everyone is having a great Thursday. It is 10:40 a.m. and I just woke up about 30 minutes ago! Gosh I love the days I don't go into work until 2 because I can catch up on my sleep! I am so sleep deprived it's not even funny!

Anyways, lets talk about The Biggest Loser!!! Poor red team went home :( I really really liked them! They were two sweet and funny guys! But how sweet of them to sacrifice themselves going home so Shea could stay! For those of you who don't watch The Biggest Loser, at the end of the weigh in it came down to two teams with the smallest percentage of weight loss...the red team and the orange team. All the other teams vote on which of the two teams goes home and which one stays. The biggest contestant on the show is on the orange team. Her name is Shea and I think she started out around 460 pounds. Something like that. She is actually is the biggest contestant the show has ever had! So when it came down to the red team going home or the orange team going home, the red team sacrificed themselves because they knew Shea needed to stay on the ranch and lose more weight! It was the sweetest thing and yes, I was in tears. Every week I end up crying my eyes out! The show is so inspirational to everyone but being overweight myself, I can relate to some of them and their struggles. Anyways, this week was week 3 of the show and the red team went home :( But I cant wait until next week! I love Tuesday night TV :)

Another random question, who else is a makeup fanatic?! I know I am! I spend way too much money on makeup...its sad :( I find myself going to Sephora, MAC and Ulta way more than I should! Long story short, I just placed like 5 makeup orders on 5 different websites within the last two weeks and I cant wait to get them all!! I did receive my first order from MAC on Tuesday and it was for a bunch of their
pigments...they are beautiful :) I am waiting on an order from, or ELF, which is a website I recently found out about that sells lower priced makeup. I have never used any of their products but from watching haul videos on youtube I am excited about it! I also ordered a few things from Ulta and a few things from Sephora so those should be coming in soon :) If anyone is interested, I could do a haul video...which basically means I can make a video when I get everything in to show you what I got and tell you about the products! Just let me know...I would be happy to!

This was a totally random post but just felt like typing! Hope to talk to you all again soon!