Monday, August 31, 2009

My new purchase!!

So it is about to be fall and winter but as those of you from the south know it doesn't get cool here until sometime in October and it doesn't get cold until usually November...and by cold I mean like 45 degrees or warmer!! I could definitely handle the northern weather although I have lived down south my entire life. Every time we travel up north during the winter months, I feel in heaven all bundled up in my warm jackets and tall boots in the 30 degree weather! I am so dang warm-natured that a change to a cooler climate would be nice for a change.

All that to say, I have been in a shoe shopping mood the past week. I have been all over the Birmingham and all over the internet looking for cute fall/winter booties and heels! I hit the jackpot today with my not-so-thrifty shoe purchases. I went a little overboard and bought 4 pairs of booties and heels BUT as I love to justify, they are adorable, two of them were on sale and as always, I will get TONS of wear out of them!

Here are the pictures of the shoes I bought! Which ones do y'all like the best?!

Steve Madden booties from the

Steve Madden studded heels from Belk

Michael Kors wedges (Regular price was $215 and I paid $65!!)

Jessica Simpson platforms

Hope to hear from you soon!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Questions I Need to Ask...

I am getting really anxious and excited for my meeting with my surgeon this Thursday. It is only 5 days away!! I have been writing down questions to ask him about preparation for the band and questions about life after the band....but for yall who have had the band done already...are there any questions I should ask him that you wish you knew before having the surgery?! I do my research daily but if there are any questions you wish you had asked your doctor to better help you, please let me know!! I would say 95% of me is super duper excited but there is always that 5% of nervousness of the unknown.

Another thing that is killing me is putting a stop on my clothes shopping until after the band. I am definitely a shopaholic and shopping is therapy for me and makes me happy. I started thinking about a month ago that I need to wait and buy clothes because if I buy them now to fit my size, they might not fit a few months down the road. I am done pretty good except for a few purchases here and there. BUT I justified my purchase last night...I went online to one of my favorite clothes websites and they were having a HUGGGGGE SALE! This is one of my guiltiest pleasures and it was so hard to turn these sales down! So...I did purchase 2 dresses and a top BUT I bought them a size smaller than I wear now which made me feel better about my purchase haha! I havent worn the size I bought in 2 years so in my mind the purchase was justified :) I thought about buying two sizes down but seeing that I havent had the band yet, I figured that might be a little risky. I know most people drop 3 sizes and even more, but I couldn't do it. Anyways, thats my little shopping story for now!! But please please let me know some questions I should ask my doctor!! It would be much appreciated!

Here are some recent pictures for you all :)

My boyfriend and I in July goofing of playing guitar hero!

My mom and I this past April at my family birthday party :)

My girlfriends and I at the beach this past May--I am 5th from the left (gosh I just noticed so many of my pictures I am wearing my black and white dress! HAHA! I have more clothes than this I swear!)

My boyfriend and I in April--He knows how much I love my cheesy pictures and is patient most of the time haha!

Last but not least, my friends and I going to an Auburn game! Left to right: Lauren, Sara, my cousin Lindsay and myself!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

August 2009--With some of my co-workers who I love to death! From left to right: Kathryn, Kelli, Patrick, myself and Lauren!

August 2009--One of my best friends, Kyndal, and myself!

June 2009--My cousins and I (far right with the dark hair) on a cruise!!

June 2009--At the beach with four of my girlfriends! Im 4th from the left in the black and white dress :)

June 2009--This is my friend, Megan, and I at the beach!


Just thought I would make my second blog a photo blog! I am in love with photography and taking pictures is one of my favorite things to do! I always have my camera with me and these are just a few pictures of some of my very best friends! They are going to be by my side every step of the way through my lap band journey and I just wanted to introduce y'all to some of them! And don't worry...there will be a ton more pictures to come :)

My very first blog...EVER!

It is 1:10 in the morning and I am trying to figure out all this blogging stuff! But let me introduce myself to the blogging world! My name is Kristen and I am 23 years old :) I was inspired by all the other bloggers who are honest enough to blog about their weight loss experiences and decided I wanted to start a blog of my own.

I will start off by saying I am happy with myself as I am today and I am blessed to lead such a wonderful life God has granted me with. Although I have been overweight most of my life, I have never had low self confidence issues(for the most part...who really loves to be overweight?!), self doubt or hated my body because of the way I look. In the past few years I started to have a few health issues associated with my weight (mainly high blood pressure and PCOS) and that is what started my thinking about weight loss surgery. I am 5'8'' and only 23 years old and currently weight *DRUM ROLL PLEASE*.....256 pounds. I have never been ashamed of that number and because of what my beautiful parents have taught me, I believe confidence in yourself is someone's best quality. I say all this to finally one wants to be overweight and it has brought its fair share of hardships and struggles to my life. All those obstacles I have overcome, some hard and some not so hard. Many of you have heard your entire life time and time again..."you have such a beautiful face"...I have taken that as a positive thing and not let my weight keep me from doing things I felt I should do in life such as making friends, shopping, traveling, dating and the lists goes on.

Through many trips to the doctor, many hours talking with my parents and friends, sitting through numerous gastric surgery seminars, going to several support groups, talking with others who have had weight loss surgery, I have made the decision that it is time to turn my life around to be a better, healthier me!! I am meeting with my surgeon next Thursday, September 3rd, to set up a surgery date and hope to be getting the gastric band in the near future *FINGERS CROSSED*!!! As most of you remember, being Pre-Op, the band is all I can think about day and night. I enjoy reading everyone else's weight loss blog's and I can't seem to get enough information in my brain about it! I would love to meet people who are pre- and post-op and hear your experiences!! Now that it is 1:30 AM, I am going to conclude my first blog but I look forward to talking with you soon :)