Wednesday, August 26, 2009

August 2009--With some of my co-workers who I love to death! From left to right: Kathryn, Kelli, Patrick, myself and Lauren!

August 2009--One of my best friends, Kyndal, and myself!

June 2009--My cousins and I (far right with the dark hair) on a cruise!!

June 2009--At the beach with four of my girlfriends! Im 4th from the left in the black and white dress :)

June 2009--This is my friend, Megan, and I at the beach!


Just thought I would make my second blog a photo blog! I am in love with photography and taking pictures is one of my favorite things to do! I always have my camera with me and these are just a few pictures of some of my very best friends! They are going to be by my side every step of the way through my lap band journey and I just wanted to introduce y'all to some of them! And don't worry...there will be a ton more pictures to come :)


  1. Kristen! Thanks so much for commenting on my blog, it was so fun to find you. First of all you are GORGEOUS! You do not look like you weigh anywhere near 256, so can't imagine what you'll look like at your goal weight! Secondly, I am also a huge fan of photography. I actually have my second photography class tonight. LOVE IT! Lastly, believe it or not, I used to work at Anthro! I was the HR Manager in NYC. Only for 6 months before I got my current job, but I love that company. I can't wait till I'm at goal, I plan to buy EVERY dress they have!

    Can't wait to follow your progress!


  2. Hey girl! You worked at Anthro?! OMG what a coincidence!! I have been working here for a little over a year and I love the company! And yes ma'am, believe it or not, my goal weight is about 80 pounds less than what I weigh right now so needless to say, I am so excited about starting my journey with the lapband! Thank you for your sweet comment and I cant wait to hear more from you in the future! If I have any questions, which Im sure I will, I will let you know! So nice to meet you!


  3. Hey there, Kristen
    Found your blog through Amy W (she's added the W as of late due to a mix up with another Amy and I'm still trying to get used to it! lol) All I can say is they must breed beautiful women in Alabama. You are stunning and I want to congratulate you on your decision (though I agree with Jenny - you DO carry the weight really well!)
    Look forward to more posts (and pics!!)

  4. Hey Cara! Thank you for your sweet comment...I appreciate it! I look forward to starting my journey and I need help of all of you with advice and to answer questions :) I have always carried my weight well (at least I feel) but my goal weight is so much less than I weigh right now haha! But you dont worry, more pictures will come soon! Thanks for your post and please follow me! Have a great night!

  5. I am LOOOVING that necklace in the bottom picture! :) Ok, and the black and white dress. Seriously, where do you find it all? I hate shopping. Loathe it. I just stick with Target, jeans and t-shirts. *lol*

  6. Bombtastic Belle--I work at of the coolest, trendiest, funnest stores ever and that is where my lovely necklace is from! Its amazing isnt it?! I just got it so Im loving it too! Shopping is therapy to me and one of my most favorite things to do in the world!! I tend to shop at a variety of places...wherever I can find cute things that are my size! Im not satisfied with looking frumpy and not trendy in grandma clothes just because Im a curvy girl! There is cute stuff out just have to look harder :)

  7. I just discovered you and I gotta say....LOVING IT! LOVING YOU! And I agree wiht the rest of the comments, you carry your weight very well. I was the same way. How you dress your figure makes all the difference in the world. Good clothes is like a good haircut. Necessity! Feel free to check me out at
    look forward to hearing from you.