Monday, August 31, 2009

My new purchase!!

So it is about to be fall and winter but as those of you from the south know it doesn't get cool here until sometime in October and it doesn't get cold until usually November...and by cold I mean like 45 degrees or warmer!! I could definitely handle the northern weather although I have lived down south my entire life. Every time we travel up north during the winter months, I feel in heaven all bundled up in my warm jackets and tall boots in the 30 degree weather! I am so dang warm-natured that a change to a cooler climate would be nice for a change.

All that to say, I have been in a shoe shopping mood the past week. I have been all over the Birmingham and all over the internet looking for cute fall/winter booties and heels! I hit the jackpot today with my not-so-thrifty shoe purchases. I went a little overboard and bought 4 pairs of booties and heels BUT as I love to justify, they are adorable, two of them were on sale and as always, I will get TONS of wear out of them!

Here are the pictures of the shoes I bought! Which ones do y'all like the best?!

Steve Madden booties from the

Steve Madden studded heels from Belk

Michael Kors wedges (Regular price was $215 and I paid $65!!)

Jessica Simpson platforms

Hope to hear from you soon!


  1. Hey Kristen -

    I really like them all but think the Jessica Simpson one's are my fav. I'm so impressed that you can wear shoes this high!! I wear flats everyday. It's one of the things I'm looking forward to as I get thinner....wearing cute, sexy heels!!

  2. Okay...I'm in LOVE in with the studded heels and the wedges!!! I always love Jessica Simpson's shoes, but they never fit my feet! I wear a 10 and they are always just a tad small. Hey...maybe my feet will shrink along with the rest of my body too! :) God, I love shoes.

  3. My favs have got to be the very top Steve Madden!!! Super sexy, adorable, and stylish! I love heels. I've always worn heels even overweight, until I hit like 270 then I had to quit b/c it got too painful. Now I'm back to wearing them again and super excited! This makes me want to splurge on a new pair. I need a new pair of flats to go w/ my new purple dress but I'm really diggin those top black ones so I am motivated now. I like your style. It will just be more and more fun, and easier to rock the style when you shrink! Yay! You're beautiful, btw!

    oh and I'm in az, so it doesn't cool off until november and the high then is mid 80's, on xmas day it's around mid 70's and our lowest in jan-feb is like the 50's. haha! I love the hot weather!

  4. I love them all. The first ones are very "now" but I fear they would make my stumpy little legs look even stumpier!

    Love the Kors. Probably my fav.

    Also love the JS!

  5. Thanks for stopping by my page! :) I have always been honest with my plans for the band, and why I got it. I don't have awesome willpower like some do, I love chocolate, I have never wanted to be 150 lbs like the doctors put my goal weight as, I loathe working out, and I can't do it on my own. *lol* I did fib a bit telling my shrink all of that though since it could have jeapordized me getting it, but after we moved here to FL I told my new doctor (this was after surgery) and he laughed and said some people are like this and he liked the honesty - and some REALLY don't. Some bansters dont for that matter. I never set out with the goal of getting down to a size 4, it's never what I wanted, I just want to get to the "happy size", and everyone girl knows it when they get there. When I lost a lot of weight in high school, I was happiest at a 16-18, which is obviously still a fat kid, but whatever. Maybe my "happy size" will be that again, maybe it'll be smaller, time'll tell.

    Just go in with all the questions you can think of, make sure you have them written down, and fire away at them. One thing to check out is if your surgeon also does the gastric bypass - see how his patients hold up after that surgery, in my eyes it's a HUGE tell-tell sign of how they treat and do their patients since that surgery is so major. My mom had the bypass done around 8 years ago, and I would have never let him touch me after seeing how he treated his patients. After surgery find out what kind of band (the brand, like "lapband" or "realize", etc) they put in, and what size, and also if htey put any CC's in while they were in there. Find out if you're going to have to do a blood thinner before and after surgery, and what type - I had to do needles (well, my husband stuck me since I'm terrified) for 2 full weeks, my surgery was in the middle of it all. Find outif you'r eable to wear underwear, or if they'll give you the paper kind. Are you allergic to adhesive, if so ask them now for something to have incase you break out from the bandages like I did. Oh, a big one for me was I couldn't pooop (yes, I'm going there *lol*) after surgery, I was horribly constipated from the knock-out meds, so ask if they can give you something before surgery to keep at home to take after you get there so you don't have to worry about that, or if they're going to tell you to just take Milk of Mag (ewww). Sorry, that was a huge one for me. Uhm... I'll go through my list of questions and see if there was anything else.... Oh, ask if they've had anyone die. It's an obvious question, they may not answer you, but by lw they're supposed to, andyou have the right to go to the office int he hospital and ask if they've ever lost anyone from that surgery before. I asked the question, was todl that, and never went to find the answer out. *lol* Oh, are you allergic to Codien? I am, so they made sure to send me home with something else. I also talked to anathesiologist (sp?) about how I have really bad panic attacks, and if they could give mesomething to mellow me out before surgery, and he put it in my chart (you'll meet him days before surgery to talk medical history), so I got several shots of somethingn to calm me down, and it helped with htis being my first major surgery. I think I've rambled enough on that....

    To be honest, I can't walk in heels. I never learned. ::bowes head in shame:: I'm a country bumpkin from east Texas, I lived in tennis shoes and boots, I'd probably break my ankle if I had to wear heels. The only time I've tried it was at prom, and I survived it for those nights. *lol*

    I get the winter-loving! When we were in the Army we asked to be stationed in Germany or Alaska and didnt get them, instead we stayed in MS and TX. Boo. Granted, we've gotten snow in East TX af ew times in our lives, but nothing to rave about, and now we're living in the panhandle of FL, and I'm loathing that I still can't get a freakin' normal winter! I might get 2.5 months of semi-cold, but not near enough to break out my jacket.

  6. Kristen - I'm impressed that you even wear heals! I think if I tried I'd bust them, or I could see myself rolling my ankle and busting it. Either way, something gets broken. I like the Jessica Simpson ones the best! I'm looking forward to hearing how your meeting with the surgeon goes tomorrow!

  7. Bombtastic Belle--Thank you so much for all your input and advice! Honestly, some of those questions I would have never thought about asking my doctor so thank you. About the goal weight, I can't imagine myself in the 100's right now, much less like 160 or 170! But I have so much faith in myself. My friends and family are all behind me and Im glad because Im gonna need it! I love food way too much but its time for a change and Im ecstatic about it! Cant wait for you to join my journey with me! Thanks again for the advice!!

    Robyn--I love heels! Although they hurt my feet sometimes (actually most of the times), Im a fashion-lover and sometimes beauty equals pain...right?! haha! But thank you so much for your comment! I cant wait for you to join my journey with me! Thanks for the support! Hope to hear from you soon!

  8. I'm ALL about those MK ones - where are they from, I think I need to copy you!

  9. Angie--They are from Belk! Aren't they great?! And they are probably the most comfortable of the four!