Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas is gone :( But 2nd fill tomorrow!!

So first things first!! I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas! I know I did :) Personally I look forward to Christmas the entire year. And I think December 26th is the worst day of the year because Christmas is over. But God willing...there is always next year. I need to make a video or take pictures of some of my cool gifts. I knew most of what I was getting because I picked them out and told my mom or "Santa" exactly where to go to get them. A week or so before Christmas we went on a major shopping spree at Anthropologie but she made me put everything up until Christmas morning. I got a GPS system for my car...which was one of the things I didnt know I was getting. I got two perfumes and I am a total perfume snob! I got the new Juicy Couture perfume called Couture Couture and the new Victor and Rolf perfume called Flowerbomb which is my new favorite! My mom found me this amazing couture vogue fashion picture that I will probably put either on my wall in my room or my bathroom wall. I got some really awesome coffee table books, which I started collecting a few years ago. I got a Vogue book that shows the rooms inside of famous people's houses. Its so incredible to see all the fabulous mansions. I also got a Marilyn Monroe coffee table book, and if you didnt know Im obsessed with Marilyn. Lets see...I got two pair of fabulous boots that I have worn almost everyday since Christmas. I also got the typical girly gifts...makeup, jewelry, picture frames, gift cards. So thats a run down of my gifts. My boyfriend and I still havent done presents yet. I am flying out to Dallas January 3rd so we will do our presents then :) Its always nice to get some presents after Christmas...makes Christmas feel longer...like its not over yet.

What all did yall get for Christmas?! Lets all do a vlog to show everyone our Christmas presents!

In other news...I go tomorrow for my second fill and Im super excited! Lets be honest, my eating habits have gotten out of control. I feel like my restriction to bread isnt as strong as it used to be but I guess I havent been eating that much bread. I didnt eat toooo much during Christmas but more than normal post-surgery. I am still right at 231 pounds which is fine with me. I didnt lose any during Christmas but thank goodness I didnt gain. A month ago is when I had my first fill and on my doctor's scales it read 239 pounds....if I remember correctly. I had clothes on so it was probably more like 237 but Im hoping tomorrow it reads at like 233. I would be fine with a 6 pound weight lose especially after Christmas :)

Im on my break at work and unfortunately my hour is almost over! Lets all make christmas gift vlogs :) Everyone have a fabulous Tuesday night!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Countdown to Christmas: 4 days!!!

Is it hard for anyone else to believe it is only 4 days until Christmas?!? Seriously where has the time gone?? The time is going by so fast I feel like I have no time to just sit and enjoy it all! I have stayed super busy with work and family and friends and wedding showers and work get-togethers and going out of town and it just seems like time is getting away from me! As far as Christmas shopping, I think I am pretty much finished thank goodness! The only other thing I have to get is something for my brother. I am finished shopping for my boyfriend, my mom, my dad, my friends and some of my closer family members. I will probably just end up getting my brother something from Urban Outfitters. He likes their clothes and because I work for Anthropologie, Urban's sister company, I get a discount there! Ok perfect, yeah I will get him something from Urban :)

So last Thursday night my cousin and I went to Atlanta for the Jingle Jam concert! I dont know if any of yall are familiar with that but every year they have this concert in Atlanta and there are about six bands that perform! This year they had Jordin Sparks, Leona Lewis, Cobra Starship, Justin Bieber, The Fray and OwlCity :) They are were really good but my two favorite were probably Justin Bieber and Jordin Sparks! I actually had seen and met Jordin about two years ago when she won American Idol! She's my girl! My cousin and I went to the American Idol concert and got backstage passes after the show! We met the top 10 that year and had like sit down, one-on-one conversations with all of them. I could totally make a blog just on that experience...it was so much fun! But anyways, got a little side tracked...but the Jingle Jam was super fun!! We spent the night in Atlanta and went shopping all day Friday! Long story short, I spent way too much money especially right before Christmas, but we had a great time :)

Then last night I went to my cousin's ornament shower. My cousin Lindsay, who is pretty much like a sister to me, is getting married in March and all her showers have begun! She had one a few weeks ago with her fiancee's side of the family and last night the whole wedding party got together for an ornament shower :) There was tons of food, fellowship and fun! I felt like I didnt eat too much although I did try a little bit of everything! I will post some pictures for yall!

As for weight loss, I have been pretty steady around 231 pounds for the past week! I can tell that I have very little restriction. Bread still gives me some restriction so I try to stay away from thick bread. But other than that I feel like I can eat a horse at times! I go back for my second fill December 30th so I am looking forward to that! I feel like I am wanting to snack between my meals which I havent done since surgery but I am fighting the urge not to. I have been doing good about just drinking water and eating smaller portions but I definitely am needing more restriction to help me with this. I wanted to have lost 30 pounds by Christmas but I doubt I will be down 4 pounds in the next 3 days haha :)

So here are some pictures from last nights ornament shower! Hope you enjoy!!

Lindsay with all of her bridesmaids!!

Another one of the bride with the bridesmaids :)

Some of the wedding party!

Lindsay and Matt opening their presents :)

Eating some of the yummy food!

The adorable ornament cake our friend Megan made!

Taking pictures while waiting for the bride and groom-to-be to arrive!

Lauren and I, sister and cousin of the bride!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It's the most wonderful time of the year :)

Hey friends! Hope everyone had a fabulous Wednesday! This is going to be another picture post but I hit a pretty big goal this morning!! Drum roll please....I am down to 231 as of this morning!! Which is officially 25 pounds lost since my surgery!!! I have been waiting for about 2 weeks to hit this goal and it finally happened this morning so I have had a good day :) I have also been super busy the past few nights with friends and parties and Christmas festivities...I am absolutely loving every second of it! Sunday night (some pictures below) I went to my work's Christmas party which was at our manager's house. I love everyone I work with and we have all become the best of friends so I had a great time! Eating wise, I was good! I fixed a plate with one chicken finger and a few crackers with spinach dip. Now that I come to think of it, that may have been my dinner that night. Somehow I managed to not get hungry after the party. And then last night (pictures also below) my friend Abby who works with me, had this fabulous elegant dinner party and invited some of our friends from work! Abby lives in this fancy upscale neighborhood in the city where I live and just bought a house so she wanted to have us over. I wish I would have taken pictures of her house! It was just beautiful beyond words! If any of you are a fan of Anthropologie, which is where I work, her house looked like it had been completely furnished by Anthropologie. Antiques and one-of-a-kind furniture everywhere! But we had such a fun time just enjoying each other's company. That is all I have for now :) I hope to make another vlog very soon! Hope you enjoy the pictures!!

This is at the Christmas Party for work this past Sunday night. This is my friends Glenda and Samantha :)

Haha this is my good friend Maryanna and Helen being goofy!

A fabulous group picture of me and my girlfriends!

We are known as the threesome at work!! I love these girls!!

Maryanna wasn't ready! :)

Another girls picture!

These next few are from last night! My friend Abby, in the picture above, had a dinner party at her fabulous house!! We have the best time :)

My good friend Patrick!

Two of my favorite people, Maryanna and Adam!

This dinner party was one big love fest, as Patrick called it :)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Picture blog!!

Hey friends :) I have missed everyone! Sorry I havent posted in about a week or so but this lady has been crazy busy! I know I posted on December 1st and told everyone about my first fill. It went fine...no big deal! I figured out that I have an 11 cc band and the doctor decided to put 3 cc's in my band. I honestly can't feel much restriction...just like everyone told me. The doctor said I should do another fill 3-4 weeks from the first one so I'm looking at going back around the very beginning of January. So I am already looking forward to that! At about how many cc's should I start to feel major restriction?? I know it is different from everyone but maybe around 7 or 8 cc? As for weight loss, I am happy with where I am at. I am 6 weeks out from surgery and as of this morning, I have lost 23 pounds!! I am down to 234 and I couldnt be happier!! I would love to be down 30 pounds by the new year but that means losing 7 more pounds in 3 weeks. We will see!!

Anyways, my boyfriend finally had to go back to Dallas :( He came to visit me November 22 and was originally supposed to go back on December 1st. But he was having such a good time he decided to stay until December 6th! So we had a great time while he was here. We had Thanksgiving then the Iron Bowl (which if your from the south and especially from Alabama you know that is one of the biggest college football rivalries) then my high schools 6A championship game and lots of good times with my friends and family! So the blog is mainly to post a bunch of our pictures!! We took tons of pictures but I just wanted to post some of my favorites to share with you :) Hope you enjoy!

My boyfriend and I on the first night he was here!

Burch and I about to go eat with some of our good friends

Burch and I with our friends Kyndal and Kyle

Our friends Patrick and Adam had us over for dinner :)

My family on Thanksgiving :)
From left to right: My cousin Lauren, Lindsay's fiancee Matt, my cousin Lindsay, my cousin Leah, me, Burch and my brother Trey

Thanksgiving Day

My dad, my mom, me and my brother

Auburn vs. Alabama game!! Biggest game of the season!!

Been going to the Auburn games since I was a baby! I love it!

Burch and I at the high school state championship game! Go Hoover Bucs!!

My cousin Lauren and I at the game!

We had a great time!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

5 weeks out and my FIRST FILL!

Hey everyone! I don't have very much time to post but just thought I would let everyone know my first fill went great! I went to the doctor today around 3 pm and it didn't take long at all. The actually "fill" took much less time than I had expected...only like 3 minutes! I have the Realize Band C...which is supposedly the newest realize band and it holds 11 cc's. My doctor hadn't put anything in my band at the time of surgery and ended up putting 3 cc's of saline in my band today. He said with people that are experiencing restriction already he only likes to put in 1 or 2 cc's at the time of the first fill. But if someone is eating everything in sight, he has put up to 5 cc's in at the first fill. From what I told him and how I answered his questions, he decided to put in 3 cc's in my band and I am happy with it! I know it will probably take several fills to reach strong restriction but I am fine taking it slow.

And the good news is my doctor was super happy with my weight loss!! I was scared that the scales would say I was over 240 pounds since my 4 pound gain over Thanksgiving!! But the scale said 239 and that was WITH clothes on :) haha! So officially I have lost 17 pounds in 5 weeks!

Thank you everyone for your kind words! I cant wait get some pictures up for yall to see! My boyfriend, family, friends and I have taken tons of pictures and I will get those up soon :) Everyone have a great Wednesday!