Thursday, May 19, 2011


I feel like I haven't posted in forever! It hasn't been that long but it sure does feel like it!!

Decided I would do a little weigh-in before I call it a night :)

This morning I weighed: 184.6 pounds!!

My goal was to be 185 pounds or below by June 1st so as long as I stay at this point I am feeling good about it. I actually hit my absolute lowest weight of 182.6 pounds on Monday but since then I have eaten a little bit of Japanese and Mexican food and they don't like my scale very much. But I am very pleased with 184.6 pounds. That puts me around 75 pounds lost total and about 25 pounds to go until my ultimate goal weight!!

In other news:

I went this past weekend to Auburn to visit my friends Kyndal and Kelsey and their family! We had a great time together and Saturday during our shopping trip I bought a pair of jeans and a pair of pants....both of them SIZE 14!! I can't explain what an amazing feeling that is! Here are some pictures of me and my girls and my brother! Hope you enjoy :)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday Weigh-In

! This morning things were looking good on the scale. Sometimes our scales love us and sometimes they really don't like us. But today I am super excited!!

I hit my lowest ever of....

186.8 pounds!!

Goodness! My monthly goal is to be at 185 pounds by June 1st. I am thinking that shouldn't be too hard considering I have 22 days to lose 2 pounds :)

Total weight loss: 73 pounds
Total weight to lose: 27 pounds!!


I had a huge NSV tonight!! Back when I worked at Anthropologie, before my surgery at the weight of 260 pounds, I would buy all kinds of clothes because I could get them for such good prices. Designer dresses, designer jeans, like 70% off and sometimes more than that!

Back in the summer of 2009 we had a pair of Joe's Jean denim capris go on sale from $178 to $99. Then they went on sale from $99 to $49 and I eventually got them for like $20! One problem, they were a size 32 (US size 14). I was a size 20/22 at this point and could literally barely get them over my knees. Every 3 or 4 months since my surgery I can put them on a slide them a little higher but still way to small for me.

The last time I tried them on before tonight was right after Christmas. I got them to barely come all the way up but the zipper was so far from zipping it wasn't even funny. I saw them hanging in my closet tonight and decided to try them on.

I couldn't believe what happened. They fit! Completely fit without the slightly pulling or sucking in. They are such a perfect fit around my waist and on my legs...I couldn't believe what happened!

Now that I know I can fit into Anthropologie's pants and jeans there is a big shopping spree in my future. I can finally buy the clothes I have loved for years.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

180's!! And QUESTION for you New Yorkers!!

This morning the scale loves me :)

I now weigh 189.2 pounds!!

Total weight lost: 71 pounds
Total weight to lose: 29 more pounds!!

I have been in the 190's since around the first week of March so I was ready to see the 180's. As you know my goal is to lose 5 pounds a month until October in order to hit my goal of 160 pounds by my 2 year bandiversary on October 23rd. This means by June 1st I need to be around 185 pounds to stay on track.

With the help of Snap Fitness (which I am joining with my mom tomorrow) and Lean Cuisine hopefully I can stay on track!


Question for all the New Yorkers and New York Lovers:

The hotel my friends and I are most likely going to stay is called The Distrikt Hotel. It looks nice, modern and relatively close to some of the main attractions. The location is West 40th St. between 8th and 9th Ave.

Now this doesn't mean anything to me since I am not familiar with all the streets and avenues and roads, etc. But for those of yall familiar with the city, is this a good location? How long of a walk is it to Times Squares, etc? Thanks for your help!!

Everyone have a wonderful Wednesday!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Up, down, up, down.....

Does anyone else seem to have the same "up, down, up, down...." problem as me when it comes to the scale?

This morning my weight was 191.4 pounds. I could feel that I hadn't lost any weight this weekend although I did eat sensibly. One week I will be 190.8...the next week 191.6...the next 190.4 and so on and so forth. I wasn't surprised at my weight but I did want to hit 189 by May 1st. Looks like that goal didn't pan out quite as planned haha.

My mom and I decided we are going to Snap Fitness this Wednesday to sign up and join. Maybe this will be the boost I need.


Some of you messaged me and asked me so I figured I would answer on here...

I'm not going to Chicago this year :(

Not because I wouldn't LOVE to go and not because it wasn't an absolute BLAST last year and not because I don't miss all you girls.

The main reason is because I only have 2 weeks of vacation each year at work. I am using my first week of vacation for the beach this summer and I am using my second week of vacation to go to New York City with my girlfriends the week before Christmas. Because NYC is going to be a pretty costly trip, I am saving all my money for that trip. It makes me sad because I loved meeting you amazing girls and Chicago is such a fun city but I had to pick and choose and unfortunately I have no more vacation at work to use :(

**I think my girlfriends and I have finally chosen a hotel in NYC. In another post I will ask you New Yorkers and New York lovers if you know anything about this hotel and see if the location is a good one!!

Although I am looking forward to NYC, it makes me sad that I will be missing out on Chicago this year. So moving on.


Here are some pictures from Easter I said I was going to post. I will do another "Photos I Love" post soon! Enjoy and have a blessed day!!