Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The doctor said no :(

I wasn't able to get my fill today and this is why...

First of all my appointment was at 8:30 this morning and I am NOT a morning person! I can stay up all night long but waking up at 6:30 almost kills me. Anyways, so I get to the doctor at like 8:15 and wait and wait and wait some more. Finally I pay my co-pay and they call me back at like 9:15. I got up on that dreaded scale which I had been dreading for days because I knew I had gained weight since my last visit 3 months ago. Not just 1 pound, not just 2 pounds....try 7 pounds! Holy smokes! A feeling of embarrassment and motivation came over me all at the same time. But the nurse was sweet and told me some people come back months later and weigh more than they did before their surgery. I think she was trying to make me feel better....and it worked.

So because I am not ashamed...I will tell you what the scale said. Wait for it.....wait for it.....228 pounds. My last visit I was 221 which was three months ago. I know my eating has been out of control and I havent been exercising much so what do I expect?! Although it is my time of the month and I tend to gain a maybe that accounts for a few pounds. Maybe. Hopefully.

So the nurse practitioner comes in and looks at my chart and asks me how things are going and why I have managed to gain. I told her honestly it was because I had been eating the wrong foods. I havent been snacking and I havent been eating late. But the foods I choose to eat, I eat too much of at one sitting. Anyways...she is getting the saline ready to give me the fill and this conversation takes place...

Nurse: "So what all do you have planned this week? Anything fun?"

Me: "Oh yeah! Im actually going on a cruise tomorrow to Alaska!"

Nurse pauses...looks at me...and puts the needle down.

Nurse: "Oh no! Then we cant do the fill today"

Me: "Really? Why not" (As I try to hold back the tears because I NEEDED this fill)

Nurse: "Because it is just too risky with you about to leave the country. It is actually against our policy and they wont allow me to do the fill with you about to go on vacation. We have had too many people get fills and then leave town and something happens and they have no way to get it fixed."

Me (still trying not to tear up) "Ok. I really need this fill but I trust your judgment and if I need to wait I can."

Nurse: "We actually had a lady that had a fill, then left the next day for Hawaii. She had terrible complications and it was too tight. She couldnt find a doctor anywhere in Hawaii that knew enough about the lapband and they had to fly her home to Birmingham. So Im sorry sweetie...its just too risky. Just have a good time on your cruise. Try to be good and dont overeat and we will do the fill the day you get back. Plus you dont want it to be so tight on your cruise you dont enjoy the food."

So that was that. I was definitely torn about the whole situation. If I didnt open my mouth about the cruise, I would have been able to get the fill. But then again, what if something would have happened and I was stuck in Alaska for two weeks and not back to do anything about it. So I made an appointment for the day after I get back from our trip and that is also the day my mom has her first fill! So in the end, I guess it worked out for the best.

In other news, I am about to start packing for the trip!! We leave bright and early at 6 in the morning!! I havent even started packing and Burch and I are going to a friends house tonight for dinner and a movie! So I better get started! I somehow managed to spent $140 at Target this morning getting "last minute things" for the trip but I think I went a little overboard. Ha. Typical.

Our ship

Beautiful Alaskan sunset

Anyways, if I dont have a chance to get back on before we leave tomorrow...everyone have a FABULOUS next two weeks! Be safe! Pray for our safety :) I would greatly appreciate it! I will bring yall back pictures and pictures and more pictures....of course! Have a great Wednesday!

And always are TOO precious to let anyone or anything ruin your day!

Monday, July 12, 2010

I have missed you ALL!

Friends! Oh my goodness...have I really not posted a blog since June 15th?! What a terrible blogger I am! Well I have missed you all! I hate I havent had the time to post anything and I havent been able to read as many of your blogs as I have wanted to. I wish I had like 3 solid hours with nothing to do so I could catch up on everyone's blogs...but seems like free time is hard to come by for me these days. You know how it, the boyfriend, the family, the friends...keeps me busy :)

So what exciting is going on in my life?

Well my family is leaving to go on our cruise to Alaska THURSDAY!! This Thursday!! We have been planning this trip for months and months and it is finally here! Thursday we are flying bright and early from Birmingham to Minneapolis. In Minneapolis we have a 4 hour layover and then we fly to Fairbanks, Alaska. We are doing what is called a cruisetour. This means are doing a 5-day tour of Alaska on land and going from city to city by train. Then we get on the cruise ship on day 5 in Whittier and cruise for the next 7 days on the water. The cruise is 12 nights and we end up in Vancouver. We are staying an extra day in Vancouver and then flying back home to sweet home Alabama :)

I know I asked yall a few months ago...but have any of you been on this cruise or been to Alaska? We are cruising with Princess Cruises. I have done Carnival and Royal Carribean but havent cruised with Princess before. I am super duper excited about the whole thing! And yall know me...there will be plenty of pictures to show when I return!


I am going for a fill Wednesday morning because I need one baddddd! My eating habits havent been the best lately and I feel like been letting myself slack off. I havent managed to gain weight in the past month but I havent lost any either. I would lose a couple of pounds...then gain it back. Over fourth of July weekend I actually gained a couple of pounds but then lost it a few days later. All this to say I am in desperate need of a fill. Why right before my cruise you ask? Because I am afraid I will eat and eat and eat on the cruise and gain 10, 15, 20 pounds! Those of you who have been on a cruise and can attest to how much food there is knows exactly what I mean! I am hoping this fill gives me a little restriction...enough to let me enjoy the food but not overeat :)


All of you going to Chicago, have you bought your tickets yet?! I havent and I am thinking I should get on the ball. I keep putting it off thinking since we are going in the fall, it is like months and months away. But its only like TWO months ago and I need to get my plane ticket! Kim...we need to figure it out so we can get the same flight girlfriend :) Does anyone know the final count of how many people are going? It is going to be so much fun to meet you girls in person! I cant wait!! are a few pictures from the last few weeks!

Well that's all for now :) Have a fabulous Tuesday!! And're too precious to let anyone or anything ruin it!!