Monday, July 12, 2010

I have missed you ALL!

Friends! Oh my goodness...have I really not posted a blog since June 15th?! What a terrible blogger I am! Well I have missed you all! I hate I havent had the time to post anything and I havent been able to read as many of your blogs as I have wanted to. I wish I had like 3 solid hours with nothing to do so I could catch up on everyone's blogs...but seems like free time is hard to come by for me these days. You know how it, the boyfriend, the family, the friends...keeps me busy :)

So what exciting is going on in my life?

Well my family is leaving to go on our cruise to Alaska THURSDAY!! This Thursday!! We have been planning this trip for months and months and it is finally here! Thursday we are flying bright and early from Birmingham to Minneapolis. In Minneapolis we have a 4 hour layover and then we fly to Fairbanks, Alaska. We are doing what is called a cruisetour. This means are doing a 5-day tour of Alaska on land and going from city to city by train. Then we get on the cruise ship on day 5 in Whittier and cruise for the next 7 days on the water. The cruise is 12 nights and we end up in Vancouver. We are staying an extra day in Vancouver and then flying back home to sweet home Alabama :)

I know I asked yall a few months ago...but have any of you been on this cruise or been to Alaska? We are cruising with Princess Cruises. I have done Carnival and Royal Carribean but havent cruised with Princess before. I am super duper excited about the whole thing! And yall know me...there will be plenty of pictures to show when I return!


I am going for a fill Wednesday morning because I need one baddddd! My eating habits havent been the best lately and I feel like been letting myself slack off. I havent managed to gain weight in the past month but I havent lost any either. I would lose a couple of pounds...then gain it back. Over fourth of July weekend I actually gained a couple of pounds but then lost it a few days later. All this to say I am in desperate need of a fill. Why right before my cruise you ask? Because I am afraid I will eat and eat and eat on the cruise and gain 10, 15, 20 pounds! Those of you who have been on a cruise and can attest to how much food there is knows exactly what I mean! I am hoping this fill gives me a little restriction...enough to let me enjoy the food but not overeat :)


All of you going to Chicago, have you bought your tickets yet?! I havent and I am thinking I should get on the ball. I keep putting it off thinking since we are going in the fall, it is like months and months away. But its only like TWO months ago and I need to get my plane ticket! Kim...we need to figure it out so we can get the same flight girlfriend :) Does anyone know the final count of how many people are going? It is going to be so much fun to meet you girls in person! I cant wait!! are a few pictures from the last few weeks!

Well that's all for now :) Have a fabulous Tuesday!! And're too precious to let anyone or anything ruin it!!


  1. I am glad you are back!! I am sorry I have not texted you or emailed you. I am just in a really bad funk. I hope you have a WONDERFUL time on your cruise, I know you will!!! I can't wait to hear all about it when you get back!

  2. Welcome back beautiful, I was just wonderinf where you had been! You look beautiful in all your pics...

  3. oh have a blast on your CRUISE!! As always stunning in all of your pictures!

  4. I have to tell you first that you are gorgeous!! You look like you had such a great time in the photos. Have a fun, safe vacation!

  5. You are soooo beautiful!!! Thanks for the pics!

  6. I've missed you! I got your text last week! Sorry I didn't text's been nuts :)

    I'm so sad that you guys aren't flying into Seattle, but at least I'll see you in Chicago soon! You better bring your shopping shoes!

    As always you look beautiful in your pics!

  7. I always love your "photo essays" :)

  8. As always, you are looking great! I'm so jealous about the cruise. I need a vacation so bad!

  9. YOu look great in all your pictures! Hope the fill goes well!!! **Fingers crossed** OH and I love the idea of that cruise, I bet you'll have a blast!

  10. Missed ya! Pictures are great! and as usual, you are too cute! Good luck on the fill!

  11. This is amazing. I love meeting new people same age as I am that have got the lap band or are getting banded soon! Hopefully as much as I keep up with you, you will keep up with me! My surgery is Aug 18th! I am super PUMPED! WOOT!