Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The doctor said no :(

I wasn't able to get my fill today and this is why...

First of all my appointment was at 8:30 this morning and I am NOT a morning person! I can stay up all night long but waking up at 6:30 almost kills me. Anyways, so I get to the doctor at like 8:15 and wait and wait and wait some more. Finally I pay my co-pay and they call me back at like 9:15. I got up on that dreaded scale which I had been dreading for days because I knew I had gained weight since my last visit 3 months ago. Not just 1 pound, not just 2 pounds....try 7 pounds! Holy smokes! A feeling of embarrassment and motivation came over me all at the same time. But the nurse was sweet and told me some people come back months later and weigh more than they did before their surgery. I think she was trying to make me feel better....and it worked.

So because I am not ashamed...I will tell you what the scale said. Wait for it.....wait for it.....228 pounds. My last visit I was 221 which was three months ago. I know my eating has been out of control and I havent been exercising much so what do I expect?! Although it is my time of the month and I tend to gain a maybe that accounts for a few pounds. Maybe. Hopefully.

So the nurse practitioner comes in and looks at my chart and asks me how things are going and why I have managed to gain. I told her honestly it was because I had been eating the wrong foods. I havent been snacking and I havent been eating late. But the foods I choose to eat, I eat too much of at one sitting. Anyways...she is getting the saline ready to give me the fill and this conversation takes place...

Nurse: "So what all do you have planned this week? Anything fun?"

Me: "Oh yeah! Im actually going on a cruise tomorrow to Alaska!"

Nurse pauses...looks at me...and puts the needle down.

Nurse: "Oh no! Then we cant do the fill today"

Me: "Really? Why not" (As I try to hold back the tears because I NEEDED this fill)

Nurse: "Because it is just too risky with you about to leave the country. It is actually against our policy and they wont allow me to do the fill with you about to go on vacation. We have had too many people get fills and then leave town and something happens and they have no way to get it fixed."

Me (still trying not to tear up) "Ok. I really need this fill but I trust your judgment and if I need to wait I can."

Nurse: "We actually had a lady that had a fill, then left the next day for Hawaii. She had terrible complications and it was too tight. She couldnt find a doctor anywhere in Hawaii that knew enough about the lapband and they had to fly her home to Birmingham. So Im sorry sweetie...its just too risky. Just have a good time on your cruise. Try to be good and dont overeat and we will do the fill the day you get back. Plus you dont want it to be so tight on your cruise you dont enjoy the food."

So that was that. I was definitely torn about the whole situation. If I didnt open my mouth about the cruise, I would have been able to get the fill. But then again, what if something would have happened and I was stuck in Alaska for two weeks and not back to do anything about it. So I made an appointment for the day after I get back from our trip and that is also the day my mom has her first fill! So in the end, I guess it worked out for the best.

In other news, I am about to start packing for the trip!! We leave bright and early at 6 in the morning!! I havent even started packing and Burch and I are going to a friends house tonight for dinner and a movie! So I better get started! I somehow managed to spent $140 at Target this morning getting "last minute things" for the trip but I think I went a little overboard. Ha. Typical.

Our ship

Beautiful Alaskan sunset

Anyways, if I dont have a chance to get back on before we leave tomorrow...everyone have a FABULOUS next two weeks! Be safe! Pray for our safety :) I would greatly appreciate it! I will bring yall back pictures and pictures and more pictures....of course! Have a great Wednesday!

And always are TOO precious to let anyone or anything ruin your day!


  1. Ok so first...sorry about your fill issue! It would suck if you did have an issue and have to end your vacation short! second, have fun and take lots of pictures to share with us!!! Take care!

  2. Have an AMAZING time on your trip! I know we'll all be treated to a ton of photos when you get back!!!

    That does suck about not getting the fill, but sometimes they do have the best judgment. Just enjoy your trip and make good choices for the most part and you'll be good!

  3. Honestly, I was a little surprised you were going to get a fill the day before leaving. I think it is WAY risky! Things can change so much in a day and the last thing you would want is to be too tight. Even if you gain 5-10 lbs.. it is better then doing long term damage to your band. Enjoy your vacation!

  4. I agree 100% with the doc, I'm afraid. I've been too tight and had to have an unfill and it is HORRIBLE, MISERABLE, the WORST! When it happened to me, my doc was out of town so I had to wait three days. By the end, I literally couldn;t swallow my own spit and the muscles in my neck were extremely sore. The only relief I felt was when I was lying down, but I could hardly sleep because of the gurgling noise.

    So enjoy your cruise. Enjoy the yummy food in moderation. Try to eat only when you are hungry and spend lots of time walking, swimming and moving.

    This is just a temporary set back. You can do this!

  5. I went in for my 2nd fill and they could only give me .5cc's of a fill (she wasn't supposed to give me anything at all) ..and had to go right back after I came home from vacation to get the rest of the fill..

    I understand why they do it..but it still stinks!

  6. I know that is disappointing....I'm sorry. In the end though, it is going to work out for the best. I hope you have an AMAZING time on your trip, I know you will!! I can't wait to see the pictures!!

  7. Have an amazing time on your trip. Man I hate it when nurses and docs actually do the right thing....ha! HAVE FUN!

  8. Have a wonderful time! Can't wait to hear all about it. And don't worry about the fill - you will be back and filled in no time!!! Just enjoy!

  9. I just returned from my holiday, and had missed a fill. I asked fellow Bandits what they thought of having a fill before holidays, and most said leave the fill for afterwards. I enjoyed my holiday, and put on a little weight. Try to enjoy yourself, and ok, weight loss will take a little longer, but do it safer :)

  10. Have fun. I know you will come back with beautiful wonderful pictures and great stories. THe fill thing sucks, but its just one little thing. You will get one when you get back and be back on track!

  11. Dang! Sorry about your fill! But better safe than sorry. Have a wonderful time on your trip, Alaska looks beautiful!

    I nominated you for an award!!! Check it out, lovely!

  13. Have a great trip. Don't go overboard with anything lol. Safe journey. And remember this is a life plan, halting weight loss for two weeks won't ruin everything. You will look back this time next year and remember a wonderful holiday that was worth the fill wait.