Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Time for another....PICTURE POST!

Hey is about time for another PICTURE POST!! But first...

Thank you for the support from my last blog! It has been a rough last month for me and my weight loss (or weight gain would be more appropriate). We all have those time where we let our eating get out of hand and we need an eye-opener to get us back into shape! For me it was just seeing those numbers on the scale go up...and up some more...and up some more. I wasn't feeling as healthy or as energetic and I knew I had to get back under control again. My lowest weight had been on April 19th...I weighed in at 219.5 and due to my new job and lack of a stable work schedule I let my eating get out of control and on May 15th I weighed in at 224.5! That goes to show that just one month of eating whatever I wanted put on 5 pounds! But on the flip side, the past few days since then I have been eating good and eating right and some of the weight has already come back off. I have been extremely strict about not eating past 7 p.m., tried to drink tons of water and stayed away from eating out andthis morning I weighed 222.5. It is a win-lose eat bad, the weight pours back on. You eat good, the weight comes right back off! Blah blah blah...enough about weight loss!

Some more exciting news....who loves American Idol?!?! Anyone anyone?! Well my cousin and I love idol and we have gone to the american idol tour for the past 4 years...and this year will make FIVE YEARS because I bought our tickets this morning! The concert isnt until August 1st in Atlanta but we cant wait! And the best part is....I found tickets on the 2nd row!! They were a little more expensive but its such a good show and so worth it :)

Now time for pictures :) These are random but all from the past month! Enjoy and have a good day!

My friend, Sam, and I at our friend Danielle's wedding. Danielle was one of my roommate at Auburn

Burch and I at Danielle's wedding...having fun with good friends and family!

Sam, Megan and I

On the way to the wedding...sorry these are a little out of order!

Some of my good friends at my birthday dinner at Stix! The best japanese place on the planet!

Vanity...I know

Samantha had some of us over for dinner and a movie....good times!

The whole gang :)

Sam and this girl!

Burch and I going to Samantha's house :)

Burch and I on Mother's day!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

S L A C K E R...That is my name lately

I have been a slacker in the blog world and with my weight loss.

To prove my point, I have gained....not lost....gained 2 pounds in the last month. This is only because of my laziness and bad habits. For the last month I have been eating whatever and whenever and it is because I havent been on a normal daily schedule that I am used to. I started a new job about 3 weeks ago and I have different hours and a totally different schedule than when I was at Anthropologie. At my old job I was used to eating a healthy breakfast in the morning before work, taking my break at noon everyday and eating my lunch I made at home and then getting home at 5 just in time for an early dinner. Now Im working some days 9-6 which isnt so bad and some days Im working 12-9 which completely messes up my day when it comes to eating good. Also right near where I work there is a mexican restaurant, McAlister's, O'Charleys and a chinese place so that is sadly where I have been eating for a majority of the past 3 weeks. Im not afraid to admit it because its my problem and something I have to fix.

Im actually surprised I haven't gained more than two pounds...that is one plus of this situation.

But after watching the Biggest Loser last night and getting my weekly dose of weight loss inspiration, I am starting over (for the 50th time)....but nevertheless....starting over.

I have been wanting to join a gym...badly. I have always just been the type to go work out outside...just run around the block or at a track outside but I want to join an actual gym. The gym by my house is Snap Fitness and its open 24 hours a day. Its only $30.00 a person per month which is pretty cheap for a gym. Im thinking if Im actually paying to use it, I will go more often.

Anyways, Im not down and depressed....just a little upset with myself for not trying.

Oh more exciting fact. My mom got approved today by her insurance for the lap band! Ever since I had the surgery she has been wanting it and just recently got serious about it! And she got the letter today saying she is approved!! Im so excited for her...she is beautiful inside and out anyways so I cant imagine when she loses weight!

Have a good Wednesday night! Off to watch idol....not sure who I want to go home! I like Lee and Casey...sadly Crystal is my least favorite.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

CHI I come!

Hey lovely ladies!! I just did something really exciting!! I called and booked my hotel room for CHICAGO!! I can't wait :) I am rooming with Kim...her blog is Good-Bye Fatty McButterpants! We are both fellow Birmingham bandsters and we couldnt be more excited to meet all you ladies! We thought about going on Thursday night but because of our work schedule we decided to go Friday morning to Sunday night. I was also super excited about the $159/night rate! The normal rate is like $225 a night so we get an awesome deal! Thanks for all the hard work all you ladies that have planned it have put into this! From those of you who have been there...and I went a few years ago...Chicago is a great city to get together! There is so much fun things to do whether you are into shopping (MEEEE), sports, city tours, restaurants, museums...and so much more!

Anyways, just thought I would add our name to the list as BOOKED! Cant wait to meet you all! Have a good day!!