Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My life in the past month...along with a documentary of pictures!!

***Warning: Long post ahead with lots of pictures***

Hey friends! Are yall still there?! I figured since it has been almost a freaking MONTH since my last post, I needed to do a little update. Life has been non-stop busy busy busy for me this past month (but it has been a good busy) and I honestly dont even know where to start :)

Right after my last post back in May we had a lot going on with my brother's graduation. He graduated from high school on May 27th and even though we didnt think we would ever see the light at the end of the tunnel, we are so proud of him! His graduation was like 3 days of nonstop parties and I was the right hand woman to my mom who planned them all. Cue pomp and circumstance....here are some pictures of the festivities:

Soon after all the graduation parties were over, we got a new puppy!! It was an early Fathers Day present for my dad :) We used to have a siberian husky for 13 years and had to put her to sleep in 2004. So my dad had always wanted another siberian husky. So I researched for days and days and finally found the perfect one! We went to see him and fell in love immediately! The siberian husky we used to have was a girl and her name was Nala because when we got her I was like 6 years old and loved the Lion King so I wanted to name her Nala. So when thinking of a name for the new dog we decided on Simba because he is a boy! Cute, huh? Anyways, we love him like crazy and he is so much fun and full of energy! Here are some pictures of Simba:

The day after we got Simba, Burch and I went to Dallas for Memorial Day weekend! We went for four days and had a great time. He hadn't seen his family since the end of December so it was time of us to go back and visit. Like always we stayed busy while we were there....cookouts, swimming, shopping...the usual. I didnt take many pictures while I was there but here are a few:

And only a few short days after we got back from Dallas, my mom WAS BANDED!! On June 8th, last Tuesday, she had lap band surgery! Ever since I had surgery, she had been wanting it. She put her mind to it, went to all the doctor appointments, got all her paperwork together and scheduled surgery. The process went by a lot faster for her than it did for me. But she is doing great. As of yesterday, she has lost about 11 pounds since surgery and she goes today for her one week checkup and to get the staples out. She has been really sore and says she now knows what I felt like when I was complaining of the pain after my surgery haha. But I am so proud of her and I cant wait for us to be mentors to each other and lose the weight together. I have been slacking for the past two months. I havent gained weight but I havent really lost. I honestly think it is because I have been too busy to really focus on myself. My last fill was on March 30th and Im thinking it is time for another fill. I have 6.5 cc's in my 11 cc band. I have restriction with some foods but with other foods, I can eat all day long. I just need to buckle down and spend some time on myself and treating my body right...making sure I get enough protein, water and stop eating out so much. But regardless of how fast or slow the weight is coming off, I am still proud of the 35 pounds I have lost. I have learned in this experience to just be happy with what I have accomplished this far and as long as I dont back track, its ok to take it slow. But my mom started out on her surgery date 30 pounds less than me so if I dont buckle down fast, she is going to pass me with flying colors haha!

This past week I have spent every single night with the exception of last night with friends and family. I love spending quality time with the people I love. I met up last week with some of my friends I worked with at Anthropologie and I miss them so much! Then Saturday Burch and I went to the Carrie Underwood concert and it was AMAZING! She is fantastic in concert and so beautiful. Her voice is seriously one of the best....she is up there with Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey in my opinion if not better than all of them. Burch and I want to go see her again when she comes back in the fall! And then all day Sunday Burch and I went to Auburn to visit our friends Kyndal and Kyle. We hadnt seen them in a few months and we all had a great time together. While we were there we went antiquing!! One of my favorite things to do. I love antique shopping and looking for vintage things! There is a huge antique mall there called Angels Antiques and it is as big as Walmart! I was like a kid in a candy store and I bought some fabulous things! As soon of you know, I was a fashion major and I have always had an obsession with dress forms...big and small. I have them all over my room, including a 6 foot one my mom got me for Christmas a few years ago. But while we were shopping around I saw an antique dress form from the 1940's! OMG! It was used as a mannequin in a department store back in the 1940's and when I saw it I knew I had to have it. It is about 5 feet tall and fabulous! I also got an old antique wooden mirror and vintage Marilyn Monroe paintings from the 1950's. But if any of yall are into antiques, you would have died! They had unbelievable vintage furniture for like $200 and under. If I had my own house I would have gone crazy in there! Kyndal bought this old 1960's high back chair with yellow upholstery for $30! I was jealous that she has a house to put it in haha. But here are some pictures from the past week:

Have a fabulous Tuesday!!
**The End**


  1. wow Im tired just reading! You look like you had an amazing month, no wonder you haven't had time to concentrate on your eating. Looking good though. I think we sometimes have to look to the past and remember keeping it off is the hard part. So that's an acheivement in itself. Well done. Love the dogs. I really want one but our apartment is too small. Especially for a Great Dane!

  2. Sounds like you had a blast!!! I am so jealous--that antique mall sounds like heaven!! :)


  3. Missed you lady!!! You are looking wonderful! When the heck are you going on your Alaskan cruise and what city are you leaving from!?!

  4. Hey there! I always look forward to your pictures. You are so durn photogenic! Great pics and Simba is just too cute!

  5. So EXCITED for your mom!! You look amazing in all your photos! Hope you can get in for a fill soon

  6. Good God - you couldn't deny that was your brother if you tried. And YAY for your mom!

  7. Wow. I don't know where to start congrats to both your brother and your mom.
    AWWWWW!!!! Simba -- I just love him..
    And Chick I love you clothes - can u dress me?

  8. Wow,....you have been busy and your puppy is so ccute. Best of luck to you mum too....

  9. Wonderful post... Very informational and educational as usual!

    Acai Optimum

  10. Wow....wonderful pics.. you are gorgeous.. and I love the Carrie and puppy pics.. made me smile..

  11. Hi! I loved the photo! You look so gorgeous! What beautiful eyes, hair, and such a pointy chin you have! I'm new to your blog but I hope to stop by again and learn more about you. Congrats on all the weight you've lost -- I never in a zillion years would have guessed that you even needed surgery by looking at these photos. I think you're doing pretty damn good! Keep it up!

    I *LOVE* your huskie! OMG he's the cutest thing ever!

    And did you take those Carrie pics or did you steal them off the internet? because they are really great shots! If you took them, you have quite a talent! (and must have had great seats too!)

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