Monday, May 2, 2011

Up, down, up, down.....

Does anyone else seem to have the same "up, down, up, down...." problem as me when it comes to the scale?

This morning my weight was 191.4 pounds. I could feel that I hadn't lost any weight this weekend although I did eat sensibly. One week I will be 190.8...the next week 191.6...the next 190.4 and so on and so forth. I wasn't surprised at my weight but I did want to hit 189 by May 1st. Looks like that goal didn't pan out quite as planned haha.

My mom and I decided we are going to Snap Fitness this Wednesday to sign up and join. Maybe this will be the boost I need.


Some of you messaged me and asked me so I figured I would answer on here...

I'm not going to Chicago this year :(

Not because I wouldn't LOVE to go and not because it wasn't an absolute BLAST last year and not because I don't miss all you girls.

The main reason is because I only have 2 weeks of vacation each year at work. I am using my first week of vacation for the beach this summer and I am using my second week of vacation to go to New York City with my girlfriends the week before Christmas. Because NYC is going to be a pretty costly trip, I am saving all my money for that trip. It makes me sad because I loved meeting you amazing girls and Chicago is such a fun city but I had to pick and choose and unfortunately I have no more vacation at work to use :(

**I think my girlfriends and I have finally chosen a hotel in NYC. In another post I will ask you New Yorkers and New York lovers if you know anything about this hotel and see if the location is a good one!!

Although I am looking forward to NYC, it makes me sad that I will be missing out on Chicago this year. So moving on.


Here are some pictures from Easter I said I was going to post. I will do another "Photos I Love" post soon! Enjoy and have a blessed day!!


  1. You look so pretty in your Easter dress! I love it!

    When you go to the beach this summer, will you be near Gulf Shores or Orange Beach...or the Florida Panhandle? I still want to meet you if you'll be close. Otherwise, I guess we'll try again during Alabama football season. Let me know!

  2. Sorry that you won't make it this year, but you'll have a blast in NYC!!!

  3. You look so beautiful! And totally skinny. And the scale like to ride the roller coaster here too

  4. Too bad you won't be making it to Chicago. But I totally understand and you will have a great time in NYC. :)

  5. I'll miss you in Chicago... but I'll see you in NYC!

  6. Awww. We'll miss you sweetie but we understand!