Tuesday, December 1, 2009

5 weeks out and my FIRST FILL!

Hey everyone! I don't have very much time to post but just thought I would let everyone know my first fill went great! I went to the doctor today around 3 pm and it didn't take long at all. The actually "fill" took much less time than I had expected...only like 3 minutes! I have the Realize Band C...which is supposedly the newest realize band and it holds 11 cc's. My doctor hadn't put anything in my band at the time of surgery and ended up putting 3 cc's of saline in my band today. He said with people that are experiencing restriction already he only likes to put in 1 or 2 cc's at the time of the first fill. But if someone is eating everything in sight, he has put up to 5 cc's in at the first fill. From what I told him and how I answered his questions, he decided to put in 3 cc's in my band and I am happy with it! I know it will probably take several fills to reach strong restriction but I am fine taking it slow.

And the good news is my doctor was super happy with my weight loss!! I was scared that the scales would say I was over 240 pounds since my 4 pound gain over Thanksgiving!! But the scale said 239 and that was WITH clothes on :) haha! So officially I have lost 17 pounds in 5 weeks!

Thank you everyone for your kind words! I cant wait get some pictures up for yall to see! My boyfriend, family, friends and I have taken tons of pictures and I will get those up soon :) Everyone have a great Wednesday!


  1. So glad it all went well! You and I have the same band! :) Can't wait to see new pictures!

  2. Kristen, I had 3cc my first appt and didn't feel a thing. My doctor says 4 wks between fills but I rescheduled it to 3 wks because Mr.Scale wasn't moving. Don't be shy about getting fill #2 sooner if you don't get much from #1. Good Luck!

  3. We have the same band too! Yay! I get my next fill Monday and I don't know how much he'll do. We'll see. Sounds like you're doing great! And it always surprises me too when my MD is so blown away but what I consider a small lose. He tells me everytime "Remember Liz, you chose the route that is meant to be slow and steady. I don't expect you to lose more than 1 lb/wk." and so that's why he gets excited! I love my md! Excited for the pics lady, get on it!

  4. Great job on the weight loss. I lost 30 lbs before my first fill and he still put in 5 cc's b/c I really didn't feel any restriction. If you don't feel like the band is doing its job then tell him b/c I just got my 3rd fill yesterday and I am at 7.5 and just starting to feel some restriction. My weight loss has been all mine alone. I think in January after my next fill I will be where I need to be at. It just takes time.