Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It's the most wonderful time of the year :)

Hey friends! Hope everyone had a fabulous Wednesday! This is going to be another picture post but I hit a pretty big goal this morning!! Drum roll please....I am down to 231 as of this morning!! Which is officially 25 pounds lost since my surgery!!! I have been waiting for about 2 weeks to hit this goal and it finally happened this morning so I have had a good day :) I have also been super busy the past few nights with friends and parties and Christmas festivities...I am absolutely loving every second of it! Sunday night (some pictures below) I went to my work's Christmas party which was at our manager's house. I love everyone I work with and we have all become the best of friends so I had a great time! Eating wise, I was good! I fixed a plate with one chicken finger and a few crackers with spinach dip. Now that I come to think of it, that may have been my dinner that night. Somehow I managed to not get hungry after the party. And then last night (pictures also below) my friend Abby who works with me, had this fabulous elegant dinner party and invited some of our friends from work! Abby lives in this fancy upscale neighborhood in the city where I live and just bought a house so she wanted to have us over. I wish I would have taken pictures of her house! It was just beautiful beyond words! If any of you are a fan of Anthropologie, which is where I work, her house looked like it had been completely furnished by Anthropologie. Antiques and one-of-a-kind furniture everywhere! But we had such a fun time just enjoying each other's company. That is all I have for now :) I hope to make another vlog very soon! Hope you enjoy the pictures!!

This is at the Christmas Party for work this past Sunday night. This is my friends Glenda and Samantha :)

Haha this is my good friend Maryanna and Helen being goofy!

A fabulous group picture of me and my girlfriends!

We are known as the threesome at work!! I love these girls!!

Maryanna wasn't ready! :)

Another girls picture!

These next few are from last night! My friend Abby, in the picture above, had a dinner party at her fabulous house!! We have the best time :)

My good friend Patrick!

Two of my favorite people, Maryanna and Adam!

This dinner party was one big love fest, as Patrick called it :)


  1. Hey! Cute pics...I already looked at them on Facebook :) I just got your message on my blog. I facebooked you a couple weeks ago for your address and never heard back. Maybe I missed your response? I think I've still got a pair or two in the garage that haven't gone to goodwill yet that I think I can send.

  2. Looks like you has a really great time with your friends & co-workers. This is the one thing I miss being retired.

  3. Kristin keep up the good are rocking the 250!!! Love the pics

  4. Alexis! Hey honey...I thought I responded to your email but maybe it didnt go through. I will facebook you my address! If you dont have anymore dont worry about it at all!! I just thought I would check and see :)

    Thanks Debi and Melissa! I have the best time with my friends :) Also feel free to add me on facebook if you have facebook! Just type in Kristen Redmond and I will pop up!

  5. You look so beautiful! Great job on 25lbs!

  6. How cool! Looks like you had a great time and you made good choices so congradulations! One good choice at a time is how you make it!