Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas is gone :( But 2nd fill tomorrow!!

So first things first!! I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas! I know I did :) Personally I look forward to Christmas the entire year. And I think December 26th is the worst day of the year because Christmas is over. But God willing...there is always next year. I need to make a video or take pictures of some of my cool gifts. I knew most of what I was getting because I picked them out and told my mom or "Santa" exactly where to go to get them. A week or so before Christmas we went on a major shopping spree at Anthropologie but she made me put everything up until Christmas morning. I got a GPS system for my car...which was one of the things I didnt know I was getting. I got two perfumes and I am a total perfume snob! I got the new Juicy Couture perfume called Couture Couture and the new Victor and Rolf perfume called Flowerbomb which is my new favorite! My mom found me this amazing couture vogue fashion picture that I will probably put either on my wall in my room or my bathroom wall. I got some really awesome coffee table books, which I started collecting a few years ago. I got a Vogue book that shows the rooms inside of famous people's houses. Its so incredible to see all the fabulous mansions. I also got a Marilyn Monroe coffee table book, and if you didnt know Im obsessed with Marilyn. Lets see...I got two pair of fabulous boots that I have worn almost everyday since Christmas. I also got the typical girly gifts...makeup, jewelry, picture frames, gift cards. So thats a run down of my gifts. My boyfriend and I still havent done presents yet. I am flying out to Dallas January 3rd so we will do our presents then :) Its always nice to get some presents after Christmas...makes Christmas feel longer...like its not over yet.

What all did yall get for Christmas?! Lets all do a vlog to show everyone our Christmas presents!

In other news...I go tomorrow for my second fill and Im super excited! Lets be honest, my eating habits have gotten out of control. I feel like my restriction to bread isnt as strong as it used to be but I guess I havent been eating that much bread. I didnt eat toooo much during Christmas but more than normal post-surgery. I am still right at 231 pounds which is fine with me. I didnt lose any during Christmas but thank goodness I didnt gain. A month ago is when I had my first fill and on my doctor's scales it read 239 pounds....if I remember correctly. I had clothes on so it was probably more like 237 but Im hoping tomorrow it reads at like 233. I would be fine with a 6 pound weight lose especially after Christmas :)

Im on my break at work and unfortunately my hour is almost over! Lets all make christmas gift vlogs :) Everyone have a fabulous Tuesday night!!


  1. Sounds like you got some really awesome presents! I saw the pics on FB, so cute! I love Marilyn too and the coffee table books!

  2. Great presents!! I love Flowerbomb -- I wear it every day!

    Glad you had a great Christmas -- and am sending best wishes for an amazing 2010!


  3. Hello! I am happy your Christmas went well. I have been following your blog. I am in the process of trying to get the lap band, too. I am in the financing phase of it all and am having to jump through major hoops credit wise to get this done. I was just curious how are your scars from the surgery coming along? Have they faded much? I am really concerned about having crazy looking scars and have been trying to find pics of people post-surgery showing their incisions and how they look now. Anyway I am very happy for you and what you have achieved so far!


  4. My gosh you are soooo pretty! Even after I get surgery I could not look as good as you. :)

    - Lisa