Monday, November 30, 2009

I have been a blog slacker :)

Blog friends!!
Helloooo!! I have missed you all!!
I have been such a slacker and havent posted a blog in a while but Im still here :) I have been reading everyone else's but didn't seem to have a minute to post my own. But here I am!

So Thanksgiving came and went :( I hate that feeling! I get so anxious and excited about the holidays and then they just come and go. As for eating, I didn't think I did too bad. I definitely ate tons less than I normally would have. But in my defense for what I am about to say...I have heard people say that you shouldnt deprive yourself too much from eating during holidays and when you go on vacations. Do yall feel the same way because I think I agree with this! This leads me to some not so wonderful weight news. I actually GAINED 4 POUNDS during Thanksgiving!! AHHH!! The Sunday before Thanksgiving I weighed 236 and as of yesterday I weighed 240! I don't feel too bad and not to mention Aunt Flow decided to visit this week! Blah! Another factor is that my boyfriend is in town and I have been eating out more than normal. We had mexican food one night and then the next night we had Japanese food. I made myself take home half my food both nights but my food choices probably could have been better!

Last but not least, my first fill is tomorrow and Im excited and maybe just a tad bit nervous! I know what to expect from reading about everyone else's fills so Im definitely ready! Haha I know my doctor is going to think Im a slacker and this is why....At my one week appointment after my surgery I weight (with clothes on) 246 which was a 10 pound weight loss. But now 5 weeks out I weight 240 without clothes on. Im scared that Im going to get on the hospital scales tomorrow and with clothes on it will say something crazy like 245!! It will look like I havent done a thing in the past month! Oh my defense it was that time of the month and we just had Thanksgiving festivities for pete's sake!! :)

So thanks for letting my blabber! I hope everyone had a fabulous Monday and I cant wait to post pictures from the holidays!! My boyfriend got here last Sunday and was supposed to leave tomorrow but has actually decided to stay until this coming Sunday!! As you may remember, he was laid off from his job in Texas so he isnt in a big hurry to get back to Dallas!! Yay!! 2 weeks of him here with me!! But talk to you all soon!! Take care :)


  1. Hon you're in what we call bandster hell - not losing or even gaining now IS THE NORM! they won't be mad at you at the hospital - get excited to start to feel some restriction, but remember, it will almost definitely take a whole lot more than just one fill to get there. You're on the journey, enjoy the ride!

  2. I haven't been there yet, but I know from reading everyone's blogs that Angie is on the money -- she knows for 'reals.'
    Anyway: I also know that my surgeon tells folks (same fill doc as Catherine55 if you've read her blog) that this post-op period isn't really about weight loss, it is about healing. So heal up and enjoy. Your journey is about to accerlate with the fills!!

  3. Be patient. It may take 3-6 adjustments before you feel the restriction you're looking for. But it will happen. And the medical staff will not judge you - they're mission is to help you, and they will. You're in the very beginning stages of re-learning how to eat.

  4. Don't worry! My Dr told me that the 6 wks after surgery are for HEALING and not losing weight. After your fill(s) you'll do much better - it makes it easier to choose wisely because the band doesn't let the bad things go in i.e. breads - my worst enemy lol. I don't eat them anymore - they are bad tasting and get stuck. Good luck on your fill! It doesn't hurt I promise :)

  5. A 4 lb gain does suck big time, but at least now you can have the confidence that you will eventually lose it in this process! That confidence (which you will gain) is a huge help to make it through tougher times. I'm glad your man is staying longer, that is fun!