Friday, November 6, 2009

2 weeks ago from today I was BANDED!

So sorry I haven't posted a blog in close to a week or let me catch everyone up!

I wake up each morning and still can't believe I am banded! It has been two weeks and I am feeling so good! My pains are at a minimal and I feel like my body is getting stronger every day! As for my scars, 4 out of the 5 incisions on my stomach are almost nonexistent :) The larger incision near my port is still healing up nicely so far. Speaking of my port...I cant actually feel it now and it is the weirdest feeling!! AHH! I couldn't feel it underneath my skin until this past Tuesday!! I had gone to the doctor Monday and asked him why I couldn't feel it. He said it was probably because my stomach was still a little swollen inside but I would be able to feel it when the swelling goes down! The next morning and THERE IT IS! I can feel it...not necessarily something to jump up and down about but Im just glad I know it is there! haha!

As for my weight loss, I am down about 16 pounds. My pre-op weight was 257 and I weighed in this morning at 241 :) I am super happy about this weight loss considering it has only been 2 weeks! I personally can't tell a difference maybe except for my pants being a little looser on me. My body feels better and healthier but 16 pounds isn't really enough (in my opinion) to tell a difference yet. I have had several people at work tell me my face is starting to look thinner but I can't really tell yet! But hey, I will take the compliments any day :)

As for my diet, I have been eating the same things day in and day out! I need to incorporate some new things to eat into my day. For instance, I usually do a yogurt for breakfast. For lunch I have been eating either soups or chicken salad every single day with maybe a string cheese or a pudding. Then for dinner either more soup, more chicken salad or some combination of the two! I am obsessed with chicken salad...seriously! I feel like I can eat it every single day and I found a certain kind I like that is relatively low in calories. I either eat it with different kinds of crackers or by itself. I haven't tried the "chicken salad sandwich" yet...staying away from bread all together at the moment! But at the two week mark my doctor said I am allowed to start incorporating fruits, vegetables and meat into my diet so I need to branch out away from soups and chicken salad for the goodness sake! I went to Target the other day and bought the "Biggest Loser Family Cookbook" and most of the recipes look delicious! Anyways, all that to say...I need to venture out but still stay within the healthy boundaries!

I have a question for everyone who has had their first fills already! I made my appointment and my first fill is on December 1st :) I am super duper excited! I have heard that most people think the first six weeks are the hardest because you are doing the diet thing all on your own with no restriction helping you. So my question is...does the weight tend to come off faster once you get that restriction after the first fill? I know right after surgery the strict liquid diet and lack of solid foods is a huge help in losing the initial weight. But do you find that once you start getting your fills, your weight starts to come off easier? Any feedback is welcome :)

Yall have a wonderful Friday night!!


  1. Hi sweetie!

    You're doing so well and have lost so much so fast. Enjoy it, because alas it will probably slow down soon, but you're doing so well already, who knows!

    I didn't start to feel a ton of restriction from my first fill, it took a while to build that up, but I think how much you feel/get filled depends a lot on your doctor's method.


  2. You're doing so awesome and your weight loss is incredible, keep up the good work! Can you share your chicken salad recipe? When I move onto more solid foods I'd love to try some things other bandsters were able to get down well and enjoyed!

  3. I'm with Robyn! Share your chicken salad recipe. I love Chicken salad but afraid of it because of the high calories.

    As for restriction after first fill - I had some, not a huge amount. But to give you an idea, I lost 7 lbs in the 4 or so weeks between my first and second fills. However, most of that 7 was in the first 2 weeks after the fill. After 2 weeks, it started to wear off.

    After Bandster Hell, the first fill is a huge relief. And perfect timing for yours - the month before Xmas! I also have a fill appt. for Dec. 1 - my third fill, if I need it.

  4. My first fill hasn't done much so far. The only real difference I can fill is in the mornings. I do feel tighter in the mornings than I did pre-fill. Sounds like morning tightness is pretty common, though.

    I've scheduled my 2nd fill for the first week of December. I hope that one is a bit more noticeable.

  5. For me I had great loss through week 2. Week 2 to week 6 was slower, maybe didn't lose 1 wk. After the first fill I probably lost 2 lb/wk and then after the 2nd fill I've had 3-4lb wks but not always. I think it does gradually get faster or maybe steadier. I'm hoping w/ my next fill I can maintain 3 lbs/wk but we'll see.

    good luck with your fill! Oh and you've done great so far with the 16 lbs. I hope you did measurements!!!

  6. Thats so aewsome 16 lbs, I have only lost 7.5 :(, kind of not happy about that. my first fill is on dec first as well. I have a had a few problems with things getting stuck, tuna and turkey meatloaf...I guess they were not moist enough or I ate too fast. I am still getting hungry every 2-3 hours, I hope this changes after my first fill. I am eatting so much less though, not sure why the weight is not comming off a little faster. Well, good luck and keep up the great work, you already look awesome!

  7. Woohoo for you, you are doing so great! I still think being banded is amazing and wake up thankful each day. Even after having to have a port revision after only 8 weeks, I still feel lucky.

    I finally had my first fill and still have zero restriction, so I am still struggling with the "diet".

    Keep up the good work!

  8. Yes, please share the chicken salad recipe!!!