Wednesday, October 28, 2009

This full liquids diet is getting old!

It is always good to start out with some good news. So here is goes :) I am 5 days out from surgery and 13 pounds down as of this morning! I started out at 257 and this morning the scales read 244. I haven't weighed 244 since probably 2 years ago. I was stuck between 245 and 255 for a couple of years but that is changing fast! The gas pains are much much better! Like almost 100%. I still feel a little weak when I take deep breaths and it feels as if I have gas caught in my lungs and chest. I never experienced gas pains in my shoulders...mainly just in my stomach and chest. I go back to the doctor next Monday to get my staples out so I am excited about that!

Moving on. So today is day 6 (including surgery day) so I am currently in the "full liquids" portion of the diet. I am in this phase from day 4 until day 14. I am able to have things like cream soups, yogurt, all liquids, protein shakes...that is about it. No meat. No bread. No crackers. No cereal. No fruit. No veggies. I am getting so sick of soups that I feel as if I don't have an appetite for anything! Two nights ago I had broccoli and cheese soup. Last night I have creamy potato soup. Today for lunch I tried to heat up some leftover potato soup and I almost threw it up! The taste of soup is getting so old and repetitive...Im not sure what to do. Any suggestions? What new can I add into my diet that will still be acceptable? Anything? Any recipes you want to pass on? I will try anything!! I would love some recipes to try! My mom cooked the most delicious looking chicken casserole last night and my mouth was just salivating just looking at it! I didn't cheat and try was hard but I told myself NO!

This brings me to another question...does anyone have a healthy chicken salad recipe that you love?! I am a huge chicken salad person and I know making it with tons of mayo isn't healthy. I have heard greek yogurt or just plain low fat yogurt are good substitutes. I have looked up healthy recipes on google but I want to try recipes that you have actually tried and love!

Everyone have a wonderful Wednesday :)


  1. Yuck, you have to be on liquids that long? I had to do 2 days of clear liquids, 2 days of full liquids and then 7 days of mushies. I was so sick of soup and yogurt after 2 days..why do you have to do it so long? boy, after being on liquids as long as you have to be, mushies are going to taste like heaven! good luck!

  2. I feel your pain! I had to do 2 weeks of full liquids BEFORE surgery, then 2 weeks of them AFTER surgery, then 2 weeks of pureed foods, and now I'm on my 2 weeks of "soft foods" - basically regular food that's cooked and not dry.

    Here's a helpful hint: I made my protein shakes into smoothies - make skim milk ice cubes and use those and a smaller amount of regular milk. Mine tasted and looked like a Frosty from Wendy's! Plus, it's great to have something that's a bit of a different consistency because the soup gets boring.

    Good luck! Congrats on your 13 lbs :)

  3. 13 lbs- Thats GREAT!

    I'm sooooo ready to get off of liquids, 2 weeks is enough for me. haha My day is Oct. 30th. It's just about here. and guess what? More liquids. lol

    Kristen, I'm glad you are doing good. Just hang in there brighter days are ahead.

    * If you would like to become a friend on my blog you are more than welcome to. I'm just not much of a blogger (writter)lol I would love to make some lap band friends. That way we can help each other out.


  4. Hang in there, I'm hoping it goes by fast for you. Way to stay strong with the temptations in front of you, and congrats on the awesome loss!

  5. Why not try some canned baked beans? Add some liquid to them (chicken stock or water) and puree them - they are very high in protein. It would be something different. Don't pick a canned bean with a thick skin, like kidney beans.

    Try to start changing your mindset about food while you're on the liquid diet. Don't let it have such a high level of importance in your life.

    Chicken salad - make it the way you like it and cut the mayo down by about half or so, then add only small amounts until it's at a consistency you're okay with. But also remember that once you're feeling restriction from the band, you'll only be able to eat about 2 tablespoons of chicken salad, so you shouldn't have to worry about the amount of mayo - that's what I meant in my blog entitled "I Don't Count Calories" - I don't because I'm eating such small portions, but I do try to make healthy food choices.

  6. How about gazpacho? If you blend and strain it, it should be fine. It is fresh and lovely. A basic recipe is tomato, cucumber, bell pepper, onion, garlic, lemon juice, red wine vinegar, olive oil, salt and pepper. The traditional recipe calls for bread to be blended in, but that makes it thicker. I always skip it cause it is extra carbs! Let me know if you want more info or just google gazpacho!
    Good luck on your recovery - I just got my surgery date!

  7. My doctor told me to get the canned chicken meat and chop it up better, then go down the chip aisle and get the spinache dip and mix it together per your liking. I liked mine chilled. It's nice. :)

    Oh, and I drink Designer Whey protien powder incase you wanted to try a differnt kind. I've been on it since I had surgery. I only do chocolate, lol.

  8. Hi Kristen its Eriks from missing..skinny girl, leather oants and see through top.. I keep trying to post recipes but each time i hit post it will not let me. here is my email, email me there and I can email you back or facebook me erika petteruti:)

  9. I do agree with feeling drab about eating only soups. But I think of what and why I am doing it and I get thru the day. Enjoy the soups because if you rush it the band won't scar and ad hear in place. If you rush eating into solids it can cause slippage by adding pressure to the band. I am a few days ahead of you so i totally understand. Stay positive girl :-) xo-april

  10. You are doing so great! You are right where I'm at now! haha! Fast progress is exciting. Remember when u start mushies or solids you might put a FEW pounds back on at first while your body goes through the adjustment...THIS IS NORMAL!

    Sorry no recipes, I'm not much of a cook!!! Can't wait to see your progress.

    ohhh btw, you should update your profile at the top saying you are "getting lapband" and you should update that to say you had it! yay!

  11. A Reminder...Take those measurements...It is quite a boost as a Non Scale Victory (NSV)
    During those times when your scale seems to be frozen with Crazy glue!...It does happen. also, remember to save at least one Pair of Pants or jeans that you wore prior to being banded. Good luck lovely lady!

  12. You're doing great, and remember, the liquids phase is a temporary measure to make sure you heal! Hang in there and you'll be onto mushies soon...

  13. At least you can have yogurts and soup! I was banded on 10/29 and will be on clear liquids only for 2 weeks before I can add anything else. Look forward to following your progress :)