Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy Thursday :)

Hey everyone :) Hope everyone is having a great Thursday. It is 10:40 a.m. and I just woke up about 30 minutes ago! Gosh I love the days I don't go into work until 2 because I can catch up on my sleep! I am so sleep deprived it's not even funny!

Anyways, lets talk about The Biggest Loser!!! Poor red team went home :( I really really liked them! They were two sweet and funny guys! But how sweet of them to sacrifice themselves going home so Shea could stay! For those of you who don't watch The Biggest Loser, at the end of the weigh in it came down to two teams with the smallest percentage of weight loss...the red team and the orange team. All the other teams vote on which of the two teams goes home and which one stays. The biggest contestant on the show is on the orange team. Her name is Shea and I think she started out around 460 pounds. Something like that. She is actually is the biggest contestant the show has ever had! So when it came down to the red team going home or the orange team going home, the red team sacrificed themselves because they knew Shea needed to stay on the ranch and lose more weight! It was the sweetest thing and yes, I was in tears. Every week I end up crying my eyes out! The show is so inspirational to everyone but being overweight myself, I can relate to some of them and their struggles. Anyways, this week was week 3 of the show and the red team went home :( But I cant wait until next week! I love Tuesday night TV :)

Another random question, who else is a makeup fanatic?! I know I am! I spend way too much money on makeup...its sad :( I find myself going to Sephora, MAC and Ulta way more than I should! Long story short, I just placed like 5 makeup orders on 5 different websites within the last two weeks and I cant wait to get them all!! I did receive my first order from MAC on Tuesday and it was for a bunch of their
pigments...they are beautiful :) I am waiting on an order from, or ELF, which is a website I recently found out about that sells lower priced makeup. I have never used any of their products but from watching haul videos on youtube I am excited about it! I also ordered a few things from Ulta and a few things from Sephora so those should be coming in soon :) If anyone is interested, I could do a haul video...which basically means I can make a video when I get everything in to show you what I got and tell you about the products! Just let me know...I would be happy to!

This was a totally random post but just felt like typing! Hope to talk to you all again soon!


  1. I love make up too!!! Did some freelance in college and still can't get enough of it! I'll have to check out this ELF place too. When he stuff comes in you have to let me know how it is. What did you order anyway?

  2. Ahhhh! I love makeup too! Our sister company here at (where I work) is It's basically like Sephora's competitor. I'm still definetly a Sephora girl though :) Gotta love the beauty insider card! I <3 MAC too. I use their Studio Fix powder/foundation and I love, love, love their lip glosses!

  3. I just placed a huge makeup order from Sephora too!! I absolutely love MAC and the pigments are beautiful!!
    YAY for makeup!!

  4. So, I think Tracy is pretty much nuts. She's reminiscent of the nut job from last season...Joelle, remember her on the silver team?

  5. I LOVE Sephora & I especially like Smashbox cosmetics! There's an Ulta pretty close to me which makes shopping too easy for me :).

  6. Oh I'm a total makeup whore! It's a serious addiction for me and drives my hubby crazy. He's like don't you already have purple eyeshadow? Uh, yes but that doesn't matter.
    I really love Urban Decay and MAC! I read makeup reviews all the time on You'll have to post what you think of the ELF products. I'm a little skeptical because of the price.

  7. I love the show too! I thought it was nice of the guys. I'm excited about this week. I really dislike the stupid chick who isn't getting it. The one who did the challenges to eat more and then she loses a ton of weight. Go figure! I've always heard whenyou eat real strict and dont' lose fast, you can give yourself a high calorie day and you'll lose. It's like it wakes up your metabolism or something.

    I love makeup too but not as much as you, apparently, haha. I think it'd be cool to see a video.