Thursday, October 8, 2009

15 days!

My mom and I

My brother, Trey, and I

My dad and I

Taking a picture using my webcam!

Me with my little cousin, Dylan!

At the beach with my girlfriends :)

At the movies with my friend, Patrick!

Lauren and I headed to dinner :)

At one of the Anthropologie's in Dallas my boyfriend took me to visit!

My boyfriend and I during one of my Dallas trips :)


So I just thought I would post some pictures from the last few months!

And onto some good news...Yesterday I talked to the surgeon's office and set my surgery date for Friday, October 23rd!! I am super excited! Only 15 more days! Does anyone have any last minute advice for me? Things you wish you would have known before surgery? Things you wish you would have done before surgery? Any and all responses are welcome :) Yall have a great night!!


  1. excited for you! One thing I would do is definitely take your measurements now! I so wish I would have taken mine before the surgery (I only just took them about a month ago). I hit a couple of plateaus and it would have been nice to know that my body was still making changes measurement wise during that time. Also, take lots of good before pics. Another thing I didn't do very well :(

    Can't wait for you to start the journey!

  2. Thanks Alexis...this helps! I need to remember to take good before pictures and measurements :)

  3. Yay - I'm so excited for you! Your date is going to be here before you know it. I'm hoping I'll be going under soon after you!

  4. Congratulations on your surgery date! I have been stocking up on everything I will need post-op (gas-ex strips, chewable vit. broth, sugar free popcicles) stuff like that. My surgery is in 4 days!! The time will fly by believe me!

  5. Congrats...15 days wow!! I agree with the before pics...try to take them in a location that you can a door way etc...this way you can see the exact changes in your body!
    So excited for you!!

  6. You are adorable already! Cute pics. The friend Patrick is totally hot and your boyfriend too!

    So, I agree about before pics. Take some in your underwear or a bathing suit, and in a few different outfits.

    Also the measurements - take them! I did this, but I did not measure everything, and I wish I had. For example, I did not measure my calf, my lower thighs, ankles -- all these things shrink too!

    For post-op, a heating pad really helped me with the gas pains. They have these really soft ones now, soooo comfy to put on your tummy, shoulder, or back.

    Naturally, keep track of your weight - I lost a bunch in the very first week.

    Good luck, I'm so excited for you!

  7. Congrats Kristen - you will do great!

  8. Woo Hoo! congrats on the date. I am getting banded on 10-15 so we will be like a week apart :) I will let you know how everything goes to help you prepare. You are beautiful!

  9. I don't have any advice as I'm still waiting on my pre-op appointment.

    I just wanted to say you are so adorable!

    I don't have a blog yet, but I plan on starting one once I have a date. :-)

  10. Hi Kristen,

    I have been reading you blog, I can't remember how I came across it (lapbandtalk maybe?) but I just wanted to say congrats on your surgery date! I am having my surgery on the 26th and I can't wait! Good luck, can't wait to hear more about your journey! :)

  11. Congratulations, Kristen!! You are getting banded on my 1 year bandiversary!! Isn't it amazing to realize that, this time next year, you are going to be at or close to your goal?!

    Best wishes,


  12. Just want to wish you best of luck! As far as advice, bring a good pillow with you to the hospital and sleep on the couch, propped up if you can. It was torture to try and get in and out of my bed. You will do fantastic!

  13. Last minute advice...

    If it's possible don't weight yourself the first 6 wks. If you could do that 1 thing, you would feel awesome, positive, uplifted, etc. I think we all expect too much too fast b/c we think it is going to happen fast b/c it's such a drastic change. "almost" everyone I know banded most lose weight week 0-3 and then barely lose week 3 to 6-8.

  14. Good luck with your surgery! I just was banded on October 1st. The pain is definitely bearable (good drugs in the hospital). When I got home I was more sore than anything.

    And one thing they don't tell you is that you'll feel pain in your neck and shoulders and that's NORMAL! It's from the air in your body. Bring comfy slippers and a robe to keep you warm and a smile with a positive attitude (looks like you've got that under control haha ) and you'll be all set!

    Good luck! I move onto pureed food tomorrow and am so excited. Who knew I'd be psyched about baby food! haha.

    Adrie :)

  15. WOW- It's just about here.. I pray all goes well for you. I started my Pre Op Diet yesterday (2 weeks of Liquids) and My surgery date is Oct 30th. I'm so ready for a change in my life.

    Take Care & God Bless