Sunday, October 25, 2009

Gas Pains are a KILLER!

So today is post-op day #2. My surgery was on Friday and I am still in my clear liquid diet stage but my next stage starts tomorrow. Friday and Saturday my incision pain was bothering me the most but this morning I woke up and my gas pains were almost unbearable. I still haven't felt the gas pains in my shoulders very much but the gas pains in my chest are terrible. When I take a deep breath I feel like I having a heart attack or something. It feels like very bad indigestion or heart burn. I have been taking my Gas-X strips and it helps for a short while but then the gas pains in my chest come back. Did any of you have these same pains? I can feel that gurgling feeling in my stomach but the gas pains are worse in my chest. Any suggestions? Advice? I also can't relieve myself of my gas pains when I go to the restroom so it is a little frustrating. That was a little TMI haha. Sorry :)

So on to some good news. The week before my surgery at my pre-op appointment I weighed in at 257. The day of surgery I was 255. I got on the scale this morning and I weigh 248 :) When you go from eating out two to three times a day to just drinking liquids, it makes sense that the weight is going to fall off right? I know the weight comes off faster in the first month but 7 pounds down in 2 days is pretty good for me :)

Does anyone have any good recipes for the mushie foods stage? I have been looking for some good protein drink recipes also. I tried my protein drink yesterday with water and it was absolutely disguisting. I am hoping it is better with skim milk! Anyways, yall have a good day! Im going to take my measurements later today and post them for everyone! Talk to you soon :)


  1. The gas pains will pass (pun intended) soon...take it easy and rest! :)

  2. Okay lady, this is the worst week, I promise! Walk walk walk for the gas pain, even if it's just around the block. You should walk often even if you feel like it's not helping. It's moving stuff around even when you don't realize it. Also, you may try some smooth move tea to get stuff moving... ;-)

    Recipes. My favorite is actually an Angie recipe, I don't eat it much anymore but it's great for mushies. 1/2 cup refried beans, layered with 1/4 cup mashed potatoes and topped with cheese. Microwave - yumminess!!

    Keep asking questions, let us know what's up!

  3. Hoping you're able to get rid of that gas soon, it doesn't sound fun at all. I'm sure your loss is just a taste of things to come!

  4. Glad to hear you are doing good other than the gas pain. I pray that goes away soon. Get lots of rest and take care of your self. Better days are ahead. :0) My day is Oct. 30th- I'm excite and kind of scared. Say a little prayer for me.


  5. We had the exact same surgery weight - you'll be meeting me in one-derland in about 7months if you're like me - if not sooner! Jenny's mentioned the best thing ever during mushies... i also was all about split pea soup! mm!

  6. Take Gas X chewables, they work better than the strips. I suffered with the Gas pains for about a week and a half. You need to walk alot. I walked around our house then finally got out and walked around the store pushing a buggy. It will pass but yes, it is the worst part of surgery!

  7. I walked like crazy the first 3 days in our house to make sure I didn't end up with gas pains (I didn't have any), every time I got up to do anything,I'd do a few laps before sitting back down - and also took Gas-X. *lol* I made the mistake of going out to the commissary on base on day 3 and walking without support of a buggy for 30-45 minutes and ende dup in pain, so it you plan on doing a lot of wlaking like that, get a buggy to help or sit in a cart.

    I stayed on liquids for a week+, I can't believe thye already have you on mushies! That'd been nice, I was starving. *lol* I was a huge fan of mashed 'taters and baby food (I'd warm it up a bit). The protien shakes taste horrible with water, I always do mine with milk (now I do mine with 2% b/c skim still tastes nasty and I need the extra calcium).

    I named my band George about a week after surgery - and it freaks people out when I tell my husband that George is acting up. *lol* He calls it by it's name as well, it just one of those things - you name your car, might as well name your band!

  8. Hey you! I havent had a chance to comment since your surgery and I wanted to say WELCOME TO OUR SIDE OF THINGS! How much are you walking? I didnt have horrible gas pains...maybe just got lucky. But I walked a lot and took my gas x strips. Hopefully you are feeling better today!

  9. I felt the same pain as you are describing. It hurt to even take deep breaths..but trust me, you will feel 100% better in just a few days. My surgery was a week before yours, and I was miserable like you....but now, I feel so much better! Some of my favorite mushies.....fat free refried beans w/salsa mixed together and warmed up, then put some cheese on top & melt that and add dollop of sour cream.l.yummy. I also ate cottage cheese w/applesauce mixed in. scrambled eggs with cheese is also good. Good luck!

  10. Congratulations!! I completely agree re walking around -- helps a lot.

    On the shake front, try the Isopure protein drinks (they look like Gatoraid and taste sort of like Gatoraid). They have a ton of protein and no carbs and are INFINITELY better than the shakes, which are vile!!

    I enjoyed mashed potatoes, mashed sweet potato, pureed soups (including turkey chili), yogurt, FF/SF Jello pudding & other things on mushies. Hope those give you some good ideas!


  11. Congratulations on everything going well! It took me quite a while to find a protein drink that I actually REALLY LIKE! It's called Designer Whey, and the Vitamin Shoppe online has it the cheapest. I have only had the chocolate.

    Good luck with your journey! It's exciting.

  12. Kristen I tried the gas x strips and they just didn't cut it for me, the pills worked great. Also what everyone said about walking is right on the money! Take notice of what you are wearing too, there should be nothing pressing on your abdomen or chest (like a bra)that only makes it worse! I can tell you this does get better pretty quickly, I actually flopped down on the bed tonight on my stomach!! I can tell a huge change in the way I feel over the past weekend and I am 14 days post op tomorrow. Muscle milk light is good as well as Elite Strawberry, I like isopure in grape frost. For mushies I like grits and scrambled eggs and cheese. Congrats on your surgery!!