Monday, October 26, 2009

Update and Pictures from Surgery Day :)

First of all...thank you ALL for your comments! Everyone has such great advice and suggestions...I just love it! So thank you :)

Today I am feeling much much better!! The gas pains have decreased drastically and the incisions pains are getting better every day! Gosh, you know what hurts though?! When someone makes you laugh really hard! Several times today I started laughing uncontrollably and the incisions were killing me! Haha got to love it. I told my pain medicine one this morning and didn't need it the rest of the day so maybe I will be done with that!

So on to food stuff! I must admit...I do not think I am getting in enough protein. Actually I know I am not getting enough protein! Before surgery I bought two HUGE jugs of protein mix...Cookies and Creams and Tropical Paradise (tastes like Pina Colada)...and both of them are pretty gross. I have tried the Cookies and Creams with water, with milk and in a blender with milk and all three combinations were disguisting! HA! I dont know what else to do. The Tropical Paradise was gross with water but didn't taste too bad with milk. Long story short, I didn't drink any of those today. Today I was able to add in cream soups (YAH! No more chicken broth) and yogurt!

So here is what I eat all day:
-yoplait light yogurt for breakfast
-one glass of raspberry ice crystal light (about 8 oz)
-a bowl of potato soup for lunch
-a large bottle of ice water (about 32 oz)
-another yoplait light yogurt for a snack
-about 2 cups of broccoli and cheese soup for dinner
-a glass of orange flavored water (12 oz)

The End. Ok so lets see...I had a lot of soup today and a little bit of protein but not enough :( Are these soups ok? I made sure I waited until today to have any type of cream-based soups so I thought these would be fine. Neither of them were too high in calories...about 200 calories per cup for each. So that is about 600 calories. Eh not too bad I guess.

Today was the first day I noticed being slightly hungry. Friday (the day of surgery) I wasnt hungry one bit! Saturday and Sunday I wasnt hungry either. After I got my liquids down I was fine. But today after my potato soup for lunch, I was pretty hungry until I had my other soup for dinner. I made sure I was staying hydrated but I stayed hungry. Guess I will learn to deal with that feeling :) Felt kinda good a weird way. You know your probably losing weight when your eating healthy and your stomach is growling at you! I also went shopping and got out of the house for the first time today since surgery! My mom, my boyfriend and I went to Target and I probably walked around the entire store 3 or 4 times! Then we went to Kirkland's Home and Pier I definitely got my walking in for the day! It felt good :)

So last but not are some pictures pre-surgery at the hospital and after surgery! Enjoy!

My boyfriend and I enjoying a movie the night before my surgery :) He made a special trip to be with me during my surgery!

Waiting at the hospital to be taken up to the holding area before surgery!!

Mom and Burch waiting with me!

My mom and dad were with me every step of the way!

My stomach Friday night...still with the bandages on

Saturday morning...still in the same clothes...after I took the bandages off :)

Day 3 after!! The flowers my sweet family sent me!

Taking pictures with our fall decor...still hurts a little bit to sit and stand back up but it was all for the sake of a cute picture :)

Burch...such a natural!

Day 3...feeling much better :)

Everyone have a happy Monday night!!


  1. wow, looks like you're doing great!!! keep it up!

  2. It sounds like you're doing great, and hopefully the hunger will die down. The pictures of you and your BF are super cute!

  3. YOU GO GIRL! you look fantabulous!I had trouble laughing after surgery also, my mom kept doing silly things and it was so hard not to laugh! Keep up the awesome progress, and keep us posted!

  4. Those soups are great. For added protein during this phase (granted it adds calories) I threw some shredded cheese in the cream soups.

    Now...for the important question...what color lipstick are you wearing in that first picture?

    And you have a great stomach already!

  5. Hey there! I tried a bunch of protein powders and probably spent about $100 trying to find one that I liked. I finally stumbled on Beneprotein - you can buy it through and it's AMAZING! Has no grittiness, no after taste, and you can put it in both hot and cold things. It's a little pricier than other protein powders, but hey, when you have to find something that you can eat daily if you want to for the rest of your life, I promise you'll love it! :)

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