Saturday, August 29, 2009

Questions I Need to Ask...

I am getting really anxious and excited for my meeting with my surgeon this Thursday. It is only 5 days away!! I have been writing down questions to ask him about preparation for the band and questions about life after the band....but for yall who have had the band done already...are there any questions I should ask him that you wish you knew before having the surgery?! I do my research daily but if there are any questions you wish you had asked your doctor to better help you, please let me know!! I would say 95% of me is super duper excited but there is always that 5% of nervousness of the unknown.

Another thing that is killing me is putting a stop on my clothes shopping until after the band. I am definitely a shopaholic and shopping is therapy for me and makes me happy. I started thinking about a month ago that I need to wait and buy clothes because if I buy them now to fit my size, they might not fit a few months down the road. I am done pretty good except for a few purchases here and there. BUT I justified my purchase last night...I went online to one of my favorite clothes websites and they were having a HUGGGGGE SALE! This is one of my guiltiest pleasures and it was so hard to turn these sales down! So...I did purchase 2 dresses and a top BUT I bought them a size smaller than I wear now which made me feel better about my purchase haha! I havent worn the size I bought in 2 years so in my mind the purchase was justified :) I thought about buying two sizes down but seeing that I havent had the band yet, I figured that might be a little risky. I know most people drop 3 sizes and even more, but I couldn't do it. Anyways, thats my little shopping story for now!! But please please let me know some questions I should ask my doctor!! It would be much appreciated!

Here are some recent pictures for you all :)

My boyfriend and I in July goofing of playing guitar hero!

My mom and I this past April at my family birthday party :)

My girlfriends and I at the beach this past May--I am 5th from the left (gosh I just noticed so many of my pictures I am wearing my black and white dress! HAHA! I have more clothes than this I swear!)

My boyfriend and I in April--He knows how much I love my cheesy pictures and is patient most of the time haha!

Last but not least, my friends and I going to an Auburn game! Left to right: Lauren, Sara, my cousin Lindsay and myself!


  1. Hey Pretty! So I'm trying to think back to questions I asked my surgeon. I remember being awkwardly paranoid about having to have a catheter during surgery, so I asked about that! Luckily it was no haha. I also asked if he personally thought the band was the best choice for me, asked about my pre-op diet, how much time off from work. Basically questions and answers you read online all the time, but it feels good to hear it straight from the surgerons mouth.

    Let me know if you have any other questions!

    P.S What is this favorite store your talking about?? I love your style!!

  2. Kristen! I didn't even think about the catheter so good thing I don't have to have one haha! I am meeting with him this coming Thursday and Im mainly excited but a little nervous...guess that is normal. I am hoping to only be off work a long were you off? It will definitely make me feel better hearing all this information out of my doctor's mouth :)

    So my favorite "fat girl" store is Torrid...I love their dresses. My favorite "normal size" store is Anthropologie. I work there and love everything about I get a discount and that helps! Thanks for the comment also!!

  3. Hi Kristin!

    I love Torrid as well! And good move with buying the clothes a few sizes smaller! I like that idea. I've stuck to alterations and resistance, but I'm gonna have to buy clothes sometime! ;)

    I feel like I recovered pretty quickly and I've had surgery before (breast reduction) that was harder on me, but I didn't feel like myself for 7 days after my LB surgery. If I had it to do over again, I'd take off 7-10days. You'll probably find yourself a little emotional as well - I did.

    I'm a nurse, so I had pretty technical questions that were, frankly, unneccessary. It's a very simple procedure. I was also self-pay, so I wanted to know about fill costs and possible costs of potential complications.

    As for pain, I had very little. I went home with about 4 pain pills and never used them. Walk alot and sleep well - that was the best advice.

    I would suggest you ask the doc what happens on the day of surgery. If you can stay overnight, I recommend it - just for peace of mind and security. There were no surprises in my case - other than technical aspects for me - what meds I got, IV start, etc. - just interesting details.

    Let us know what you learn tomorrow. Maybe that will stimulate more questions from me.

    Good luck!

    BTW - you do not have a 'pretty face' - YOU ARE A KNOCKOUT! I pity the men in 'Bama in the coming months! ;)

  4. Hey Girl! I looove Torrid as well!I don't have any around me though so I'm stuck with online shopping, which isn't too bad lol!

    As for how much time I took of, I had surgery on a Friday and was back to work the following Wednesday. I have a very liad back job though and can just sit @ my computer all day so that wasn't bad. I did get very tired that week and would work 9-3ish and then head home for some rest. Everyone is different though and it's best to play it by ear.

  5. Hey!! Thanks for the comment on my blog!!! You get in touch with me whenever you have a question! I am an open book and will give any information I have for you! Your blog is off to a great start, I just followed you?? I think we have a lot in common, we are about the same age, and I am gathering you a christian from the bible verse I saw on one of your pictures, I am as well! I can't wait to get to know you and again you just throw those questions my way if you have them!

  6. Thanks for the comments AimmeJo, Kristen and LadyLapBand! Its nice to know people actually read the blogs I post so thank you :)

    Also thanks for the suggestive questions to ask my doctor! My mom is going with me and I tell her everyday "Ok mom, if you think of any questions...please write them down!" I feel like I wont have enough time to sit down with him and ask him everything I want to know! But all your questions are helpful so thank you!

    As for LadyLapBand, I certainly am a Christian. My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, comes number one in my life and I am relying on Him to help me through this journey. He has blessed me with so much more than I could ever imagine and I want to give back to Him whatever I can.

    Talk to everyone soon :)

  7. Oh oh if it's not too late... ask him if he does a fill during surgery? which band are you picking? One of the newer ones (maybe johnson and johnson) has an air fill during surgery?!? unique! And ask how manyincisions he does. Most are 4-5 but some newer docs are doing only 2. I agree w/ previous tips. Take 5-10 days off work, sleep a lot, walk often, and get in all your water. Pain was not too bad to me. xoxo, Liz ps. i love your style and beauitful face as well!

  8. Thanks Liz--I appreciate those questions you suggested! I have a running list of questions to ask my doctor so Im hoping I have enough time to sit and talk with him! I meet with him tomorrow afternoon and yall will hear all about it! Hope to hear from you soon :)