Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday Weigh-In and my crazy scale...

So I better be posting this Monday Weigh-In soon seeing that it is almost Tuesday.

Here is the short version:
Last Monday (September 6): 224 pounds

Today (September 13): 220.2!!!

Loss: 3.8 pounds!!

My good eating and working out is paying's always lovely to see the fruits of your labor. Amen? Amen!


Now for the longer, more dramatic weigh-in and crazy scale phenomenon

Let me preface this by saying mother nature sent me my monthly gift yesterday...ugh. This is crucial to the story. I wake up this morning around 8 and make my way to the bathroom. I use the restroom, undress completely and get up on the scale. The scale reads 220.0!! 220.0!! Holy smokes. I woke up quick, wiped my eyes and couldnt believe that I could almost be THAT close to goodbye 220's! I put my hair up in a ponytail and decided to get back on the scale so I could see that number again. I get on the scale and get this. It says 223.8! What?! Huh? What is going on I think to myself. I made sure the scale was level on the ground and I hop on again. This time it reads 223! I was confused to say the least. I think to myself...let's try this one more time. Within 30 seconds I gained 3.8 pounds...that is world record type stuff! I get on for a fourth and final time and it reads 220.2!

I am still not sure what was going on. I have a crazy scale apparently. It freaked me out honestly. It has never done that before so I wasn't sure what to think. I have been slowly but surely throughout this past week creeping down the scale...from 224 to 223.5 to 223 to 221 and then today?! I decided to go with my fourth and final weight as the correct weight. The only reason I thought it might have said 223.8 is because I DID start my period yesterday and you always way more during that time of the month. But then why would it have gone back to 220.2? I have no idea. Should I get rid of my scale? I just got it like 6 months ago and it wasn't cheap.

Oh well...

Long story short, my weight today was 220.2 :)

The End!!


  1. Yaaay!! Way to go - that's a HUGE loss. Whatever you are doing - keep doing it, and tell me all about it.

  2. I think I would stick with that one too! My scale sometimes does that - but then when it sorts itself out, it's always the higher weight it decides on :(

    220 is FANTASTIC!

  3. Hey girl! My scale is crazy also! If I weigh on it 4 times in the morning it tells me a different weight almost everytime! I just go with the lowest! ;)

  4. Congrats on your awesome new number :) My scale is bi-polar also. I need to invest in a nicer one.

  5. lol scales are fickle fickle bitches! one time i weighed myself 17 times and got 1 different weights lol
    congrats on 220 :-)

  6. Great great loss....awesome. And having AF is good - that means it'll be gone when you're in Chicago!

  7. You go girl! congrats that is amazing!!!! How much have you been working out??? And what have you been eating?? My scale is insane sometimes like that too......I usually take the best outa 5 tries or something like that. haha

  8. Congrats on the loss! I sent you a little blog love over on my page
    repairandrenovationintexas at blogspot dot com

  9. Hello from Auburn, AL! That is a great loss in one week! Way to go! When I "followed" your blog, I didn't know you were a fellow Alumni! I graduated from AU in '03 and now I live here and work for AU :)

  10. I have the SAME problem with my scale. I have that weight watchers one from Costco and I swear, that thing can give me six different numbers in a matter of two minutes. Confusing as all get out!