Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tuesday Weigh-In. Chicago Jitters. Blah Blah

Chicago countdown: 3 days!


I totally forgot to post my "Monday Weigh-In" yesterday until like midnight so I decided to push it off until today. Eating wise, I did really good eating during the week but the weekend had some good and bad moments. I was in Auburn all weekend with friends and family for the Auburn vs. Clemson game....if any of you watched it, it was a little too close for comfort! Pheww! Glad that one is over with! But ESPN Gameday was there and that is always fun to be a part of! It felt like we tailgated all weekend long and you know what that means...hamburgers, hotdogs, BBQ, chips, cookies, brownies, queso dip, candy...and the list goes on and on. Friday and Sunday I was pretty strict on myself and didnt eat bad at all but Saturday I probably messed up the whole week. I felt like I had some self control and didnt go TOO overboard but I had a hamburger, a few chips and a brownie for lunch and then 2 very large pieces of pizza for dinner....AT MIDNIGHT after the game! haha! I never ever eat past 8 (or try not to) but Saturday was an exception apparently.

So that brings me to my Tuesday Weigh-In...
(I updated my post and changed my weigh-in number because when I got back on the scale after I went to the bathroom it was down from 220.4 to 219.8...so we will go with 219.8!)

Last Monday (September 13): 220.2 pounds

Today (September 21): 219.8 pounds

Loss: 0.4 pounds

Not too shabby I guess. Didn't lose much but hey, I am going in the right direction.

But I did have my long awaited doctor's appointment yesterday morning. My last doctor's appointment was almost 8 weeks ago and I weighed 231.5 to be exact. Yesterday (with clothes on mind you) I weighed 221.8! I talked with the NP for a little while and she didn't think I needed a fill. I have 7.5 cc's in my 11 cc band but she seems to think that if I can lose more than a pound a week where I am now, I don't need another fill. I was fine with that because honestly, I dont think I need a fill right now. For the last few weeks my food has been getting stuck more often...I dont know if I eat too fast or what....but I didnt think I needed a fill anyways. So that is my weight lose speed the past two months...10 pounds in 8 weeks (or 5 pounds in a month). That is going to be my goal over the next few months.


On to other topics.....like CHICAGO!! I have been reading everyone's "nervous posts" about Chicago so I figured I would chime in and let everyone know how I am feeling. I am not really nervous...just anxious and excited and anticipating a great time we are all going to have. Why am I not nervous you ask? I am just excited to finally meet all you wonderful ladies that I have been reading so much about! I am excited to see the city again...I have been to Chicago but it has been like 6 years ago! Like everyone has said a million times...we have been supportive of each other through the good times, the bad times and the down right awful times. We all have created a bond with each other that surpasses outer beauty and connects us heart to heart (that sounds like a corny romance novel but it's true).

Now don't get me wrong...I am freaking out about remembering everyone's names. I can tell faces apart all day long but remembering 55 names is a different story. I was looking over Catherine's cheat sheet (THANK YOU A MILLION for taking the time to make that, Catherine! It's amazing!) and I was stunned that there were like 15 blogs at least of people going to Chicago and I wasnt even following their blog! Oops! I started following them last night so I am doing a little last minute catch up haha!

And I am not worried about what clothes to wear while I'm there or how I am going to do my hair or what color eyeshadow to wear or whether I should wear the big black necklace or the gold one...because that stuff just isnt worth sweating. Although I am worried that all my makeup, jewelry, toiletries and clothes are going to be over the 50 pound weight limit at the airport...because if you knew how much "stuff" I am going to cram into my suitcase, you might be worried too. I told Kim yesterday that there is no way I can just take a carry on as my suitcase...just my makeup and jewelry could fill up my carry on bag!

Note to self: Kristen, do NOT go overboard and pack all your jewelry and makeup. Pack only what you have to have.

Each and every one of us is beautiful and talented and deserves to be loved and accepted so tell yourself that, know it, believe it and hold it close to your heart. Push away the nerves and get pumped up!! I cant wait to meet you all in Chicago!! I am studying my cheat sheet so I can remember everyone's names!


  1. Congrats on the loss!! Anything counts chica!! =) Have fun in Chicago! Wish I could go! Take some good pics!


  2. You are so sweet and adorable!

    Can't wait to meet you!

  3. A loss is a loss right! Congrats! :)

  4. Great post and congrats on that loss! I am so bad with names, I can't even pretend to remember everyone...we need nametags for the whole weekend!