Sunday, September 5, 2010

Picture Post!!! College football edition!

Time for another.....PICTURE POST!!

I have had a fabulous weekend so far and it's still not over! Friday night my boyfriend and I enjoyed a wonderful dinner together and went to my high school's football game against their rival team. Saturday I spend the entire day in Auburn with friends and family and we pulled out a victory! War Eagle! We didn't get home until a little after midnight so I have been pretty lazy today. My dad asked me to go walking with him and I declined...just not up for it today. I went to church this morning and since then I haven't done much.

But tonight I am going with Kim, one of our fellow bloggers, to dinner!! I havent seen her in a few months and I am excited to catch up!


As for the picture post....all the pictures are backwards order. For instance, the first picture was one of the last ones I took and the last picture was the first one I took. I realize some of them are pretty repetitive but enjoy anyways :)

Have a good Sunday night!!


  1. That last pic is sooo cute. Love this.

  2. Ahahah i love the last gangsta picture!!! :D

  3. ps. nominated you for a blog award :D

  4. Long weekends are awesome. Looks like a good time.