Monday, August 30, 2010

Starting a tradition: Monday Weigh-In

Good morning, ladies!

For a few weeks now I have been keeping up with my weight in my little weight loss journal and trying to keep track of all the calories that enter my body, and I mean everything! When I have a handful of skittles, I write it down. When I eat a handful of peanuts, I write it down. When I eat an apple, I write it down. It has helped me to see how healthy or unhealthy I really am. And unfortunately the calories add up super fast. I try to stay around 1,200 calories everyday. Sometimes I eat only 1,000 and sometimes I eat 2,000 if I have plans to go out to lunch or dinner. And my weight fluctuates like crazy. If I eat a little more than I should one day, you better believe my scale will jump a pound the next day. And on the flip side, if I have a super healthy day that scale will show it the next morning. Some people can eat super duper healthy and not lose a pound until like a week out. But fortunately for them, they can also cheat on their diet and not gain any weight either. Interesting how all our bodies are so different.

But all that to say....

I am going to start doing Monday Weigh-Ins each Monday. This is motivation for me because it helps me track my weight week by week and knowing that I have to report it to you all will make me want to be disciplined. Anyone and everyone can do this with me! I dont know if you track your weight each day or each week...haha some people might track their weight by the hour. But make sure to get on your blog and post your weight. I know some people aren't comfortable with telling everyone what they weigh for whatever reason and that is perfectly fine!! No peer pressure at all...just an idea if you want to :)

Put "Monday Weigh-In" as the blog title!


Last Monday (August 23): 225.0 pounds

Today (August 30): 222.5 pounds

Gain/Loss: -2.5 pounds


Have a fabulous Monday!!


  1. I also weigh in on Mondays, but since I haven't lost anything since 2 weeks post op, there isn't much to report. LOL :)

    Congrats on your loss!

  2. Yup I Monday weigh-in-er too! I actually am right back where my ticker was a few weeks ago! YAY for your loss!

  3. Way to go on the loss :) I weigh-in on Fridays and I always put it on the blog as my accountability. You're brave to choose Mondays...I have more eating challenges on the weekends and I know they would totally show up on Monday. Good luck! :)

  4. 2.5 pound down in one week is great!! Looks like whatever you are doing is working for you. Keep it up.

  5. Great job on the loss! I'm currently doing my weigh-in on Friday's. I'm just getting started in my weight-loss journey, and am looking for the option that is best for me. I really appreciate you sharing your band journey with everyone. I've learned so much about it from your blog. :)

  6. Don't know how I missed your blog all this time. But will read back so I know a bit about you when we meet in Chicago!

  7. As Janelle said on your last post...the greek yoghurt idea is what I use (Fage 0% is fab as it's so thick and creamy), I also add in a small amount of low fat mayo (I don't know if you have Hellman's over there, but the low fat or extra low fat is pretty saintly) it gets that mayo taste into the yoghurt and it tricks your brain a bit. It's super delicious.