Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A surprise for my mom!

**Read the post first and then you will understand the pictures. My moms computer wouldn't let me copy and paste the words before the images. Weird**

The Alabama Theatre in the 1930's

The Alabama Theatre at night

A view of the stage from the balcony

The lobby of the theatre

Another view from the balcony

More of the interior


Can you believe Christmas is in 10 days?! Holy smokes...I can't believe it! Christmas is my all time favorite part of the year...the lights, the decorations, family time, Christmas parties, giving presents to the ones I love...I love it all!

So tonight my cousins and I have planned a little surprise for our moms. Our moms are twins and super close and do everything together. So we thought this would be a fun girls night for all of us and our moms.

We are going to start the night off by taking them to dinner at a cute little restaurant in downtown Birmingham called Silvertron Cafe. The restaurant has been open since the 1980's but the building was built in the 1920's. It has a very warm and welcoming feeling about it. We wanted to take them somewhere quant and cozy, delicious and it's so cute right now because it is decorated for Christmas. They have everything on the menu from steaks to chicken dishes to burgers, sandwiches and salads. The dimly lit interior will make it perfect to enjoy the food and each others company.
Then we are taking them to the Alabama Theatre downtown to see "It's a Wonderful Life"...their favorite Christmas movie. For those of you who have never heard of the Alabama Theatre, it is an absolutely gorgeous theatre that was built in 1927 by Paramount Studios to have a place to showcase their films during that time. It is the only theatre remaining in Birmingham that is from that era and is on the national register of historic places. There are many events that take place there such as live shows, classic movie showings, the Miss Alabama pageant, weddings, concerts and ballets. Every year around Christmas they show classic Christmas movies on their big screen just as you would see at the movie theatre. The interiors of the theatre is covered with gold leafing, gigantic chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and classic art deco designs.

I love this place if you can't tell. I can definitely appreciate the elegance and style of this gorgeous place. I am thankful it is still around for people like us to enjoy and just being in its presence takes me back to an earlier time.


Our moms don't know where we are going to eat or what movie we are going to see! It should be a fun night to remember :)