Monday, December 6, 2010

New low, concert high and a little Auburn football!

Enjoy some pictures from this weekend!

The wonderful Mr. Dave Barnes!

Dave Barnes again :)

And again...Mr. Fantastic!

Lauren and I after the big win!!

My friend, Megan, and I! War Eagle y'all!

Friends! Happy Sunday night/Monday morning! Its 1:00 a.m. in my neck of the woods but I cant fall asleep so let's do a little post :)

Oh, real fast! Thanks so much to those of you who gave me some feedback on the Bodybugg! ( I think that's how you properly spell it? Maybe?) All your comments were super helpful! I am definitely a type A personality on most levels. I love to be organized and write everything down and keep up with it. So I think having the bodybugg and being able to track my food intake and calories burned will make me happy. So thanks again.

So...let's see...what has been going on with me. First things to give a big shout out to my Auburn tigers that make me proud and oh so happy! We beat South Carolina (well crushed and conquered is more appropriate but "beat" sounds a little nicer) this weekend to win the SEC Championship. We are headed to Glendale, Arizona January 10th to play Oregon in the National Championship!! AHHH!! This makes me so happy...makes my heart sing! I cant wait! My parents got tickets to the game and said they had the best time enjoying the gameday atmosphere and celebrating the big win! My parents are also looking for tickets to go to Arizona for a few days and go to the big game in January. But seeing that game/hotel/airfare packages are around $2,500 and up per person...Unfortunately I think my brother and I get to stay home this time. Don't worry, my brother and I have repeated tried to beg to go with them and even offered tha it could be our birthday/christmas/birthday again presents for the next few years, but that didn't work. It's ok though...we are lucky enough to have parents that have provided us season tickets to Auburn games our entire life so they deserve to go and have a great time. So long story short, War Eagle.

Umm...what else. Oh yeah! Saturday night after the game, my cousins, my aunt and I went to the Dave Barnes and Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors concert here in Birmingham. Do any of you absolutely LOVE Dave Barnes like I do? Ok...LOVE HIM! I have always wanted to see him live because I am a big fan. He is adorable, hilarious and has such an amazing voice! If he comes to your town, you should totally go see him. And check out his new Christmas album! Love it!

Lastly, yesterday I hit my all-time lowest low since my surgery....213.4 pounds! My lowest weight before now was 213.8 I believe. That is about 47 pounds lost total from my highest weight and 44 pounds lost since my surgery. Hey, I'll take it. A sweet blogger told me...slow and steady wins the race. Right? Haha.


Here are a few tentative goals I have set:

By Christmas--Be at or below 210 pounds
(Is this unrealistic? I didn't think so)

By my birthday in April--Be under 200 pounds
(This means losing about 14 pounds total in the next 4 months)

By my 2 year Bandiversary, October 23, 2011--Lose 87 pounds total
(That puts me at 170 pounds...which means losing 43 more pounds in the next 10 and a half months)

Just some weight loss thinking I have been doing. Pretty fair? Unrealistic? Anyways, hope you all have a fantastic Monday!! Christmas countdown: 20 days!! Love this time of year! It's the best :)


  1. I LOVE Dave Barnes!!!!! I already have his Christmas cd and can't wait to see him in concert. I think your goals are totally achievable! You can do it!

  2. your goals are reasonable and you can do it! Glad to hear you had a great weekend :)

  3. You got this girl! Go for it!

  4. Best wishes on reaching each of your goals!

    I just had my first fill today and I'm trying quite hard not to think of my favorite sammie at Mama Goldberg's. lol

    War Eagle!