Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday Weigh-In. Retail Therapy. Pictures.

Happy Monday friends!

Sorry (again) for being absent from the world of blogging. I have tried to keep up with everyone else's blogs but couldn't seem to find time to update mine. But I'm back!

So I think I should get back to my "Monday Weigh-In" posts. I was good about doing it a while back but I stopped and I'm not sure why. Posting my weight publicly seems to keep me motivated/honest/on target. So here it goes again....

The last two weeks (with the exception of this past weekend) I had two of the best weeks I have had in a long time, as far as self discipline with food and making the right choices. I even got down to 212.0 pounds on my scale and that is my lowest all time weight since my surgery. Ok I celebrated this 212 pound victory for a few days until this past weekend rolled around. I went to Atlanta to see Burch (my boyfriend is living there for a few months) and I always ALWAYS make terrible choices when I'm vacationing! So basically after a mexican meal, a chinese meal and a potluck italian meal with friends...I saw 214.8 pounds on the scale this morning. In all honesty, thank goodness it wasn't more! I take all the responsibility like always but I hate to hit my lowest ever and then follow it with a 2.8 pound gain! Ugh. But for the books...214.8 pounds brings me to a total loss of 45.2 pounds and 42.2 pounds since surgery.

So today I started fresh (again haha) and did really well. I only had about 1,100 calories and got in plenty of water. My stomach is still growling at my if that tells you anything. I still want to be 210 pounds by we will see if I can pull out a 4.8 pound loss in 11 days :)

In other news, my friends Kyndal and Kelsey (good friends from Auburn) came to visit my brother and I last Wednesday and stayed until Friday! We had the best time together! The first night we didn't go to bed until 4:30 in the morning and the second night we didn't go to bed until 2:30! We all stayed up laughing and telling times :)

Today I spent the entire day finishing up my Christmas shopping for family, friends and the boyfriend! I am doneee! YAY! Although as you could have probably guessed...I LOVE shopping of any kind! For men, women, kids, friends, myself, boyfriend, department stores, boutiques, morning, night, crowded, Christmas rush....anything, anytime! I truly believe in retail therapy. It's my favorite. Like today I started shopping around noon...went to Target, TJ Maxx, a little boutique in the city, Auburn an iced coffee from Starbuck's and as I was driving through the city looking at all the Christmas lights and decorations, I was having the best "me" day. No one to tell me where to be or where to go, no one to rush me while I was looking, no one to keep up with...I just love it.

Ok so remember when I started doing the "Photos I Love" posts? I need to get back to doing that because there are so many pictures I want to share with yall. One of the posts should be named "Cafes in Europe" because I am obsessed with discovering quant little cafes and bakeries in cities throughout Europe. Some of the pictures are cafes my friends or family have been to and others I have learned about online. I also have a bunch of pictures of gorgeous houses and some very unique houses I have seen while traveling. Anyways, just started thinking about some of those pictures and want to eventually share them with yall!!

Hope yall have a great week! I have included some of my pictures from this past week :)

My good friends, Kyndal and Kelsey, came to visit me!!

Mirror pictures! Always!

Getting ready for dinner!

Waiting on my brother, Trey, to go eat with us

On the way to dinner :)

Trey, Kelsey, Kyndal and I! Spend the night party!

The next morning...getting ready to go to lunch with my mom!

Japanese food is the best!

Kels and at a little vintage consignment shop in downtown Birmingham!

One of my favorite mexican restaurants! Adorable isn't it?

After Kyn and Kels left to go home, I headed to Atlanta for the weekend to visit the boyfriend. His friends he is living with has 8 little 6-week-old puppies!! So freaking cute!

Little Porter! Love this little girl!

Playing with Thatcher...he wasn't so happy at this point....

But it got better....

Love him!

Porter and Thatcher :)

Brother and Sister!

He wouldn't do my pose...oh well.


  1. Love the Photos! I miss my Kristen... *M*

  2. You are looking wonderful lady!!!!

  3. KRISTEN! So glad you found my blog mainly because now I found yours! I LOVE it and can't wait to read it more often. You are so beautiful and congrats on your weight loss success!

  4. You are so beautiful! I miss you, girl!

  5. I find myself saying that all the time lol "thank goodness it was not more!!!"

    You look awesome in all your pics and the pics of the theatre were beautiful!!!