Friday, December 17, 2010

Posting pictures...that's what I do :)

Christmas is officially ONE WEEK away! Oh my goodness. This is super duper exciting! Year after year, it comes so fast. But all my Christmas shopping is donzo and I have completed all the wrapping of presents so I am feeling pretty good.

So the surprise for my mom and aunt went fabulously just as we planned. They didn't know the restaurant we were eating at until we pulled up to it. Dinner was delicious and conversations were good as my mom, aunt and cousins...just couldn't live without them. Afterwards we saw "It's a Wonderful Life" at the Alabama Theatre and what a great classic Christmas movie that is. I posted pictures of the night down below.

Last night my cousin Lauren spent the night and we drove around some nearby neighborhoods to look at Christmas lights. First we put on some comfy pajamas, slippers and then we were out the door. The Christmas lights were beautiful. Nothing better than driving around in a warm car in your pajamas with one of your best friends looking at all the Christmas decorations! I posted a few pictures of the lights below as well.



Just curious. What are some things yall are asking Santa for this Christmas? I can't pinpoint one main present but there are several that I am super excited about. I picked out a new laptop a few months ago because my old one is giving out on me. I can't use my new one until Christmas so I have been sharing with my mom. Secondly I picked out a piece of Diane von Furstenberg (DVF) luggage that I have had my eye on for a while. It's a nice piece of designer luggage and it will be a nice addition to my luggage collection. I am still really wanting the Bodybugg/Gowear fit but we haven't ordered it online yet. Im thinking I won't get that until January...that is if I can decide on which one I want by then! Why does it seem like such a hard decision? Besides the usual clothes, perfume, gift cards, know all the girly stuff...that seems to be about it.

Hope you have been nice this year so Santa will come visit :)
Love you my friends!


  1. Beautiful photos as usual... What a huge Christmas take! You must have been really good this year. I am looking forward to next year and making some great new traditions with my sweet nephews. Yay! Have a great Christmas! i miss you!

  2. I loved all the holiday pictures!!!

  3. CHRISTMAS! I am SO excited! you don't even know! haha :) the photos are so fun! i love to see other places! also, yay for the new lapytop! I need a new one too. mine still works, technically, but not very well. i find myself using my boyfriends more often than not just because i dont want to use mine. thats when you know its time for a new one! haha

  4. Great pictures!!! Thanks for sharing them!