Monday, December 27, 2010

Quick little Monday Weigh-In

Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! This time of year always goes by so fast but my family and I had a wonderful Christmas. I will post more pictures later when I have a little more time. I have just a few minutes so I decided I should do a Monday Weigh-In since its been two weeks. I weighed myself last Monday but for some reason forgot to post it. Here are how the last two weeks have gone:

December 13: 214.8 pounds

December 20: 215.4 pounds

December 27 (today): 213.6 pounds


Not too bad for the Christmas holidays I would say. I weighed myself on the 23rd and I was 215.0 pounds. I figured I might have gained a little due to all the good food but I tried to eat much smaller portions and stay away from all the yummy desserts. 1.4 pound loss...not too shabby.


I am about to head to some stores with my mom, aunt and cousins to do a little after Christmas shopping! We went to a few stores yesterday and found some really awesome deals on Christmas items and perfume of all things! I found some Burberry perfume for only $14 (regularly $58 in stores!) That was my deal of the day and I am hoping I can find some more good deals today! Good luck to the rest of you shoppers :)

Talk to yall again soon!


  1. way to go! any loss is a good loss in my book :)

  2. Awesome! You are getting there girly!

  3. Amazing loss during the holidays... You are rockin' it! All the shopping must be cardio as well. Happy New Year! *M*

  4. A loss during the holidays is awesome!!

  5. Great job - it's just so dang hard during the holidays - fantastic way to get it done!!