Monday, April 4, 2011

Slowly but surely...

...The weight it coming off. This morning the scale read 196.8 pounds. That would be a one pound loss since Friday (3 days ago). I will take that any day. And that was with not one ounce of working out haha!

I went to the grocery store last night and I have all the ammo I need to lose some weight before my birthday, officially 2 weeks away! I stocked up on about 20 healthy choice, lean cuisines, smart ones, kashi meals, etc. I know some people are against eating these meals because they are high in sodium, blah, blah ,blah....but I love to eat them for lunch at work. They are quick, 300 calories or less and a lot more healthy than what I used to get in the drive thru back in the day. I also stocked up on my favorite greek yogurt, tons of lettuce for salads, turkey burgers, tons of turkey deli meat, bottled water, etc. I am ready. I have no excuse now :)

I was laughing at my dad yesterday because he is doing this weight loss thing at his work and his whole office is participating. There are like 5 teams and 4 people on each team. For 10 weeks they try to lose as much weight as a team as possible and whoever loses the most wins something....Im not sure what. But he is a total procrastinator! Haha they only have 2 weeks left until the challenge is over and he said he has only lost like 2 pounds and the rest of his team has lost like 10 or 15 each! He is average size and can't possibly need to lose more than 10 more pounds. He works out like crazy but he doesnt eat so healthy...I guess those balance each other out.

But last night he was like "Hey Kristen, at the grocery store will you buy me some of those cardboard-tasting healthy meals in a box? My goal is to lose 10 pounds in the next 2 weeks." Haha and he was dead serious. Men make me sick because he will probably lose those 10 pounds while I will be kicking my butt trying to lose 4! I knew he meant he wanted lean cuisine, healthy choice, etc so I bought him some. Dad, you crack me up :)


Anyways, here's to losing 4 more pounds in the next 2 weeks! Stay strong, Kristen, stay strong :)

Birthday countdown: 14 days!!
Have a good Monday everyone!!


  1. Doesn't it drive you nuts how easy it is for some of them???

    Great job on the can so make your birthday goal!

  2. George could give up soda for a week and lose 10 pounds... It's crazy how different Men's metabolism is than ours. Good Luck! I know you can do it!