Monday, April 11, 2011

Two more pounds and I will be overweight...

I couldn't fall asleep so I will do a quick little post. I figured it is better for me to get on the blog rather than heading over to the MAC website to spend goodness knows how much money on things of which I have way too much.

So I haven't calculated my BMI in what seems like months so I decided to do that earlier tonight. I believe right before my surgery my BMI was around 39.8. I remember it being just a hair shy of 40 before my surgery.

I guess I should preface this with telling you my weight from this morning. I am happy to announce this morning my scale read 192.4 pounds! What in the world?! To be completely honest, the numbers are going down faster than I thought they would! Who knows...maybe my scale is pulling a fast one on me but after getting on and off about 10 times, 192.4 is what it read each time.

This is good news considering my original goal by my birthday, which is one week away, was to be below 200 pounds. My revised goal was to be at 190 pounds by my birthday. That may or may not happen but regardless, 192.4 pounds is good news for me :)

So back to my BMI....I refigured it tonight and my exact BMI is 30.1. Someone with a BMI of 25-29.9 (an average of course) is considered to be overweight and no longer obese. According to the charts, I have been obese since early high school so it actually feels great to be considered overweight. I believe I need to weigh exactly 190 pounds to have a BMI of 29.9. Maybe I can hit 190 and hit this milestone on my birthday, next Monday. We will see!


Lastly, seems like yall like my "Photos I Love" posts so I will keep those coming! And I have plenty of pictures to share with you!! You are going to love them!!

Hope everyone has a great week! Watch the video below...I saw it tonight and it makes my heart smile :)


  1. Wow! What a touching video.

    Congrats on being down AGAIN!!! AWESOME!! I'm crossing my fingers for you b-day goal to be met!!!

  2. OMG.... I am so excited for you. Overweight, who would have thought that would be such a huge milestone, but when you're like me and you've been morbidly obese for over 1/2 your life, it seems unobtainable. But I will get there, and I am so thrilled to be here to watch you get there. I adore you! BTW, I have lost more than a supermodel now... *M*

  3. That's so awesome! It is kinda funny how we get so excited just to be considered "overweight"... I know I was thrilled to just be "regular" obese rather than morbidly obese! Anyway. Congrats!

  4. my grandma sent me that video, it is a beautiful one!

    congrats on the loss! And being so close to being over weight! I am also getting close! I can't wait to be overweight!!!! my husband loves to hear me say that!

  5. congrats on the loss i hope all is well

  6. Congrats on the new low! You are so close to your birthday weight!

    Darn, I can't see the video at work! poo!

  7. Congrats on the losses and the new low! What a great present to yourself!!!