Friday, April 1, 2011

Rough week for weight loss! Plus a picture post!

Hey friends!! TGIF, right?! I know I'm excited! Sorry I have been a little MIA...

I actually dread doing posts like this when I know my weight loss has been going in the wrong direction for the past week.

Since the beginning of the year I have lost 16 pounds and yes, I am proud of that. But this past week I have gained...slightly. Slightly as in 1.6 pounds. This is sad news considering I have been kicking butt and doing so good. This is the first time this year I have seen a true gain on the scale.

The only thing I can contribute this to is my poor eating choices and eating way too late, later than I ever eat. I have been working from 11-8 everyday. I eat lunch around 2 at work and I don't get hungry until around 8 when I get off. It's not that I have been been eating terrible food, just not as healthy as I have been eating and at like 9 pm! This has got to stop. Seriously.

As of this morning I weighed: 197.8 pounds

Gain of 1.6 pounds from my last week weigh in. I realize this could be worse and in the scheme of things 1.6 pounds isn't terrible but you don't want to see your hard work go out the door.

I have 18 days until my birthday! I realize 190 pounds is out of the question haha but maybe 193 is possible. We will see :) Back to business!

On a happier note...I have some new pictures to share with you. Enjoy and have a fabulous Friday!!

My family :) Trey, Mom, Dad, Me

Family plus the girlfriend/boyfriend :)

Friends! Trey, Kelsey, Kyndal, Me, Burch, Tyler and Karly :)

Burchfield and me at dinner!

Kelsey, Trey and Me!

Dad with me and Kels! Love him!

Kels and I at church :)

Brother and sister duo :)

White girl at the Red Box! Ha!


  1. Don't sweat the gain, easy come easy go! Love the pics, especially the last one, you look adorable!

  2. You'll kick that 1.6 lb's ass!!!

    Super cute pics - where did you get the white sheer V-neck top in the 2nd/3rd to last pics? I love it!

  3. Love the pictures, as always. Like Amy W.'s post says today, this is a journey and nobody is perfect the entire time. This little slip is nothing in the scheme of all you've done. You've got this, Girl.

  4. You'll lose that 1.6 again. Everyone slips up and has gains. It's holding on and getting back in the game that we all have to learn to stick to.

    Great pics! I WANT your hair (not in a stalker way though) ahaha!

  5. Great pics. You look fabulous! And I really love that white sheer top two and three above the bottom. Where did you get it?

  6. I was also seeing obvious gains when I first started my strength training... It freaked me out big time. I was warned that strength training sometime causes plateaus but I kept at it and the numbers started coming down slowly but surely. You look amazing, I think maybe your weight is readjusting from all the working out. Miss you... i hope you decide to come to Chicago! *M*

  7. You are doing great! I started boot camp last week and haven't seen any kind of loss. Just remember that 1.6 lbs is easier to get off now that you are exercising so don't sweat it! It will happen.
    Btw you face and neck look so slim in these pics!