Thursday, April 21, 2011

Birthday Extravaganza!

Well hello again friends!! My life has been so crazy busy I am just now getting around to doing my birthday weigh-in post! First of all, thank you so much to all my fabulous friends who told me happy birthday on facebook! I have the best friends in the world :)

So let me just say...I had such an amazing birthday weekend this past weekend! It was jam packed with fun, family and friends!

Friday my brother, Trey, graduated from Fire College Rookie School in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and the ceremony just happened to be right in the middle of a tornado. During the middle of the ceremony, they were like "EVERYBODY GET OUT IN THE HALL...THE TORNADO IS ON ITS WAY!" We all ran out in the hall and had to stay there for about an hour until the tornado passed. It literally went right over the building where we were. I was saying my prayers! After it was all over we all went outside and the metal roof had been peeled off, trees were all snapped in half, tree limbs were covering the parking was scary. So that was interesting to say the least. But Trey graduated and my whole family was there...and we had a good time together. Afterward we all went to dinner and Friday night my friends came from Auburn to spend my birthday weekend with me....along with my cousins, Lauren and Leah.

Saturday we spent the day shopping at some of my favorite stores, came home and changed, grilled out with my parents and went to see Insidious. That was a scary/weird movie!

I had been wanting to go to Six Flags for months and decided that is what I wanted to do for my birthday! So Sunday we all went to Six Flags...six of us and had the best time!! We literally left my house at 8 in the morning and didn't get home until 10 that night! All my friends spent the night and left early Monday morning!

Monday, my actual birthday, I had to work from 9-6 (bummer) but then my parents took me out to one of my favorite italian restaurants and it was delicious!


Now let me tell you how up and down my weight has been. First things first, I didn't hit my weight loss goal on my actual birthday. Here is a list of my weight since Friday, April 15th.

4/15: 191.2

4/16: 190.6

4/17: 192.0

4/18: 193.8 (Birthday...thank you Six Flags food!)

4/19: 192.8

4/20: 191.4

4/21: 190.4...Today!!

As you can see I had originally hit 190.6 last Saturday and was super happy about it but after this past weekend it slowly went up. But the past few days after my birthday I have been working hard to get that weight back off and boom! This morning my lowest yet....190.4 pounds!


Hope everyone is having a great week! Thank you again to all your support and encouragement! Yall are the best! Here are some pictures from the weekend...hope you enjoy :)


  1. You look great!!! And I'm so glad you have hit your goal--if you did before and after, in my mind, you hit it! And I know I said it on FB, but HAPPY B-DAY! I'm glad you had a great one!

  2. Congrats to your brother and happy belated birthday wishes. I'm glad you made it to 190 and you look gorgeous. I swear I wish I could look as good as you do in photos!!

  3. You look fantastic! Happy birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday! You look beautiful :)

  5. Happy birthday!! Looking fabulous as always! :)

  6. Happy Belated bday! Pictures are great as usual! Glad you had a great time!

  7. First- you look so fabulous in all of the pictures! Your hardwork is sure paying off :)

    Secondly- can't wait to see you in Chicago!

    So glad you had a wonderful birthday too-

  8. Happy Birthday, I missed it on facebook since I was mid-move and had no internet... But I love you still! You sound like you had a great birthday even though I didn't facebook you in time! Happy Birthday! *M*

  9. Happy Birthday!! And a tornado??? Wow, what an exciting week!

  10. Congrats on hitting 190!! That is amazing!! Glad to hear you had an amazing birthday as well!
    PS Really enjoyed reading this post! I just starting blogging about my process with the band. I cant wait to read more about yours and hope you will follow mine!!