Monday, March 15, 2010

What an absolutely fabulous weekend!!

Hey ladies and gentleman!! I am at work so I only have a few minutes to write but I survived my fabulous, amazing, so-much-fun weekend! I pretty much didnt stop going from Friday morning until late last night around 11 p.m.!! I will get into more detail when I post again later tonight (and hopefully with some pictures if I can get them on my computer) but my cousin's wedding was like a fairy tale. I am a little bit bias because we have been planning this wedding for months and months and months but it turned out beautifully and everything went super smooth! I took around 400 pictures from Friday to Sunday so I will do my best to pick and choose the best ones to post for yall!!
In some other good news, my mom booked our Alaska trip last week!! We are going for 13 days in July and I couldn't be more excited! So for those of yall who helped me with Alaska advice, thank you so so much!! I will probably have more questions and I will post more about it later tonight as well :)
Hope you all have a fantastic Monday! And I am going to post a more detailed version on this tonight!!


  1. Can't wait for details and pics.

  2. YAY! Can't wait to see pics! I know how exciting it to plan a wedding, and then get to see it all some much fun!

  3. Oh can't wait to see pictures :) And your trip sounds amazing!

  4. Can't wait to hear more! And I can't wait to see pics, too! Awesome about Alaska!