Thursday, March 25, 2010

Weight GAIN. Need healthy recipes. Naked picture (not quite)

So we have a lot to talk about tonight but let's first discuss how I seem to blow my good weight loss every single time! Ugh! And this is how yesterday went...

I WAS TERRIBLE AND ATE SO SO UNHEALTHY! I dont think I have eaten that bad in a day since I had my surgery! It started out with yogurt for breakfast which was the good part of my day. For lunch, I decided I was starving (which clearly I wasn't) but I talked myself into getting chinese. I ate an eggroll, fried rice and sesame chicken. To my defense, I only ate half of my chicken. I tallied up my calories and that meal alone was probably about 800-900 calories! WOW!

So that brings me to dinner. OMG. I was telling myself all day that I would eat my left over chicken for dinner. But no...Kristen got hungry and ate so much food. I had half an order of chicken nachos from the mexican place close to my house and my mom ate the other half. Then I downed about 30 tortilla chips with salsa and gaucamole. Seriously? SERIOUSLY? I think I ate about 2200-2500 calories yesterday! The day before yesterday, Tuesday, my weight was 223 which was the lowest it has been so far. I was so proud of myself...then yesterday happened. Well I got on the scale this morning and it read 225 after just one day of bad food. Dang.

So I made a radical decision and that was to do the "slim fast" diet for the next few days. I have a fill this coming Tuesday and want them to see some improvement from last visit. The last week of January is the last time I went to get a fill and that has been about 2 months ago. I weighed 233 pounds. So the liquid diet like I was saying...Today I had slim fast for breakfast and made myself drink it for lunch as well. I am eating a 350 calorie 6 inch subway sub for dinner tonight and that is it! I mean it...that is IT!

This brings to me how I have been feeling the past few weeks. First things first, you all know that I am a positive person and I believe in always finding the good in every situation even when it seems like the world is falling apart. I rarely vent about my weight loss issues because I am proud of my progress (for the most part) and I feel that my 32 pounds lost is 32 pounds less than I used to carry around.

BUT...I am sure all of you are currently feeling this way or you have felt this way before. I am frustrated with my weight loss plateau but what is more frustrating is it is all my fault. I haven't been exercising like I need to and I haven't be too strict on my eating. Don't get me wrong, I have been eating pretty good considering I only eat about 1200 calories on average a day and that is miles of progress from where I used to be. But I haven't been taking my vitamins and that is so easy to do! I only exercise once every other week, which is terrible. I still love mexican and chinese and eat it at least once a week, even if it is in smaller portions. I can't be eating sesame chicken and chicken nachos if I expect to lose all this weight. Are you with me?

Ok, I feel better now. Thank you for letting me get out my frustrations and to know yall feel the same way sometimes makes me feel so much better.

Another thing I want to know, especially for those of you how cook like its going out of style....what are some healthy, easy recipes you cant live without since your surgery? I am going to try and cook more (because I am NOT a cooker) and if you have any recipes you think I need to start to learn, please let me know! I dont like beans, seafood or mushrooms, but I pretty much love everything else. Does anyone have any recipes of popular, fattening dishes you improved and made better by switching in healthier ingredients? Anything would be much appreciated!

And more more most of you know I work at Anthropologie. Well we sell the brand AG which is an upscale denim company out of California that makes jeans for us. A few days ago we had an "AG Event" and several people came to our store and put on an event for us telling us about AG jeans and educating us on their products and they showed us a fun video explaining how they are made. I was an apparel major so I thoroughly enjoyed it. When they finished they surprised us each with FREE AG JEANS!! Each person who attended the event from our store got free jeans. They have to send them to our store so we wont receive them for a few weeks but they are their new cropped jeans and they retail for $190 and we got some for free! I had to share this exciting news. The largest size AG makes is a size 33, which is a size 16 in the United States. They wont be fitting me now but I cant wait to be able to wear them! Yay!!

And I can NOT believe I am posting this picture on here but some of you have done it, so I got up enough courage to do it as well. Here we go. This is me after as of a few days ago and all my glory. Down 32 pounds, 65 to go :)

Ok...for real this time....Bye :)


  1. Don't beat yourself up. You are doing great. You need a fill. Get the fill and things will change. In the meantime, I would advise just one thing. Don't tell yourself Chinese and Mexican are off the list. Instead, tell yourself you can have one or the other every week on one specific day at one specific meal. And let yourself have it. If you go for no-no-never, you will just crave it and eat more of it when you have it. It's ok to eat the stuff. But if you can control what you eat then you will actually even enjoy it more. It's ok to eat the stuff. Say it with me.

    You are doing great, girl! You are gorgeous and you ARE losing! Relax, take a deep breath, and commit to another day tomorrow like today.

  2. wow, you are so pretty, and you look like you weigh less than you do in all your pics. i love anthropologie, but have only shopped it online, even though it's within driving distance from where i live in tn.

    i love how positive and confident you are! stay that way forever! ;)

    ps- do you hummus? i eat it on toasted wheat pita, and find it very filling.

  3. Yeah, make sure you tell the doc that you're doing the liquid diet thing...some docs will give you less fill if you're losing weight.

    Anthropologie!!! LOVE that store!! Oh, and I'm SO jealous of the jeans!!

    You're looking really good...curves in all the right places and you don't look like there's 65 left on you!

    Sorry, I hate to cook...I'm worthless unless we're talking baking...I won't even tempt you.

  4. I think the most important part of what you that you recognize what your doing and I think a fill will get you back on track (coming from someone that has yet to be banded!) :0) You look hothothot! And 35lbs is a great accomplishment..

    I love everthing about the Pioneer Woman and the tasty kitchen is a place with lots of yummy food ideas! I plan on looking to the TK after the band for some crockpot recipes..I heard that's good for making meat easy to eat after the band..


  5. I am working on a recipe blog and will get you the link as soon as it is ready. I really cook like I always have, I just eat much less. Chicken piccata is always great, I do bbq chicken in the crockpot and then shred it...I need saucy meats!

  6. Girl, I know just how you feel. You are doing great, you look good! Seriously, we need to get together soon! Before my surgery when I am on crutches and can't drive!!!

  7. Good for you for posting those pics. You look beautiful!! Good luck with the fill.

  8. This journey is a rollercoaster. You're going to have ups and downs, but we have the fills to hold on to. This blog has some good recipes and nutrition tips

    There are also some cookbooks out there specific to eating with a lapband. I can't recommend any, because I don't have my band yet, but it's something else you could check out.

    You are lucky to have such a nicely proportioned figure.

  9. Wow you have a GORGEOUS shape! And I am with everyone else, you look smaller than your weight. I have a similar figure except not nearly as youthful and lovely as yours!

    I totally hear you. The deal is, you are not at your sweet spot. I think once you get there the temptations are much fewer. Honestly. Until then, it is more work.

    I would advise against "punishing" yourself with SlimFast. The best thing to do is pull out your surgery info on post-band eating, and follow it exactly. Slimfast is really bad for the band because it does not use the band at all! Eat some good protein - like some turkey and cheese - in the recommended amounts. Then see how hungry you really get. Don't worry if the scale does not show what it is "supposed" to at your next fill. It is more important to get band eating down right.

    Just my opinion - because I have gone through the EXACT things you are describing!

    Keep up the faith, you are going to be beyond a knockout when you get through this.

    And totally jealous about the jeans! Yay for you.

  10. You truly don't take a bad picture do you? Don't beat yourself up about your slip up. The important thing is your getting back on track and will do better next time. Celebrate your success and stay focused on the long term. Remember this is a lifestyle change and your allowed a moment here and there. Enjoy your weekend

  11. You have a very nice shape - round in all the right places :)

    I agree with LD and the others that you shouldn't try to eliminate any specific foods - just plan for them.

    I think all the wedding stuff probably got you off track and you need to give yourself a break. Get a fill and consider this your fresh start. You can do it!

  12. The psychiatrist said something really important to us at one of our last sessions:
    "Don't let a lapse become a re-lapse."

    Since you recognize that you did eat more than you needed, I think you are doing great. Everyone is bound to have a slip up or two...

  13. Hi Kristen, first of all you look very good in that picture well done for posting it. I am so nervous everytime I am posting one of my almost naked ones, your body is very in proportion and you really don't look like you have 65 pounds left to lose you are gonna look even better with them off. Here are a fewbooks I have recently bought I havent tried a lot of recipes in them yet but they are really well done. Recipes for life after weight loss surgery by margaret m. furtado and lynette schultz and eating well after weight loss surgery by patt levine and michele bontempo-saray. there is a lot of great information in them and loads of recipes. I hope this helps .hav a great week end

  14. Hang in there! Hope you are at your sweet spot soon! So cool about the AG jeans, super jealous!! And you have a gorgeous shape!!!!!

  15. Wow, looking awesome-- just dust yourself off and begin again today!! You're doing great...

  16. You have a lovely figure!!! Lucky you on the jeans. You could check out The World according to Eggface for some great loew fat recipes or Jen Southern Belle has started up a recipe blog...go there for the link. I am getting back to basics this week too. Good luck

  17. I am totally with you here! Going through the same thing here girl! Mexican Chinese and all! But I saw your pics and I think you look great! Nice figure already!

  18. Don't push yourself too hard, Kristen! Rome wasn't built in a day. I'm sure, no fit person achieved his/her figure within a few days, unless there was some cheating or something. And you don't want to do that! Yeah, just continue cooking healthy dishes because that helps a lot. Keep on looking for alternatives to junk food and all those bad stuff. Rock on, Kristen!

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