Tuesday, March 23, 2010

5 month BANDIVERSARY, NEW LOW and recent pictures!!!

Hey girl friends and boy friends!! How is everyone doing on this lovely Tuesday afternoon?! Today is my off day and I remembered today is also my 5 month bandiversary so I am doing fabulous! I had lap band surgery on October 23, 2009 exactly 5 months ago today. The last 5 months have just flown by but I am headed in the right direction with my life so for that I am happy and feel extremely blessed. Speaking of being blessed, it is about 60 degrees in the beautiful Birmingham and sunny as could be. It looks and feels like a beautiful day to go work out outside so I will be doing that later this afternoon!

On October 23, 2009, I weighed in before my surgery at 257 pounds. My highest weight being 260 pounds a few months before surgery. I was excited to being my weight loss journey and couldn't be happier I made the decision to change my life. This brings me to this morning. This morning I hit my new LOWEST LOW! Let me preface this by saying I have been stuck at 225 and 226 for a couple weeks! I don't know what the problem has been. I probably haven't been doing as much working out as I need to but I have been eating healthy (minus a meal or two) and the scale wasn't moving up but it wasn't moving down either. Just staying on the same numbers day after day after day. Well friends, this morning when I went to get on the scale it read 223 POUNDS!! Hey, I will take it! Within the past 5 months my total weight loss is 34 pounds. I had been hoping to hit 42 pounds by my 6 months bandiversary so to achieve this goal I need to buckle down hardcore for the next 4 weeks! That will put me at 215 pounds.

In the past 5 months I have had several NSV's. First of all on my surgery day I was wearing size 22 jeans and pants. Many of which I need to get rid of because they are just taking up room in my closet. I am a solid size 18 now in mostly all stores. I actually had to buy a pair of size 16 jeans from Lane Bryant last week because they fit a little bigger than "normal" clothes. All my shirts I used to buy were a size XXL but I am only buying XL now. Another thing I have noticed are my fingers getting smaller. All my old rings are a size 9. I am a clothes/jewelry/makeup/shopping addict and I knew if I found a ring I wanted, it had to be a size 9 to fit. But now the size 9's are huge and size 8 is loose on my fingers. I realized this a few weeks ago when I bought this beautiful ring from Belk and bought it in a size 8. I feel like I cant wear it now because it constantly turns backwards on my finger and I am always scared it has fallen off and I have lost it.

All this to say I am proud of my journey and I am so thankful for each of you and your encouraging words. At times we all wish the weight would come off faster, but the point is the weight is coming off. I used to say I would do anything to have lost 50 pounds by my 6 months bandiversary but I am not that far along yet and that is okay. I am thankful for each and every pound I am losing and together we can all achieve our goal weights. God made each one of us beautiful in our own unique way and with each pound I lose, I am thankful to Him for each day He gives me to wake up and live again.

And surprise surprise, Kristen has some more pictures to share with you! These are random pictures from the last few weeks and I hope you enjoy them :) Have a fabulous Tuesday!

My handsome boyfriend!

Burch and I :)

Being goofy like we always are!

Lauren and I!

Lindsay's wedding

At the reception!

Bachelorette weekend at our favorite Japanese place!

At the rehearsal! Love these girls :)

Dinner with friends, Maryanna and Adam!

Lindsay's bridal tea in February

In Atlanta visiting friends. This is me and Thatcher!

Ashley took this one of Thatcher and I when I wasn't looking


  1. Hey girl!!!!!! Loved your post! I am SO HAPPY for you!!!!! If you are giving any of your awesom clothes away to the SISTERHOOD, please keep me in mind! I wear a size 24 now, probably need to wearing a 26 :)!!!!!!! Anyway, I need something to look forward too! A goal to have!!!!!! I am on target to get banded in August!!!! Yay! Anyways, love your style! You look beautiful AS ALWAYS!!!!

  2. You look great in all the pics. (I might print out the one of the back of you to take to my hairdresser. I need some more edge.)

    Congrats on the new low.

  3. Congratulations - you look great!

  4. congrats on your new low! And happy 5 months!! you look amazing as always in all of your pictures! Look at how skinny your arms are getting!

  5. Happy Bandiversary!! :) And ditto what Nicole said.. your arms! They are tiny!! :) That's a NSV right there.. keep it up!

  6. Woohoo - Happy Anniversay Hottie! You're doing great!

  7. Hey girl - I know we have not talked in a while! Happy anniversary and CONGRATS on the new low, you are doing awesome!

  8. Thanks for the pics. And happy five-month bandiversary!!!

  9. Happy 5 month Anniversary!!! I just had mine and was doing the "why haven't I done as well as some other people" but you are right, we all have our own journey and it will come off in time! You look beautiful!

  10. Happy anniversary! Congratulations, you're doing beautifully. And you look gorgeous!

  11. Happy 5-month anniversary and it's great you can be happy with your weight loss and not come down on yourself for not meeting your initial goal. You are doing great and you are looking great.

  12. Congrats on 5 mths and your results so far. Even more important I think is your positive attitud and just your self confidence in knowing you will get there....Hooray

  13. congrats to you on your five month!! you look amazing. you've got style my friend. miles and miles of it. keep up the great work. you'll meet your goal, i have no doubts.