Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Detailed version: FABULOUS WEEKEND plus pictures!

Hello friends!! So I had a more tiring night last night than I expected so I am posting today instead. This is going to be the detailed version on my fabulous weekend with pictures for everyone to see!! So here it goes....



The first big event of the weekend was Lindsay's bridesmaids luncheon on Friday afternoon. My mom wanted to host this for Lindsay to give her something special she would remember. It was at a place called Matthew's Manor about 30 minutes outside of Birmingham. My mom, my aunt and I got there early to decorate the tables and put flowers everywhere. We invited about 30 people including the bridemaids, both Matt and Lindsay's family and a few of her friends that weren't in the wedding. We had a great time. She gave us our gifts which were pink robes with our names on them and earrings to wear for the wedding day! She also opened a few gifts and we had a lovely lunch. Salad, grilled chicken, mashed potatoes, vegetables, rolls and a chocolate cake. It was a great time for all the ladies to spend together with Lindsay and talk about the wedding day!

Friday night was the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. It all started around 6 pm and rehearsal went smoothly. Lindsay kept getting teary eyed thinking about the next day but filled she was filled with excitement! There are 9 of us bridesmaids and 9 groomsmen so all of us girls had a great time hanging out with all the boys. After rehearsal, we had the dinner which was catered by a local BBQ place. There were about 80 people there total including friends, family and the wedding party. After dinner, about 20 people got up and spoke about Lindsay and Matt and you better believe there wasnt a dry eye in the building! I cried like a baby because Lindsay is more like a sister to me and I couldn't believe this day was finally here! I sat at a table with Burch, my brother Trey, my cousins and Lindsays sisters Lauren and Leah and Matt's two brothers, Patrick and David (I have a picture of our table I will put below.) Friday was a huge success!


Saturday started out for myself and Lauren and Leah bright and early around 9 am when we got to the church. The wedding wasnt uuntil 6 that night but we had hair and makeup appointments super early! We all arrived in our pajamas and one by one got our hair and makeup done by Raemi and Ginger, who regularly do our hair. We had breakfast and lunch and snacks all waiting on us thanks to my aunt and mother. We laughed and listened to music and had the best time together. Lindsay got there around noon and we talked about what the day would bring! She was a little nervous but very anxious and excited! The other bridesmaids and flower girl and photographer started to get there around 2 pm and all the pictures began! We finished pictures around 5 pm and got about 45 minutes to relax before the ceremony! The ceremony lasted about 30 minutes and was perfect! Everything went smoothly and it was like a fairy tale! Lindsay was so gorgeous and beaming from ear to ear!

The reception was at a place called Gabrella Manor, an absolutely beautiful old house covered in ivy. At the reception, the food was delicious, we danced, we laughed, we took pictures, we just enjoyed the time while we were all together! Lindsay and Matt stayed for about 2 hours talking to everyone and dancing then around 9 pm were picked up by a limo and taken to their hotel!


Sunday was Burch's 26th birthday!! We had a lovely dinner at a nice italian place in town and I surprised with his favorite cookie cake :) I also surprised him with his birthday presents. He is a huge Carrie Underwood fan and she is coming to Birmingham in June. I told him I wasnt able to get tickets because they were sold out. He was so bummed out but said maybe we could find some and buy them from ebay. Well I had already gotten tickets and they are awesome seats! The lower level section right next to the stage on the 6th row!! He was so surprised he started tearing up...HAHA score!! So we will have a great time at her concert :)

I hope you enjoy all my pictures! I took about 400 so I could only choose a few of the good ones! Have a great day!!


  1. That sounds like such an amazing weekend! I love weddings! You looked gorgeous (as usual!). And...that cookie cake looks SO good!

  2. You look gorgeous in all your pictures :)

  3. It sounds like you had a blast this past weekend! The pictures are great and you look wonderful!

  4. Looks like a beautiful wedding and a fabulous time! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

  5. Great job with the bday surprise. The wedding looks beautiful. Glad you had fun.

  6. Wow, everything was amazingly gorgeous. I really like the green bridesmaid dresses with the pink flowers. You were beautiful!

  7. What a great weekend you had! You look wonderful!

  8. What a gorgeous wedding and you looked stunning!


  9. OK, I am so JEALOUS of your clothes! You look amazing in those dresses! I love them!!!!!

  10. Hello Kristen! I love the pics and am so glad that everything went well. You always have the cutest clothes! I love those dresses.

    Also, I have given you an award! (See today's post on my blog)