Sunday, March 6, 2011


First of all, I want to send a HUGE thank you to everyone for your sweet comments on my last blog! Getting into onederland is such an exciting milestone. I remember last year being stuck in a 6-month-plateau in the 220's and thought I would never hit 219 to save my life! Well finally that day came and went...then came 215....then 210....then 200. And last Wednesday as you all know I hit 199.0 pounds. It sure does feel good to say that.


Since Wednesday, maybe I haven't been as strict as I should have been. Well Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I was decent with my healthy eating but yesterday was a joke! HA! After two not-so-healthy eating out adventures with friends and family, my scale wasn't happy with me this morning. I will wait until tomorrow to chime in with my "official weigh-in" but let's just say I shouldn't have said goodbye to the 200's so soon. Here's hoping that tomorrow the scale will like me again. We will see.


So here is another QOTD for you:

Since having lap band surgery or since beginning your weight loss journey, what are some healthy foods/snacks you have discovered that you now can't live without?

Side note:
For me, because I am such a strict calorie counter (or try to be 95% of the time), I usually let myself eat whatever I want in moderation of course. If I am at a restaurant, I look up the menu and all the calories on one of the twenty iphone nutrition apps (totally not an exaggeration) and determine how much of something I can eat. This allows me to know exactly how much I can eat and how many calories I have consumed.

But as far as a single food item I have discovered since my surgery, I would have to say I found that I love greek yogurt! With 15 grams of protein for every 6 oz. of yogurt, this is a great food to start my day with in the mornings and it gives me 25% of my daily protein in no time. My favorite brand is Chobani. The flavors include strawberry, peach, blueberry, vanilla and many more. The plain greek yogurt is at the top and real pieces of fruit is at the bottom. When you open the container, mix it all up and enjoy! At any given time I probably have at least 10 of these in my refrigerator. I find that Super Target usually has the most flavors in stock at a time and they are fairly inexpensive. Not as cheap as some other brands but very reasonable. If you have never tried this, please give it a try! You will love it!

What are some of your favorite "healthy" foods you have discovered since losing weight?


  1. I love Chobani too. I love the Atkins mocha latte ready-to-drink shake when I am in a rush. Also like tomato soup mixed with cottage cheese and a little mozzarella. Looking forward to seeing other people's response.

  2. I am addicted to chobani and I love s'mores flavor Luna bars. Congrats on onederland!

  3. I love Chobani best too... I especially like raspberry, strawberry, and peach but the black cherry is pretty good too. I love Fish too, especially tilapia, and Mahi Mahi... I have always loved grilled chicken and broccoli which makes that a staple. I am a label reader these days so the grocery shopping takes twice as long... Miss you, Girl! *M*

  4. I love Chobani too! I also recently started eating Kashi High Protein cereal In the morning with blueberries and strawberries. I love Turkey chili, Southwestern Tortilla soup, and rotisserie chicken.
    Bonnie's tomato soup sounds yummy!

  5. And I love Zone bars in Chocolate Peanut Butter and Fudge Graham.

  6. I love chobani! I was never a huge yogurt person but I do love chobani. My second favorite would have to be fiber one bars. The Strawberry and Almond. Yum!

  7. Love Chobani!

    I have also come to love Edamame. So yummy!

  8. I love Chobani. Also Trader Joe's sells Vanilla Fat Free greek yogurt that is a little more economical and come's in bigger containers (like the sour cream size).
    Also, I have to ask, what is the wedding dress on the top of your blog. I LOVE IT. That is some thinspiration.

  9. I love jerky. I think that's my go to since being banded.

  10. Have you tried Fage greek yogurt? I like it better than Chobani. It may just be a personal preference but the Fage has like a little side mix in of strawberries or whatever fruit and it's soooo good!