Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Picture Post!

Happy Tuesday everyone! Hope everyone had a nice V-day :) Burch surprised me with beautiful roses last night and the biggest box of chocolates I have ever seen. Looks like those are going to go straight to work to share with friends haha. We havent done our Valentines dinner yet because we both have crazy work schedules so we are either going to do it tonight or Saturday night...I am letting him choose.

I figured since I havent done a picture post in what seems like forever it was time for one. I have had fun filled weekend and wanted to share some pictures with yall. Hope everyone has a great day!

My cousin, Leah, was in a pageant this past Saturday night. She was a knockout and even though I am slightly biased, she was the prettiest one by far.

She came in 2nd place :)


The fab four...forever and always :)

Lauren, Leah and Lindsay...my cousins/sisters/best friends...all of the above!

Lauren and I!

Love her to pieces!

Burch wanted to get in on some of the camera action haha

Kelsey and I. Kelsey and I go way back. Her older sister is my best friend and Kelsey is now dating my brother Trey...cute huh? She came into town for the weekend to spend Valentines with Trey. My parents took Kelsey, Trey, Burch and I all out to dinner Sunday night before Kelsey had to head back home.

Trey and Kels. Background is typical...my messy room :)

I was waiting on him to take a picture...

Brotha and Sista!

Love them!!

The wild and crazy foursome :)

Last but not least...Kelsey and I getting ready before dinner!


  1. looks like so much fun! you look fantastic!

  2. Purty genes sure do run in your family!

  3. You have the most beautiful family! You are looking good lady :)

  4. wow you guys look great! you have done such an awesome job with your weight loss

  5. Beautiful Family... You all look like Supermodels! I miss you

  6. You look great. Love the pictures as always. Just curious though. Do you every hang with unattractive people? Guess birds of a feather...

  7. You are looking so great Kristen. I can really see you just shrinking away!

    Great pics!

  8. You look Fabulous! all Beautiful!

  9. Happy V Day cutie pie! Are you coming to Chicago again?