Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Easy come, easy go!

Back in business ladies!

After my 4 pound trip-to-Atlanta weight gain I was a little upset with myself. Darn cheesecake and italian buffet! But like most of you commented on my last blog, pounds that are easily put on are the easiest to take off. I made sure that starting this past Monday I was going to be super strict on myself this week and I am sticking to my plan. Even though I had a long stressful day at work yesterday I made myself go to the gym. My sweet brother met me there and we worked out for an hour....stretched, elliptical, treadmill, lifted weights....the whole nine yards. It felt good, really good.

The scale this morning read 204.0 :)

Only 1 more pound to go before I get back down to my lowest weight!!


Just wanted to share that exciting piece of information. Doesn't it feel good to know you are doing the right thing...working out, eating healthy, etc....and then it shows that very next day on the scale? Man...nothing better!

I am going to get back to watching "Betty's Kitchen" on youtube. Yall should go check this lady out! She has over like 800 videos of her cooking all different types of food...some healthy, some not healthy at all. Maybe because I am feeling hungry at the moment I am using these videos to virtually feed my stomach haha! Some call it torture but I love watching cooking videos!

Oh, here is a picture of my brother and I about an hour ago outside in the SNOW!! Down here in Alabama we don't see it that often so we take every opportunity we can to jump in it, play in it, take pictures in it, make snow angels and the list goes on! I look so short because I am standing on a lower step...he is taller than me but not by 2 feet haha! And if you look really closely you can see my new G35 in the background...Feeling so fly like a G35! ;)

Have a good night everyone!!

Sweet dreams :)


  1. You look beautiful! Atlanta has yummy food! I am glad you almost got it all off already! *M*

  2. Great job working those couple of pounds off so quickly!

  3. wow great job! isn't that such a great feeling!

  4. Your brother is cute! Great looking family! :)

  5. Yes, it's a fabulous feeling! :)

  6. Knew you could do it! You are so close to onederland too! YAY! We thought we were gonna get some snow here in Texas about a week ago but no such luck!

  7. Right? I find that if I react quickly that weight gain can turn into a loss. It's all about getting back on that horse. Persistence, not perfection.

  8. Kristen, you look amazing. You photograph so wonderfully! I am so envious of you. Gret job on the losses and you will be in Onderland soon!!!