Thursday, November 11, 2010

Weekend update!! It's almost FRIDAY!!

Hey friends!

I have been absent from the blogging world for the past few days so I thought I would do a little recap!

So let's talk....the five day pouch test! Phew...I finished the pouch test Monday, November 8th. I must say, it was a good experience but it sure did test my will power. Overall I felt like I did pretty good. My total weight loss in the 5 days was.....drum roll please........3.5 pounds. I am happy with that. Not too shabby for 5 days. Could have been more but could have always been less if I didn't try the diet. I definitely got in more protein each day than I'm used to (around 70 grams) and tried to cut out sugars and carbs as much as possible. I would have to say day 2 was the hardest for me. It was a "liquid protein" day and throughout the day I was extremely light-headed and weak and dizzy. It got much better on day 3. I know 5 days isn't very long but when you go from having carbs to no carbs, it plays with your mind and your stomach. I think I was just having withdrawals haha. I recommend it for people that need a quick "back to basics" lesson for the band and if your eating has been out of control. I could definitely tell my stomach and pouch felt tighter and towards the end, my portions became smaller and smaller. I may do it again down the road but not any time soon.


So this weekend is going to be C-R-A-Z-Y but in a good way! At 2:30 today I have a hair appointment (which is like one of my all-time favorite things to do along with getting manicures, pedicures and getting my makeup done). Right after my hair appointment I am driving down to Auburn for my friend Kyndal's bachelorette weekend! The bachelorette party doesn't start until Friday afternoon but I am going early to help her sister decorate.

We are staying at a really nice lake house on the lake that belongs to friends of Kyndal's family. The family who owns the lake house is going out of town and they are brave enough to let a bunch of girl's crash it for the weekend. Apparently this lake house is huge with like 6 bedrooms and a heated pool and jacuzzi! Perfect for a girls' weekend! I can't wait! But I am actually leaving the party Saturday afternoon to go to the Auburn vs. Georgia game with my family! Because we are undefeated and Georgia is a huge rivalry for Auburn, this is a big game! My family will have our camper in Auburn this weekend so Saturday night after the game we are going to cook out, enjoy some more football and spend time together in the RV field of Auburn :) If you don't know anything about camping, cookouts and tailgating at a college town during football season, I highly recommend it!

So there you have busy weekend. I wanted to get on here and say hey to everyone because it will probably be Monday before I can catch up on everyone's blogs again :(


Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! I found an album of old pictures on my computer from when I was little with my family! Goodness...I love old pictures! Thought I would share some of them! Enjoy!


  1. Thpse are all so cute! Is your hair naturally so dark now or do you die it? Have a fun and safe weekend!!!

  2. So glad you made it through the 5 days! and had such success! I will keep that in mind down the road when I feel I need something. Have a wonderful time this weekend, it really does sound like a great time!

  3. Love the pictures. Sounds like a fun weekend.

  4. I love those pics! You have me almost convinced to do the pouch test. I'm glad to hear you did well with it!

  5. Great job on the test! 3.5 pounds, that certainlyh isn't anything to sneeze at!

    Your pics are so cute!

  6. Glad your pouch test went well.

    Love the old pictures!

  7. OMG, You were always a supermodel. Good to know. My post today is about Bama Beauties' day off. I miss you so friggin' much, XOXO *M*