Sunday, November 7, 2010

Five Day Pouch Test...I give myself an 80% so far

I am back with some five day pouch test updates. Keep in mind, today is day four so it isn't over yet. I am sorry for not updating sooner. I told yall I was going to try and get on each night and give you an update for each day but unfortunately my long days didn't allow time for any blogging at night.

So let me put it this way. If a 10 means I have done extremely well with the diet and not cheated whatsoever and 1 means I have done terrible with the diet and cheated every chance I could, I would give myself an 8. And here is why...

My last post was a recap of day one which in my opinion, looking back at it, was a piece of cake. I got in tons of protein, plenty of water and I felt good. On the other hand, day two (Friday) was killer for me! Oh my goodness. I started out the day and felt pretty good. I ate some greek yogurt in the morning and got ready for my day of running errands with Burch. About noon is when I started to feel sick, nauseous, weak...and I was away from home with no food or snacks that were "five day pouch test" approved. My boyfriend kept saying "If you don't feel good, lets just go through the drive thru and get you some food to hold you over until we get home" and to this I said "No, sir!" I wasn't about to give up that easy. So I actually laid my head down and fell asleep in the car while Burch finished our last few errands. When I got home I just felt so weak. I knew I had to eat something soon before I passed out. So I grabbed some pudding hoping that would hold me over.

And the pudding and all its 60 calories did nothing for me. So I had to give in. I grabbed for some plain saltine crackers and peanut butter and about 30 minutes later I was good to go (little cheat #1). I know peanut butter is loaded with calories but it also has about 10 g of protein. Friday night, my family, Burch and I went to my cousin's football game. I took a protein shake and two bottled waters and called it a day.

Saturday, day three, was pretty easy compared to day one and two. My sweet dad made me eggs before we left for the Auburn game. He made me 2 scrambled eggs with a little salt and pepper. They were delicious! I had several bottled waters and didn't eat again until around 2:30. We went to a local burger and wings restaurant in Auburn and I was so happy they had chicken salad on the menu. I ate chicken salad over a bed of lettuce and I did add a little ranch to the lettuce to give it some flavor (little cheat #2). I finished the day with another protein shake for dinner.

Today, day four, I haven't been bad necessarily, I just haven't followed the diet step for step. I didn't eat breakfast which is a no-no. For lunch everyone wanted to go to Jason's Deli. I knew I didn't need break of any sort so I stayed away from the sandwiches and wraps. I decided to get the salad bar. I got a good helping of lettuce with some tomatoes, shredded cheese (for some added protein and flavor), cucumbers, onions and low-fat ranch dressing. So far, that is all I have had for the day.

Tomorrow is day five and I want to finish out strong with lots and lots of protein. As of yesterday, I am happy with my weight loss from day one!! That is until I got on my sorry scale earlier this afternoon! Here is how much my scale hates me apparently. I get on the scale (with clothes on), it reads 218 but the battery light keeps flashing. I put in new batteries and get on the scale and it says 225! HA! At this point I nearly choke on the gum I am chewing! I tell Burch to come weigh himself to see if his weight is high as well and it was. He said it seemed about 5 pounds more than normal. So I give it a minute to let it rest. It says 219....then 221....then 216. Clearly something is wrong when it goes from 216 to 225. I started day one of my 5DPT at 216 and it isn't too heart warming to see 225 on your broken scale after day four! Do ya'll HATE when this happens as much as I do?!

This makes me so frustrated. So I start researching on google "What are the MOST accurate scales" because I am on a mission to find one. Apparently there are scales that are $200 that people report to have inaccurate readings and their weight is between 3-5 pounds different each time they get on the scale! Obviously the same thing happens with scales that are cheap. I guess it doesn't do me any good to go spend a ton of money on a scale that is just as inaccurate as the cheap scales. Do any of you have a scale that you love and swear by? If so, I would love to know!

Ok, that was my venting for the day! Thanks for letting me rant about my lovely scale! But seriously though, I am out to find a better scale so if yall have suggestions I would love to look into it! Hope everyone had a great weekend!!

Today starts the HOLIDAY CHALLENGE!! YAY! Good luck everyone :)


  1. oh you poor thing- that sounds lke torture! To work that hard all weekend and then have your scale be a complete jerk! Hopefully it re-calibrates and decides to behave tomorrow! I have the biggest loser scale that I got from Kohls on sale- I like it a lot and it seems to be pretty acurate!

  2. I don't have any suggestions for you scale wise....every one I have owned has been a fickle bitch. Congrats on your progress so far with the pouch test. I need to get back on track for the holiday challenge and you just might be my inspiration!

  3. that really stinks about your scale! Mine is a little too accurate lol ( I also call my scale satan) I use the weight watchers tells me how much I have lost since my last weigh in

  4. I also have a Biggest Loser scale and I love it!

  5. Hey girl I feel ya on the scale thing! I paid like $80 for my high tech ww scale. I hate it! To me $80 is a lot for a freakin scale!!!!! It does that same thing to me ALL the time I will weigh on it 5 times and get 5 diff weights! I just take the lowest ;)

  6. I am starting the five day pouch test today... more so because I have been pbing.. making bad choices.. and need to give my pouch a rest. So far... I hate it. :) Throw out your scale and stay strong!

  7. I had the same issue with my old scale so I sprang for this Scale. I LOVE it! Very accurate, although a bit spendy.

    Good luck, lady! Keep us posted!

  8. Scales have never been my friend but I am also shopping for one so I can keep a more accurate count of what's going on with my body... Anyway, let me know if you make a decision. It sounds like you are doing great though, SuperModel! *M*