Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pictures from the weekend, 5-day pouch test and a gym membership!!

Hey friends!! How are yall doing today? Hope everyone had a fun Halloween!! I know I did! My family and I sat outside around our fire pit Halloween night, ate chili and gave out candy to the kids. Apparently we bought WAY too much candy and we still have like 3 huge bags leftover. Great...I have to restrain from snacking on chocolate every time I pass the table in the foyer.


Weekend in Oxford and meeting famous people:

This past weekend my family, Burch and I went to Oxford for the Auburn vs. Ole Miss game! We had such a great time. The Ole Miss campus was beautiful and I think there were as many Auburn fans as there were Ole Miss fans! Someone said on TV the Auburn fans sounded so much louder! I helped contribute to that.

So are any of you Braves fans?? While we were eating at a restaurant before the game, Burch turned to me and was like "OMG that is Braves pitcher, Tim Hudson, sitting over there!!" We weren't sure if it was just a Tim Hudson look-a-like until we saw a bunch of girls go over and get their picture with him! Burch is like the biggest Braves fan you will ever meet. He was so excited he almost couldn't eat his food. We waited until he was done eating and we rushed over to his table and ask to get our picture made with him. He was super nice. My dad remembered he was an All-American baseball player at Auburn and he told us he tries to come to as many Auburn games as he can around his baseball schedule. My favorite quote during lunch was from my mom! Burch said "You know he makes $15 million a year with the Braves" and my mom responded "Well he needs to pay for our lunch then!" haha! Love her!

Eli Manning and Archie Manning were also at the game as well as Michael Oher (the "Blind Side") with the Touhy family. We got to see all kinds of athletes :)


A Gym Membership exclusive:

In some other exciting news, I am signed up for this website that sends me amazing deals and coupons from places around the Birmingham area. I'm sure you have heard of these type of websites but they send you one deal a day and you can buy it if you choose. Well today's deal was amazzzing! There is a fitness club here at the Ross Bridge Resort that is considered the Four Seasons of gyms here in my area. I have called the gym in the past and the cheapest package for one month is like $80 for the bare minimum. And guess what the deal was?!?! A three-month all inclusive membership for $20!! I called the gym as soon as I saw the email and asked the poor man on the phone 50 questions about this deal to make sure there was no catch. He said they have never done anything at this low of a price before but the deal is only available for 12 hours online. There are no contracts, no start up fees, no fees at the end of the three months and best of all, I can go to any of their classes for free as well!! They have yoga, ab classes, aerobics, body pump, spinning, etc. I bought it as soon as I got off the phone and the three months starts tomorrow!! With all the inclusive services, it is like getting a $350 package for $20!! This gym is small with state of the art equipment and pretty much exclusive to the rich locals. I like that it isn't huge with hundreds of people walking around. I am so so excited and this is just the motivation I needed to get my butt back in the gym!


5 Day Pouch Test:

Last but not least, after talking about doing the 5-day pouch test of a couple of weeks now, I went to the store yesterday and bought foods I can eat during those 5 days. I think I am going to start the pouch test this Thursday, November 4th. It is hard to find five solid days to participate because I have lunch dates with girlfriends, dinner dates with Burch and I go to Auburn almost every weekend for Auburn games. It's not like I can order tuna and scrambled eggs at the concession stand! But this Thursday I am going back to the doctor to hopefully get another fill. Usually on fill days I do liquids anyways. Next weekend I have one of my best friend's bachelorette parties and I'm not going to be the only one eating chicken broth and turkey patties. I have to do it after tomorrow and before next Friday. Tomorrow I am going to Christmas Village with my mom and cousins and they tons and tons of samples of soups, dips, drinks, you name it! I want to do the pouch test right and not cheat. I think Thursday will work just fine! I am committed to doing this and doing it right. I know that any weight I lose is just an extra bonus. I am hoping this gets me back on track with eating healthy and my body will get a nice little detox for five days! Have any of you done the 5 day pouch test? What was your experience?

My grocery list: Chicken breasts, turkey burgers, ice popsicles, sugar-free pudding, vanilla greek yogurt, mozzarella string cheese, eggs, turkey deli meat, cottage cheese with strawberries, chicken and beef broth, potato soup, low-carb protein drinks, dry unsalted peanuts, shredded lettuce for salads, flavored drink mix, broccoli and cheese soup, fruit and yoplait smoothie mix.

I know some of these things aren't on the menu like bananas, grapes, smoothie mix and peanuts. BUT the instructions do say if you need a spike of sugar you can eat some fruit. And I know peanuts are a good source of protein. So I figure in very small amounts this should be fine.


Enjoy the pictures!! Have a fabulous week!!


  1. What a fun post this was! LOVE the pics.

  2. War Eagle, Kristen! How excited are you for our season?? I'm thrilled although, I was telling a friend, I feel like it's more stressful being undefeated than it is to have a losing season! Hello huge target on our backs!!!

    I can't believe you met Tim Hudson! I absolutely love him. He's a true Auburn man (although, I don't think he ever graduated)!

    I attempted the 5 day pouch test, but never made it through the liquids. I was way too starving. I ended up just doing very high protein for those 5 days and it worked really well. Good luck, my dear!

  3. Love the pictures!! what a blast!

  4. Hey! I go to the Dr. on Thursday also!1 When is your appnt????? :)

  5. Love the pics and the cheek!

    I have never done the pouch test. I am trying to focus on more protein, and already I feel better. Good luck!

  6. Wow, great photos--you're so photogenic! Great deal on the gym membership too, especially at freaking Ross Bridge. I can't remember if I've already commented on your blog, but I'm also from Alabama and newly banded. daegufatty.blogspot.com

  7. You have got to take pictures of the gym! That sounds so nice! It would motivate me to work out for sure!

  8. Great deal!!! I want to do the 5-day pouch test, but I'm so freegin' tight lately....I think I need an unfill. Keep us posted!

  9. Thanks so much for the 5 day pouch reminder!!!! I did this one time and really liked it! I have gained a few pounds because I have been naughty! I went to the store and copied your grocery list! Im set and ready to go! I hope I can stay on the band wagon for 5 days.. Thats not too much to ask of myself!! Good luck!

  10. Love all the pics! Looks like an amazing experience!