Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Time for a new post!

Happy Late Valentines Day everyone!! Hope everyone had a fabulous and romantic Valentines day! And for all you single ladies out there...hope Valentines day wasnt too hard to bare! Hopefully you went out with your single girlfriends and had a fun girls night out!

But as for me and my man, we had a great Valentines day! We spent the afternoon together...cooked a delicious lunch at home and snuggled on the couch together for a few hours. It was relaxing and nice not having anything to do. Then we decided to get up, get ready and run some errands. I figured it would be a good day to get some new cute lingerie (I needed some more anyways) and I also bought myself a new pair of spanx....amen ladies?!? I can always use some more spanx. I also bought a new dress to wear in a few weeks to my cousins rehearsal dinner and a new pair of shoes. I will post pictures of my new purchases soon for you! When I got home I found flowers had been delivered to my house from Burch...sweet thing he is!

Then we started to get all dressed up for our dinner date! Burch made reservations at a restaurant called Village Tavern here in Birmingham. I had never been there but it was delicious! We had a fabulous five course dinner and lets just say....all weight lose rules went out the door! We had an appetizer, salad, soup, steaks and dessert! Oh so yummy!! We had great dinner conversation and came home to watch a movie together! The end :) Valentines day isnt the most fun holiday when your single but when you have someone to share it with, its lots of fun!

And because of my lack of caring about what I ate for the past few days, I put 3 pounds back on! HAHA! I had gotten down to 227 which put me at exactly 30 pounds lost (YAY FOR ME) but after my Valentines Day extravaganza, I now weigh 230! Haha I will get these three pounds off sooner of later!

What did yall do for Valentines!? Hope you have a great Tuesday!! New Biggest Loser and American Idol tonight!! I love tv on Tuesdays :)


  1. It'll come off before you know it. Is there a new Biggest Loser tonight? I was going to tape it but saw the Olympics??? Is it on at another time, or did I read something wrong?

  2. Joe and I had a low key Valentines Day. We just stayed in and watched movies. Is the Village Tavern good? I pass it everyday on my way home, but we have never been there!

  3. Bandita--Oh just kidding about the biggest loser! I forgot about the Olympics! Sad day...maybe it is on tomorrow instead? I need to check that!

    Kim--Low key valentines day is good too! As long as you are spending time together...that is all that counts! And yes, Village Tavern was good! ALTHOUGH they had a "special" aka very expensive Valentines menu you had to order and it was super pricey! But on normal days they have everything from burgers to pizza to chicken and salads! So I definitely want to go back!

  4. I checked nbc.com and it said new BL in two weeks. I'm bummed!

  5. If you can't gain 3 lbs on Valentine's Day, when can ya? You'll lose it in no time. Gotta get ready for that wedding. Do you have any favorites on Biggest Loser?

  6. Wow...sounds like a wonderful day. I am sure those lbs willcome off as easy as they came on

  7. What?! 100 followers now!

    I'm eager to catch up with your blog. Looks like you have done amazing!

  8. Yes, Congrats! I can't get anyone to follow my durn blog! :) I only have one follower right now. Sad.... And I am on day 8 of my 2 week pre-op diet and losing my mind!!!!!! I am soooo very hungry and am having bad thoughts. I keep thinking oh, no, maybe this isn't for me. I just can't see starving myself forever. But then I think of all the reasons I decided to do this in the first place and that helps....a little. I just want food! Please, anyone willing..I need some words of encouragement. I have been scouring the net trying to find people that have gone through the same thing. Kristen, did you feel like this on your pre op diet?