Monday, February 22, 2010

Plus size models are beautiful

The facts according to Wikipedia:

What is a plus size model?

Plus size models participate in a variety of modeling jobs including print work, runway shows, and fit or informal modeling. Fashion modeling is the category aspiring models usually think of when they dream of being a model. Fashion plus modeling can include a magazine cover or layout, representing a plus-size manufacturer in print advertisements, or strutting down the catwalk in the latest Lane Bryant lingerie.

Requirements Include:

Between 5'8" and 6'0"
5'9" is pretty much minimum for larger markets although some companies represent girls who are 5'7" and 5'8" but this is rare.

Average Clothing Size-
Size 12, 14, 16
Sizes 10 and 18/20 are also used, but are not nearly as common.

Must be toned-
You may be "plus size," but you may have to be in shape to be able to model swimwear, lingerie or fitness gear.

You should be in proportion. Your bust, waist and hips should be about ten inches apart in size (i.e. 42-32-42) or very close. In addition, the shorter you are, the smaller your size should be. Someone who is 5'8" would be expected to wear a smaller size (12/14) than a taller model. It is all about length and proportion.


As many of you know, I went to school for four years for fashion design and merchandising. Modeling of all types is something that has always interests me and in particular plus size modeling because I am a plus size girl. I would actually love to pursue plus size modeling myself if I can drop a few more pounds and tone my body. My parents told me all during highschool I should pursue it but I think I held back because of the fear of the unknown. But I love reading other's opinions of what a "plus size" girl looks like. It stills amazes me how some people think that if you are a size 12, you are plus size. But I understand that compared to the average american model size 12 would be considered a good deal larger. By the way, just a few facts for you: The average American female supermodel is 5'10'' and only 115 pounds. On average, her measurements are 34 inch bust, 24 inches waist and 34 inch hips. But to make you feel better about yourself, the average American female is only 5'4'' and 170 pounds! Not to mention every time I see a super skinny model that looks emaciated, I desperately want to throw her a doughnut! I take pride in being a full figured woman and I believe plus size women are beautiful.

I became very interested in these facts and began researching some of today's plus size models. I hope you all find this as interesting as I do. Here are a few of my favorite girls :)

Plus size model #1: Whitney Thompson

She is the winner of cycle 10 on America's Next Top Model and the only plus size woman to ever win on this show. She is 5'10'' and 165 pounds, a good 50 pounds heavier than all the other winners on America's Next Top Model. I think she is gorgeous just the way she is. She said that she is honored to be a role model for young girls and show America what the real woman really looks like.

Plus size model #2: Christina Schmidt

Isn't she gorgeous?! She is Canadian born but currently lives in New York City. She was an actress for several years but decided to leave the acting world to pursue modeling. Christina is 5'6'' and currently wears a size 14. She clearly fits the size description of an average american female and she is absolutely stunning.

Plus size model #3: Crystal Renn

Crystal started high fashion modeling when she was only 14 years old. All the modeling agencies told her before she would be able to model, she needed to lose a third of her body weight. This sent her into a downward spiral of unhealthy eating and she struggled with anorexia and other eating disorders. After several years, she decided to become healthier and gained a total of 70 pounds back. This put her in the plus size model category and she wore a size 12, sometimes a size 14 and this is the size she is currently. She is the only plus size model to be on the cover of Harper's Bazaar and appeared in several issues of Vogue. She was also asked to represent Jean Paul Gaultier's spring 2006 collection.

And as we all know, the fabulous and gorgeous Marilyn Monroe was a size 12-14 at several times during her life


My point being....which is more beautiful?

Or this...

Exactly. Point proven.

No matter what size you are, embrace yourself. Love who you are and what you stand for. Don't let people tear you down just because of what you look like. I can say I have truly mastered this part of my life. Ever since I was a little girl I was taught to love myself the way I am, whether I was a normal size 10 in middle school or now at a size 18 in my 20's. I know who I am and what I stand for and it has nothing to do with the size of my clothes. Look in the mirror and love yourself because you have so much to offer the world! Plus size women, we are all beautiful inside and out! Love your hips, your waist, your arms, your your curves!

And while we are on the subject....
Just for fun, here are a few pictures of myself as a wanna-be model HAHA:

Ladies, have a fabulous week!


  1. I love this post and may have to steal the idea and some of the pics to put on my blog so I can spread this message too! Is that ok? I will refer people back to your blog as well, should I choose to do it.

    You're a beautiful girl as well! Good luck on your journey!


  2. What a great post. Those plus size models are drop dead gorgeous!!!

  3. Great post! I had to look it up...Whintney's BMI is 23.7...well into the 'normal' zone! You look beautiful...pursue that passion!

  4. You should definitely go for the plus size modeling if that's what you'd love to do! Great post really shows how beautiful a 'normal' (not skinny or unhealthy) size can be!!

  5. WOW! How refreshing and uplifting! You're the hottest model of them all though. I agree with BG, you are simply gorgeous and you should persue that passion. We will all be able to say we knew you when.....

    That really was refreshing. I needed some encouraging words today. Thank you so much for being such a great inspiration to us all. You're exactly right, plus size is beautiful.

    Thanx again for the great post.

  6. Awesome post. And now that I know my measurements are almost ideal for plus sized modeling (41-32-42) I am ready to get my portfolio together! BAAAHHAHAAAA. Oh yeah, I forgot, I'm also 43 yrs old, 5'4", and stretch marked with saggy boobs. I guess I'll keep working as a lawyer.

    BUT you are perfect for the job! Young, beautiful, body unscarred by childbirth. GO FOR IT!

  7. Great post!!!! Where did you go to school for fashion and merchandising? My sister is at UNA majoring in that! Small world! Glad I found you!!!!!

  8. Really awesome post girlfriend. I hope you get everything you're looking for in life!

  9. I agree with other comments, you are an absolute knock out. Your face is just amazing and I had a hard time believing you needed the lap-band because your body is killer. I think you would be a fantastic model!

    I don't know why we need to call healthy models "plus sized models". That's my only gripe. Who cares what size they are, I care if they are healthy and if they actually look like women.

    If this is your dream, then go for it! And enjoy the ride!!

  10. great post!! I wish I was taller :)

    I think you would be an amazing model! You are SO photogenic!

  11. I agree 100%! Go for it! You are stunning!

  12. I could definitely see you doing this - you are gorgeous. Great post.

  13. OMG...they are gorgeous!!! How do they get thpose lovely toned legs???? Thanks for that post and I think you would make a great model

  14. I love ANTM and was rooting for Whitney all the way, and I love Crystal Renn she is my girl crush LOL
    I think you def have modeling potential! You are fierce! :-)

  15. Wow, awesome post! Those 'plus size' ladies look pretty average to me.

  16. Wow, awesome post! First time over here and I sure needed this today. Been feeling blah about the battle of the weight. Thanks!!