Monday, February 8, 2010

Fills. Food. Fashion.

Goodness gracious! Where has the time gone!? I said I was going to post another blog the night of my 3rd fill (aka last Wednesday) but seems like time got away from me....

So update from the 3rd fill! It was the fastest I have ever been in and out of a doctor's office in a loooong time! But I went in...weighed....which came out to 233.5 pounds just like I figured it would. Looks like I paid the price for eating that Taco Bell the day before my fill! HAHA! Although I wish we could weigh naked at the doctor's office so the scale would read a little lower. Am I right ladies?! I weigh myself naked at home so I wish it were as accurate at the doctor's office. But anyways, she asked me about my eating habits....blah blah blah....and ended up giving me 1.5 cc's which was fabulous! She kept going back and forth between 1 and 1.5 but ended up giving me 1.5. So I was a happy lady....and that brings my total to 6.0 cc's in an 11 cc band!

Since Wednesday, I can DEFINITELY feel the restriction. Today my boyfriend and my mom and I went to Macaroni Grill for lunch and I ordered Chicken Parmigiana with steamed asparagus. After eating the first 3 bites of chicken and my asparagus, I was full and took home some leftovers for dinner!! I weighed in this morning (naked might I add) at 229.5!! So back down in the 220's! Goodness...if I can just lose 10 pounds and be below 220 for my cousin's wedding it would make me oh so happy! So that is what I am shooting for!!! 10 pounds and I have about 5 weeks!! Hard but not impossible!

So on a different note....SHOPPING AND CLOTHES :) These are two of my favorite things in the entire world if you haven't figured that would already. And I was thinking....I am 23 years old and more than likely, I will be getting married within the next few years. My boyfriend and I arent "there yet" if you know what I mean...we dont talk about the "M" word too often but it does come up from time to time. He is more ready than I am but he is also 3 years older than me. Anyways, my cousin who is basically like a sister to me is getting married in March and wedding madness is in the air! I have been with her from the beginning: dress shopping, picking out house stuff for their house, where to have the wedding, parties, teas, know it. And it got me much as I love fashion and pay attention to fashion, there are hardly ANY fashionable wedding dresses for plus size brides!! Seriously! All the sample sizes are like size 10 or 12...which is technically a size 8 for all Im concerned. It makes me realize more and more how much I do NOT want to be a fat bride because I am not wearing one big silk tent with sequins all over it on my wedding day. And think about how hard it is to find really cute dresses for plus size. I mean there is always the trusty Lane Bryant and Torrid and Dressbarn but Im talking about actual fashionable, beautiful, couture dresses like Gucci, Valentino, Dior, Chanel. But I was looking on Saks Fifth Avenue's website and I came across a designer named David Meister that I like. His designs are very classic and simple but I appreciate the fact that he makes dresses for average size and plus size women. David Meister is a designer to celebrities of all shapes and sizes including plus size women such as Oprah, Queen Latifah, Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson. He also makes plus size wedding dresses that to be honest are beautiful and don't look like big white sheets. Here are some of his plus size dresses that I think are beautiful! If you appreciate fashion and designers as much as I do, you will love these! Have a fabulous Monday night!


  1. I agree...all beautiful. I am trying to get as low as I can for my wedding in July.

    My page is at

  2. Wow gorgeous dresses! Don't worry, you will be a beautiful, thin bride! Now that your restriction is kicking in, it will get much easier.

  3. Bandita-I didnt know you are getting married in July!! Congrats girl! That is so exciting! And I am now a follower :)

    Gen-Thanks for the words of are sweet! And dont you love the dresses?! And I hope this restriction only gets stronger so I can lose these 10 pounds haha!

  4. Hey Kristen!
    Sounds like your fill is working that's great! I got married in 2008 and had to order my dress without seeing how it would look on me,thank god it worked out! I so wish I was banded before my wedding.

  5. They are beautiful. I think I have found the wedding dress that I want when the big day comes, but it's not until next I have plenty of will be so depressing though that wedding dresses run small.


  6. pretty! and congrats on your loss!

  7. Amy-When is your wedding going to be?! How exciting!!!! You have lost so much weight and by next year you will be practically wasting away will be a skinny bride! :)